P.R. Engineering Ltd.

Crusher manufacturing and repair services in Oshawa, Ontario
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Victor Martins

Paul and Rose Grieco established P.R. Engineering Ltd. in 1965 as a small family business based out of the couple’s home kitchen. After 50 years in business, the company has grown to one of the world’s most reliable fabrication and repair shops for the mining industry. Now headquartered in Oshawa, Ontario, P.R. Engineering provides a wide expanse of services, ranging from small repairs to custom buildup of quality rock crushers.

Paul was a graduate of the University of Toronto, where he studied mining. After working in the industry for years, he began selling equipment to mining companies and subcontracting fabrication to regional shops. In the early 1970s, the couple’s sons, Joe and Frank Grieco, joined the family business. The brothers eventually took over the company, but died tragically in a plane crash in 2007.

Today Frank’s wife, Linda Grieco, has taken the reins. With the help of a strong team of employees, Linda has been able to maintain a strong and steady flow of business for approximately seven years. Linda takes great pride in her team and says that the efficiency and safety she sees on the production floor daily is the driving force behind the business’ success.

In-house expertise

P.R. Engineering’s trained staff performs approximately 75 percent of work in-house, with the exception of specialty processes such as sandblasting and crane rentals. This increases efficiency and offers an unexpected level of accountability to each project. Customers know that their machinery is in good hands when they turn it over to Linda’s team.

“There are not a whole lot of companies left in Canada that do what we do,” Linda explains. “We are mostly in the mining side of things, but we also supply to concrete aggregate, nuclear defense and architectural advertising. Our capabilities allow us to take on some diverse and unique projects. As a small business, we can make decisions quickly. Especially for our industrial partners in mining, a broken piece of machinery can lose a company a lot of money. We can rush a repair for our clients, which is one of the things that really sets us apart.”

As the sole manufacturer of the Birdsboro Buchanan Jaw Crushers, P.R. Engineering manufactures both new and used machines to the original manufacturer's specifications. The firm redesigned the Birdsboro Buchanan Jaw Crusher to accommodate fabricated design versus the old casting type of crusher. With a double-toggle design, this machinery is capable of crushing harder and more abrasive material, reducing downtime as opposed to single-toggle machines.

Leading service

P.R. Engineering manufactures and repairs Birdsboro Buchanan crushers and services all makes and models of crushing equipment. The business is an authorized Metso repair shop, a brand that has increasingly made a mark for efficiency and durability. For P.R. Engineering, there is no project too large and the business specializes in getting big crushers back online to reduce downtime for customers.

In-house capabilities allow the business to provide a total turnkey solution for customers in the mining and aggregate industries. Sometimes customers send back a broken part — other times, the whole machine. The crew redesigns and rebuilds equipment, from a complete disassembly through repair, rebuild, testing, troubleshooting and putting it back into service. With a team skilled in reverse engineering and experienced with technology such as coordinate-measuring machines (CMM), customers can count on P.R. Engineering for a smooth recovery and return of crushers.

Staying busy

Linda and her team have seen no shortage of work. The industry has continually picked up over recent years, particularly when it comes to repair work. The process is service-heavy, which means P.R. Engineering team members are constantly at work on the road or at the shop. For many inquiries, the business sends crews out to investigate and help owners troubleshoot, helping customers avoid costly shutdown unless necessary. The flexible and highly experienced crew can provide services and adjust to customers’ needs quickly, setting P.R. Engineering far ahead of its few competitors.

Babbitt bearings have all but taken over the industry. P.R. Engineering’s management team reports that 50 percent of the business is pulling, manufacturing and reworking Babbitt bearing products. The company is one of only a few on the international market with the capabilities to address Babbitt repairs and rebuilds.

The company has a strong backlog of work and Linda says her team is running full steam ahead. “To be honest, it feels right now like we don’t need more work; we are booked,” she says.

While the Babbitt products service crew has seen massive growth, other aspects of the business are not far behind. In order to keep up, the company is continuously integrating new technology to keep systems up-to-date and maximize efficiency for customers, such as E2 Shoptech, which automates full systems and incorporates every step of the process from estimating to shipping.

By embracing technology and meeting bigger challenges month after month, P.R. Engineering continues to stand out as a leader in Canada and throughout the world in crusher manufacturing and repair.