Saskarc Industries Inc.

Supporting Economic Development Across Saskatchewan
Written by: 
Camila Osorno
Produced by: 
Victor Martins

Saskarc Industries Inc. (SII) has grown to become one of Saskatchewan’s most trusted industrial metal fabricators since its incorporation in 1991. SII has come a long way since its days of fabricating custom agricultural pieces in the founder’s backyard, and the team currently focuses its energies on building fabricating custom metal components for western Canada’s major industrial efforts. But it is SII’s willingness to embrace new technologies and the team’s ability to untangle logistical snags with teamwork that propels the company to the forefront of custom fabrication in Saskatchewan. SII’s slogan, “Bridging the gap,” molds the company’s intention to bridge the gap between each customer’s vision and reality.

SII has shifted gears a number of times throughout the company’s history by moving into several new facilities to increase production, most recently in 2007. The SII team has firmly positioned the company to cater to the needs of clients in mining, oil and gas exploration, power generation, petrochemical production in addition to pulp and paper. The company employs over 50 employees housed in a state-of-the-art 36,000-square foot fabrication facility and headquarters in Oxbow, Saskatchewan.

Inside the fabrication facility, SII employs some of the most sophisticated technologies and equipment to deliver an end-result capable of exceeding the high standards set by the province’s major industrial movers and shakers. SII has the capability to produce a wide range of carbon and stainless steel items that run the gamut of plate work, structural steel and access steel.

Consistently Quality Service

The Canadian Welding Bureau certified SII’s facility under CSA Standard W47.1, which required the hiring of a retained welding engineer. The certification not only ensures greater level of quality control in-house, but also enables SII to customize welding procedures to meet the client’s specifications. SII is also certified to ASME Section IV B31.1 and B31.3 for pressure welding.

The company has been around long enough to understand that building value for the client is more complex than simply churning out a high-quality product. SII’s experience is why the team employs Lean manufacturing principles and the 5S methodology to ensure manufacturing operations are efficient, cost-effective and always in tune with stringent safety regulations.

“At the end of the day our work is all about what the client’s needs are and, if required, we will work with some of our preferred vendors to produce smaller components and speed up production time lines,” says Tim Cooley, marketing manager for SII.

SII’s fabrication facility is outfitted with four overhead cranes totaling 102 tons in capacity and 25 feet under the hook. SII’s facility is also equipped with a large main door entrance spanning 40-feet wide by 30-feet tall, giving SII the ability to finalize fabrication and assembly on larger components.

“We’re currently working on producing a large amount of oversized equipment for projects in Estevan, Saskatchewan and Fort McMurray, Alberta, among other projects,” says Cooley. “These projects are really putting our capacity to the test.”

Supporting Saskatchewan’s Movers and Shakers

The Estevan project happens to be for SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Plant, a $1.24 billion partnership between the provincial government, the Government of Canada and SaskPower. The project involves the complete rebuilding of a coal-fired generation unit equipped with a fully integrated carbon capture unit. The completed plant will provide a low-emission source of electricity, while also capturing and storing CO2 for reuse in oil extraction.

SII was appointed to supply a number of large pieces of equipment, given the company’s reputation, capacity and proximity to the project. SII is located roughly 40 miles from the project, enabling the team to deliver very large pieces of equipment at a reasonable cost.

The Fort McMurray project is for Syncrude Canada Limited’s Mildred Lake Mine Replacement (MLMR). SII was hired by Fluor Canada Limited to supply four large pump boxes completely assembled with wear plate installed. When shipped each pump box will be 38-feet long by 20-feet wide, standing 18-feet high and weighing 240,000 pounds.

Fixed on the Future

The extra flexibility when working with preferred vendors gives SII enough flexibility to keep other large fabrication efforts moving ahead. This allows the team to focus its energies on assembling and testing the equipment, in addition to providing added value where possible.

SII has the capabilities to perform insulation and cladding, as well as test fitting, modularization, blasting/painting and passivation services in a controlled environment, complimented with 14 acres of graded yard space adjacent to the facility for staging large shipments. For the Carbon Capture project, SII will use the site to arrange shipment and fabrication of over 900 feet of ductwork along with absorber covers and 11 piping modules, for easy on-site installation.

SaskPower’s 2011 third quarter report announced that the company would be investing over $10 billion in infrastructure over the next 10 years. Rumors abound of major potash mining operations expanding in the province have also been buzzing to the tune of $50 billion in the next 20 years, and SII hopes to play major role in those efforts. “We have been growing steadily and we have an aggressive growth plan in place,” says Cooley.

SII also launched an equipment sales division in 2012, which will supplement the company’s custom fabrication division while also supplying clients with commonly requested products, produced to the SII standard. Cooley estimates that the new division could push SII’s numbers above 60 professionals, which would help the team continue to meet the needs of clients without losing the individualized service the SII professionals insists on. All in all, the company is positioned to support economic development efforts across the province and set a new standard in custom fabrication, the Saskarc Industries Inc. way.

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