BMS Integrated Services Inc.: Supplying Security Services Globally

BMS Integrated Services Inc. (BMS) is a proven leader in systems integration with focus on design, deployment and maintenance. The Vancouver-based company is an independent provider of IP-based security systems and network infrastructure dating back to 1980.

Willy Disler, president and CEO of BMS, quickly made a name for the company after its founding. “BMS is our flagship,” explains Disler. “The businesses all fit into each other to provide a turnkey solution so we can take a project from beginning states through execution.”

BMS hires only the best in the industry and relies on the company’s team of project managers, technicians and support personnel to complete jobs of various sizes. The 15,000-square-foot main office and warehouse facility works to serve clients throughout British Columbia and across the globe. BMS understands the importance of ensuring infrastructure security and protecting property. Through the company’s partnerships, BMS is able to deliver high-quality security solutions to customers.

Disler acknowledges the importance of working-relationships. BMS is a sister company of Action Data Communications Ltd. and M6 Security, which specializes in structured cabling, telephony services, wireless infrastructure and security systems integration. The unique business model provides highly technical and well-diversified installation force. Together, the companies provide a business model boasting a cross-trained staff of about 200, allowing BMS to handle larger and more complicated projects.

Meeting Security Needs

According to Disler, business for BMS has been booming despite the economy. “We’re booked three to four months in advance,” he says. “It’s a funny environment with security stuff. When times are tough our business increases.”

When the need for security is conveyed, the team at BMS is ready. “When times are tough there’s more concern,” continues Disler. “People are worried about break-ins and more security breaches. Even when times are good, the government has money to spend.”

Disler estimates about 80 percent of BMS business is through government entities, and that the company is constantly working on large and small projects alike. Proving the company’s success, Disler reports BMS has grown profits by 20 percent annually through recent years.

However, BMS targets work to a wide array of industries and has experience working in many different settings. The company recently switched over about 20,000 carts for a whole hospital. The system change was very complicated and BMS worked to complete it in a very short period of time, Disler reports.

BMS was also contracted with British Columbia to upgrade the province’s ferry fleet. Disler claims the British Columbia fleet is the largest in the world, servicing to connect Vancouver with Vancouver Island. BMS used Lennel security systems to complete the $4 million project. This required the company to revamp and upgrade the entire ferry system. BMS is now working with the ferries to maintain and monitor the security system.

Another recent project BMS participated in was for HSBC Bank. The company wired a 300,000-square-foot building with electrical, communication, wireless, media and security measures. This is one of many projects BMS has completed for HSBC Bank in the past 20 years.

Streamlining for Efficiency

Disler, originally from Switzerland, began his career as an electrician. Before immigrating to Vancouver, he apprenticed with a Swiss electrician. “Electrical is a very tough business,” he says. “There’s low profit margins and high competition.”

Rather than put all his effort into a career that is known for such competition, Disler began to specialize in security work. He started BMS, which quickly became known as the go-to company if a client needed a job done, and done fast.

BMS sets itself apart as a locally-owned company. “A lot of our clients say they’re tired of multinationals,” explains Disler. “They want to come to a smaller company to get a decision made in an hour or the next day; not in a week.”

Disler is proud of BMS’ advantage. “That’s the difference,” he continues. “There’s room for big corporations and room for mid-size and small businesses. You have to learn to play in the right sandbox.”

BMS has found the right niche of a sandbox to play in, and the company is growing slow and steady within the industry. Disler anticipates that both Action Data Communications Ltd. and M6 Security will soon come under the BMS umbrella to make the financial end of business less confusing. With each company maintaining its own accounting book, it’s a lot of overhead. Disler sees combining the business under BMS as a way to streamline business; and also strengthen the BMS voice.

Regardless of how operations are handled in the office, the company will continue to focus on fostering relationships with a growing list of clients. BMS Integrated Services Inc. will evolve and grow to meet client needs for years to come.