Trinity Communication Services: The Leader in Infrastructure Build

Trinity Communication Services (Trinity) started out as Trinity Cable T.V. Services Ltd. in August 1990. Over time, the company broadened its focus beyond just cable television to include the entire spectrum of telecommunications contracting. Under any name, Trinity provides clients across Canada with a reliable source of backbone services within the cabling and communications sector, backed by a proven safety track record. The company, now led by CEO Joe Lo Giudice and President Mike Attardo, forges strong relationships with clients by investing internally, ensuring its own team members represent the best of the best in each respective specialty so that every project raises the bar for safe completion of work and results-oriented customer service.

Trinity calls the Etobicoke neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario, home. The location allows Trinity’s roughly 90 staff members to swiftly reach clients virtually anywhere in the greater Toronto area, though the company will further expand its geographical reach throughout southern Ontario for its clients. The company provides the gamut of telecommunications contracting services with teams of specialists for underground (including directional drilling), aerial work and fiber optic splicing. Trinity also offers clients complete commercial installation packages, data and voice cabling, fiber optic cabling specialties, security camera installs and complete networking services including head end, data centre cabling and D.C. powering.

To boot, Trinity has a long track record of success in the wiring and rewiring of multiunit structures, whether commercial or residential. The company can prewire a development – extending fiber, data, voice or coaxial cable from the street and throughout a single structure or entire subdivision – or Trinity can rewire existing structures to keep occupants ahead of the technology curve. Trinity has been a partner of Rogers Communications Inc. and Cogeco Cable Inc. since 1995, servicing both high-speed Internet connections and digital set-top terminals alike. Cogeco Data Services, Telus and MTS Allstream are a few of the new customers that Trinity now services. Trinity prides itself on completing projects on time and on budget.

Many Markets

Above all, Trinity stresses the importance of supporting clients through the lifecycle of a telecommunication system. The company’s technical department maintains a team of technicians well versed in all species of telecommunication systems, enabling each technician to service main-line cables and end-user products alike. The company has spent much of its history not just installing new systems, but also rebuilding older ones and performing preventative maintenance to extend the life of telecommunication systems.

After all, not every client can financially afford to upgrade to the latest technologies with great frequency. When the time to upgrade does come, Trinity’s experienced professionals are on hand to build a telecommunications package that fits the client’s long-term performance goals within budget. Trinity’s staff of project managers possesses over 60 years of combined industry experience and specializes in making telecommunications a little less daunting. The team works closely with clients to identify their greatest priorities, handling all permitting and subcontractor coordination responsibilities.

Trinity also maintains over 10,000 square feet of internal warehouse storage space, which it stocks full of the most commonly requested components. The extensive warehouse ensures that projects are never held up due to a lack of material storage space or a supply chain hiccup, and it also ensures the Trinity team will be able to source the parts needed to get a system back up and running as quickly as possible.

Investing Internally

Clients rest easy knowing that Trinity will be able to deliver a quality job safely as the company maintains a stringent safety program. The company continually updates its safety policies to address the industry’s changing requirements, as well as the specific challenges of a given project. The foundation of Trinity’s safety culture is the belief that every project should be organized so as to protect the safety and wellbeing of Trinity employees, subcontractors and the public. The company encourages employees to report even near misses and maintains a no-repercussions policy to protect whistleblowers and ensure that safety policies don’t stagnate under falsely favorable reports.

A continually evolving safety program is crucial to the safety of Trinity employees, who often work underground or high above ground. Despite pricing pressures from competing contractors, Trinity insists that a thriving, responsive and rigorous safety program is off the table when it comes to cutting back. As Trinity sees it, cutting back on safety doesn’t just put the lives and wellbeing of Trinity employees at stake, it also puts the safety of the public and the client and project stakeholders at risk.

In turn, Trinity refused to ease up on its safety training programming when signs of an impending economic downturn loomed large and instead, Trinity doubled down. Ultimately, Trinity took home the 2009 Outcomes Level Safety Award from the Electrical & Utilities Safety Association of Ontario (now the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association [IHSA]). The award recognizes participating contractors in the ZeroQuest program, which stresses firstly that a zero-risk work environment does not exist. Thus, the ZeroQuest program aims to create a model for companies in many market sectors to generate a sustainable, safety culture that shoots for creating a controlled-risk work environment. In addition, Trinity keeps all subcontractors on the company’s own safety training matrix, treating them as extended staff. Though the company handles upwards of 85 percent of work in house, Trinity wants to assure that 100 percent of its services proceed safely and efficiently.

The worst of the economic downturn seems to have passed, and though no one can say for certain what the future might bring, Trinity employees and clients will rest easy knowing the Trinity team will be equipped to handle any working environment with the utmost quality control. By continuing to invest internally and arm its crews with the latest technologies and equipment, Trinity Communication Services invests in its future success, positioning the company to outperform the competition every time.