The Phone Experts Communication Ltd.: Home and Business Technology Integrations

Clint Oakley, president of The Phone Experts Communication Ltd. (TPE), never imagined the Alberta-based business would become what it is today. “I threw everything out there and went for it,” Oakley beams. “I still remember the first sale. I was so excited.”

Oakley is proud to note that both of his partners, Brad Dufresne, vice president of TPE, and Ivan Becker, secretary of TPE, were key players in getting the company off the ground. “We each had skills that complimented each other,” says Dufresne. “We worked tirelessly to build the company, and we continue to do so.”

The TPE team applies a solid philosophy of quality in both services and products to ensure TPE is a leader in the technology market, allowing the recent 2012 celebration of the company’s 20-year anniversary.

The TPE brand focuses on personal and business technology, and is a lead innovator in connecting all of the associated intricate gadgets. The company steadily employs 130 people, making the team capable of performing installations at clients’ homes and/or offices. With locations in Red Deer, Calgary, Medicine Hat and Winnipeg, the company prides itself on the team’s ability to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, and also to deliver new innovations in technology and its possible integrations.

Making Connections

“Communication happens faster now,” says Oakley. “And with the ability of a variety of tools, the infrastructure to communicate is getting more sophisticated, and for some people that is overwhelming.”

TPE is a one-stop solution, with a team capable of simplifying the integration of technology. The company’s product and service expertise runs the gamut of business telecommunications, cellular mobility, networking as well as security systems. Oakley is proud to note that TPE is the only company in the region capable of connecting all of the necessary components to build a personalized system for private or business clients alike; this allows the TPE team to stand out.

The TPE team is capable of connecting a smart phone to a home security system, for example. “Let’s say you’ve got an alarm on the liquor cabinet,” says Oakley. “You’ve got teenagers at home alone and somebody opens up the cabinet. When the alarm goes off, you get an alert on your cellphone.”

TPE’s connection abilities don’t stop there. A local customer was looking to relocate to a new building, and called in the TPE team for service. The company came in during the planning process and was able to address requirements for the telecommunication, network and security systems for the customer. TPE provided a single point of contact for one total integrated solution, making it very simple for the customer in need.

One of the more recent developments gaining popularity amongst TPE’s business clients is unified communication and collaboration (UCC). UCC brings together the many communication tools available, including voice, email, voicemail, calendar/presence, contacts and collaboration; UCC allows each of these tools functionality available, regardless of where a user is or what device is used.

“Imagine lying on the beach in Mexico and having your office voicemail delivered to your cell phone via email, or being able to transfer a re-routed call from your office phone to a colleague just as if you were sitting in your office. They wouldn’t even know,” says Dufresne.

Thinking in Future Tense

With the regular challenges of a booming Alberta economy, like staffing shortages, there is an ever-increasing flow of new technology entering the marketplace.

“It’s a challenge to keep on top if it all,” says Becker. “Yet, if you don’t, you risk falling behind.”

The company doesn’t always recommend the newest technology as the best solution for each customer, either. TPE prides itself on working with each individual customer to determine the right solution, and the team is happy to make sure the product is adaptable for the customer’s future needs as well.

“Our business is driven on repeat customers,” says Becker. “We work hard to earn and maintain their trust in both our products and services.” TPE’s principle of building customer confidence and providing a great customer experience to go with the product remains foundational to the three owners.

TPE has a steady future ahead, though Oakley, Dufresne and Becker have no grand schemes for expansion.

“Our philosophy is to only take on growth we can afford,” says Oakley. “We have grown a lot over the years, but we don’t take on debt. If an opportunity comes along and it’s fit for our business model, we’ll go for it. We don’t take on big gambles.”

Oakley is dedicated to maintaining the level of service that TPE clients have come to expect. “You don’t want to take on more than you can handle because the service aspect suffers,” Oakley says.

The TPE team is passionate about technology, and believes that a customer’s focus should be on business and not worrying about the technology the business relies on. Two decades of excellent service, in addition to outstanding and progressive know-how, keeps customers coming back for more. The Phone Experts Communication Ltd. team has built core roots in each value, and each remains strong today.