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NRT Technology Corp.

Smart, simple and secure transaction solutions for the casino industry
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Lance Pelletier

Since the early 1990s, NRT Technology Corp. has designed and built cash-handling and cash-access solutions for casinos, lotteries, retailers and ATM operators around the world. The privately held company’s award-wining Cash Handling System (CHS) has been named one of the most innovative gaming technologies in the industry and its QuickJack redemption kiosks handle all types of customer self-service transactions. NRT also provides turnkey applications for ATM transaction processing, cash access, jackpot redemption, ticket redemption as well as other business-related applications.

NRT processes more than $20 billion of ATM and POS transactions every year, and many times that amount in ticket redemption and bill-breaking transactions annually, putting the company in the driver’s seat in terms of the most advanced solutions, integration and payment processing platforms in the industry. The company serves some of the biggest names in the casino business, such as Mohegan Sun, Boyd Gaming Corporation, MGM Resorts International, Casino Niagara, Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands Corp., Genting Group and Wynn Resorts. NRT has customers around the world, in Canada, the U.S., Russia, Europe, Macau, Singapore, Korea and even the Philippines. NRT also serves big names in the petroleum business such as Sunoco, Shell and Petro-Canada.

Claiming major market share

Based in Toronto, NRT was established in 1993 by founder, president and CEO Jon Dominelli. “Our goal at the time was point-of-sale (POS) services for the North American market and delivering pieces and part solutions for POS devices,” says Dominelli. “In 1998 that changed and NRT began developing services for Casino Niagara. That’s really how we go started in the casino market all over the world. We developed CHS, took it to a trade show and the rest is history.”

NRT Technology Corp.

Today, NRT has more than 600 casino customers worldwide with cash transaction machines deployed all-around the world and has been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for seven consecutive years, including four years as a Platinum Member. “There’s only about 60,000 ATMs in Canada and we process for more than 32,000; more than 50 percent of all ATMs in Canada go through our systems,” notes Dominelli, who’s been named entrepreneur of the year multiple times for his work. “We have an additional 9,000-plus ATMs in the U.S.”

Further expansion played out in 2009, when NRT acquired TNS Smart Network Inc., the largest white label ATM processor in Canada, and again in 2014 when NRT acquired Open Solutions Canada, the other dominant player in the white label ATM processing space. Dominelli says the company has grown by offering the total solution and unmatched security and customer confidence. “When you’re processing a financial transaction you have to do it efficiently or you won’t be competitive,” he explains. “We treat every transaction as mission-critical and we offer efficiency and high security. The general rule is four employees monitoring every machine we have installed.”

NRT now has more than 300 employees, including developers and software engineers. The company’s reach is growing on a global scale. “We have offices in Toronto, Las Vegas, Mangalore, Macau and Singapore,” says Dominelli.

End-to-end transaction solutions

NRT has developed one of the most integrated enterprise management platforms in the industry. “We have a product for every operation in the casino and they’re all connected to CHS,” says Dominelli.

In terms of cash handling, NRT provides casinos with QuickJack kiosks, Jackpot dispensing units, stand-alone ATMs and integrated POS devices, all of which are powered by CHS. NRT integrates all of these devices with casino slot management and other back-office systems in order to validate and redeem gaming tickets for cash and perform a multitude of cash access services — it is for this reason that NRT is so heavily regulated and licensed by global gaming regulators.

NRT offers casino patrons the ability to quickly and seamlessly access funds on the gaming floor or at the casino cage through ATM transactions, debit and credit POS transactions, electronic check cashing, and dynamic currency conversion and account transfer services. And in turn, NRT provides its casino customers with detailed (and individually tailored) reporting tools to better manage their operations.

The CHS platform also incorporates a suite of guest services including the QuickTouch multifunctional kiosk, player-points redemption, parking validation, currency exchange and more. The platform is based on NRT’s active-active infrastructure, including two mirrored data centers, network redundant telecommunications, daily database back up, real time peer-to-peer replication and more.

CHS is the glue to NRT’s products and what differentiates the company from competitors. The company has recently revamped the platform, integrating new technology and mobile solutions for customers. “CHS has had a long standing history in being the first cash handling back office solution in the industry. With this new redesign and new native [iOS & Android] mobile app additions to the product offering, CHS is positioned to maintain its market leadership and its best-in-class capabilities” says Michael Dominelli, the founder’s son and NRT’s vice president of marketing.

The mobile app offers a more intuitive user interface with a newly designed dashboard feature and advanced cash management functionality with enterprise scalability offering a macro and micro view of a casino’s performance. This Web-based technology can connect up to 1,200 kiosks (per casino or corporation) and/or hardware products from NRT simultaneously, carrying out functions such as dispute resolution, machine management, system accounting, cash management and more.

“Our growth has really been on the payments side,” says Dominelli. “We started processing financial transactions for casino customers about five years ago — we used to give this part of the transaction to another company, now we do it ourselves in a total solution and we own all of the infrastructure. We’re truly a one-stop shop; it took years to assemble this and it didn’t happen overnight but today we have the full-blown solution.”

“We are the only truly vertically integrated player in this space,” adds Dominelli. “We handle everything in-house which means we can quickly respond to customer needs and continually offer new and innovative products and services.”

Dominelli points to NRT’s development of the QuickTouch kiosks as a testament to his company’s ability to offer innovative solutions to address customer needs. “We developed the QuickTouch kiosk in order to solve a problem faced by casino operators. Some of our casino operator customers in Asia had hundreds of customers lining up each day just to enter their casinos. Each customer had to show ID, pay a levy, collect a ticket and present the ticket when entering the casino. We addressed this issue by deploying a kiosk which automates all of these functions and the results have been amazing,” he says.

Gains in U.S. gaming

Dominelli says gaming and payments go hand in hand and NRT has recently signed an exclusive multiyear agreement with Boyd Gaming Corporation, for all of its 22 U.S. properties. Under the terms of the agreement, Boyd Gaming will utilize NRT’s award-winning QuickJack ticket redemption kiosks and SmartAcquirer ATM and Cash Advance platform for all of its cash access needs.

In addition, NRT and Boyd Gaming are using this opportunity to launch NRT’s highly anticipated SecureSmart end-to-end Encryption and Tokenization security solution. In order to meet Boyd Gaming’s operational requirements, NRT had to mobilize its employees to enable its full suite of QuickJack and SmartAcquirer solutions at all Boyd Gaming properties over a span of just 10 days, which meant simultaneous deployment at casinos in Las Vegas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana and New Jersey.

“This strategic partnership is one of the most exciting and technologically advanced in NRT’s history,” says Dominelli. “It was a pleasure working with Boyd Gaming to get this deal done. Boyd Gaming is one of the most sophisticated casino operators in the world. The demands they have placed on NRT will allow us to set the standard for innovation in ticket redemption, cash access services and bullet-proof security across the entire casino ticketing and payments ecosystem. Boyd Gaming’s decision to award this opportunity to NRT is a testament to our people, our ingenuity and our ability to deliver world-class solutions seamlessly and in a very short window without impacting operations.”

Expansions and acquisitions like this are now an ongoing occurrence for NRT. The company holds over 170 gaming licenses around the world and there’s more to come; something Dominelli says is not only highly difficult to achieve but also makes NRT the only company in Canada with such aptitudes. “It’s taken us years and years to build to the point we’re at now and a lot of time to learn what casinos are looking for,” he says.

After decades in the business, Dominelli says he should have retired years ago, but still enjoys his work too much to quit just yet. “I’m grooming my son Michael to take over and we still remain a privately held, Canadian-owned company,” he says.

As gaming and casino operators look to gain more control, efficiency and security in millions of dollars’ worth of transactions, NRT Technology Corp. continues to be the go-to solution.

Strategic Partnership(s): 
CIBC Commercial Banking
JCM Global
Kleinburg Private Wealthy Management