Saskarc Industries Inc.

Twenty five years in value-added custom fabrication and project site solutions
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
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Sean O'Reilly

Finding the right metal fabrication company for a particular project can make all the difference, especially in terms of remote industrial projects. The right fabricator can help expedite project timelines and eliminate on-site headaches. Over the course of the last 25 years Saskarc Industries Inc. has positioned itself as the go-to custom metal fabricator and project management firm, known for expertise, superior quality, timely delivery, a top-notch safety record and a growing range of in-house capabilities.

Saskarc has become the fabricator of choice for specialty industry customers, mainly in oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and mining. From heavy plate work such as pump boxes and ducting to structural steel fabrications such as pipe racks and utility modules, Saskarc delivers a professional solution for some of the toughest projects in North America.

Saskarc Industries Inc.

Based in Oxbow, Saskatchewan, the company’s 52,000 square feet of fabrication space helps to bridge the gap from shop to site with the ability to perform custom fabrication and industrial finishing of carbon and stainless steel, as well as other specialty alloys, in a controlled environment. With two large modern facilities, Saskarc is able to modularize and ship modules to site just in time for on-site installation. “We save our clients’ money, lessen their risk, firm up their schedule and relieve pressure on their team,” says Roy Drever, director of sales & marketing at Saskarc.

Starting in 1991, the company’s roots began with fabricating small custom equipment, but has since grown over the 25 subsequent years to taking work out of costly remote site locations and doing more in-house, leading to larger and larger shipments which are testing transportation boundaries.

The total project package

Following its mission to “add value by creating better solutions,” Saskarc has strived to grow its services and capabilities to offer customers a total turnkey solution for fabrication and project management. “Things have been slow in the industries we serve, especially in Western Canada; it’s a tough market,” says Drever. “Owners are looking to cut back on costs and that means they’re shedding some of the staff and subcontractors on-site who typically would be overseeing parts of projects. They want someone who can come to them and provide a turnkey solution, but the big engineering firms are often too expensive.”

In response to more customer requests and the lean market, Saskarc has taken on more engineering and design-build projects. “In the past we would have been like most fabrication companies where a package comes in pre-engineered and we would have fabricated and shipped to the site,” says Drever “Now we offer engineering in-house or we partner with engineering firms that we have worked with for many years.”

Controlling the design and delivery in-house, Saskarc has established itself as more than a fabricator, but also a project management firm. The company leverages its own resources, as well as long-standing relationships with subcontractors and specialists to bring more project value to the table. “This all means fewer resources in management, fewer contracts and parts transported for our customers,” says Drever.

By bringing more engineers and construction managers in-house, Saskarc has been able to tackle larger scale projects, taking them all the way through modularization, transportation and installation. “We partner with two or three main transportation providers and we’ll even create shipping drawings and work with the freight team to figure out the best route to the site,” says Drever. “In some instances we’ll send our own installation team to the site, other times we work with a subcontractor and send a management team as oversight.”

SafeSmart add-ons for existing customers and new markets

Saskarc has a knack for seeing a void in the industry and acting on it. Such is the case with the company’s recent addition of the SafeSmart Access product line, the makers of safety-rated ladders, engineered access systems, scaffolding systems and custom work platforms.

“We added a few SafeSmart products to our lineup because we’re effectively looking at the same customer base,” says Drever. “At the time there was no one in Canada as a SafeSmart distributor so we secured the market and made the steps to add the product line in 2013.”

Saskarc’s SafeSmart team started with a single employee and is rapidly growing. “It’s been very well received, especially in Western Canada where there was a need for these products from a single source distributor,” says Drever. “We’ve had big aviator players such as West Jet, Air Canada and Stars Air Ambulance contact us and they have been very happy with the products.”

As a distributor, Saskarc offers a large inventory of standard products, as well as customized and engineered SafeSmart products. “For example, we might work with West Jet and review and design an access platform for a specific area and designed so we can increase the efficiency of that task exponentially,” says Drever. “We’ll get the drawings for the plane and design a specific product to meet the need. We worked closely with TransCanada Pipelines and they needed access platforms and stiles engineered and designed with all of the checkpoints for their pump-station sites. We’ll do the design-build, delivery and assembly.”

Drever says the SafeSmart addition has been a big boost to business by attracting new customers in aviation and beyond and has made a nice complement for Saskarc’s existing customer base.

Reaching out to Fort McMurray

In addition to the SafeSmart line, Saskarc also specializes in industrial site equipment sales and rentals and has one of the largest equipment inventories in Western Canada. This group offers heaters, generators, light towers, pumps, air compressors, fuel transport and storage and access equipment. In addition to its headquarters in Oxbow, Saskarc now has three satellite locations in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Fort St. John, British Columbia, and Edmonton, Alberta, to ensure on-demand service and delivery for equipment rentals and sales.

“We’ve expanded our Fort McMurray satellite office so we can deliver the equipment sales and rentals needed for the ongoing fire cleanup and rebuilding efforts,” says Drever. “Saskarc supported initially through equipment donated to the emergency situation and will remain in Fort McMurray to provide ongoing support to the service providers, offering everything from lighting towers to generators and heating sources.”

Twenty five years and counting

As Saskarc welcomes new expansion, the company is commemorating 25 years in business over the course of 2016. “Rather than one large event, we have planned several events and created a 25-year timeline that looks at our commitment to quality craftsmanship, safety and customer service over the years,” says Drever. “We also released anniversary t-shirts for our employees to complement their uniform and we are looking into sponsoring a charity fundraising campaign as part of the ongoing celebration.”

Recent expansion and 25 years of success are largely in part to the company’s commitment to constant improvement and desire to deliver more value from shop to site. With this mission at its core, Saskarc Industries Inc. continues to build on an outstanding reputation for custom metal fabrication, streamlined project management and turnkey site and equipment solutions.

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