Redco Valve and Wellhead: Remanufacturing the Energy Industry

Steve Forberg, president of Redco Valve and Wellhead (Redco), has been in the oilfield equipment industry since he was just a teenager. “I initially got into the industry for a summer job working for my father’s company,” explains Forberg. Forberg’s father assembled complex series of valves for oilfield applications, which triggered his interest. Forberg’s early experience prepared him for quick ascension through the ranks in ever-larger energy companies.

Forberg founded Redco in 2002. The company expanded rapidly, quickly becoming one of western Canada’s primary suppliers of valves, vents, casings and tubing heads for the country’s massive oil industry.
“What sets us apart is our level of service,” says Forberg proudly. Today the company employs over 60 people, many with decades of experience in the industry. In addition to offering a complete line of new equipment, the highly trained specialists at Redco boast the knowledge and capabilities to fully recondition used equipment to meet the current standards of safety and performance.

Honesty, integrity and dedication are the pillars of Redco’s business philosophy. The team offers a superior product line, competitive pricing and an intense sense of commitment to each valued customer. The company offers 24/7/365 maintenance and repairs for each customer’s equipment after installation, no matter how short the notice or how remote the location. Redco has built the company’s respected reputation on the extraordinary degree of service the team provides, and every employee from Forberg on down is equally dedicated to never letting this reputation slide.

Valves of Value

The company operates out of a 65,000-square foot location in Edmonton, where Redco’s machinists and technicians manufacture and assemble extreme tolerance components for wellhead pressure control. It bears noting that all of the company’s products are designed to American Petroleum Institute compliance specifications. The Redco valve line is available in a vast number of sizes, capacities and capabilities to suitably match any requirements of Redco’s customers.

Redco also operates a fully equipped on site machine shop, which allows the company to produce both new and custom components to meet specific customer demands. The shop floor combines state-of-the-art CNC machines with massive industrial lathes and advanced milling machines, along with a comprehensive array of specialized tools and support equipment. All of the finished products are precisely engineered by the highly skilled staff and then subjected to rigid testing standards after completion.

A Community of Customers

The oil industry is a vast enterprise; however, Forberg says, “From a business community standpoint, it’s surprisingly tightknit. We appreciate working on a continuous basis with the same core group of customers. Most of our business is conducted in Canada, but we do our fair share of international business as well.”

This is evident, as Redco’s products have been used in over 300 projects worldwide. “We have formed strategic alliances with key manufacturers in Asia that can meet the stringent quality requirements of the North American market,” adds Forberg. Redco’s products and components can be found along major pipelines, in oilfield operations as well as in numerous refineries. Redco products also have an expanding international presence, which can be directly attributed to the Canadian quality control on which the company has based its reputation.

The company’s reputation is partially due to the Redco’s constant product improvement and continually expanding product lines. “We also have a sizable rental inventory,” says Forberg. Energy companies can lease primary equipment and components directly from Redco for any short-term requirements, drilling and completion projects, oil and gas exploration, as well as fracking operations. The company’s remanufacturing division continues to provide a crucial service, as upgrading old equipment can often save much more money for energy companies than replacing components or full systems.

Serving the evolving needs of each client is Forberg’s top priority. “We’re always adapting to the market,” he says. Extraction technology is constantly changing to make the processes more efficient. When a company is trying something new, Redco can produce as many or as few components as is required by the project. “We can custom manufacture in any quantity,” Forberg clarifies. This flexibility has positioned Redco as one of the industry’s most reputable and reliable suppliers.

Redco has quickly become an irreplaceable asset to Canada’s energy, petrochemical, forestry and mining operations. The team’s dedication to quality products and responsive service has garnered high praise from industry leaders throughout the country. Redco Valve and Wellhead continue to embody the integrity with which Forberg first began, honoring each commitment to superior service and superior quality.