Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc.

Providing durable mining solutions for a global market
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
John Carioti

Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc. (NMT) was created when Minesteel Fabricators Ltd and its wholly owned subsidiary, Nordic Mine Technology Inc., amalgamated in January 2014. Both Minesteel Fabricators Ltd and Nordic Mine Technology Inc. had established excellent reputations in the mining industry around the globe working alongside world-class mining companies, mining contracting firms, mining engineering consultants and project management firms for many decades.

“Our clients have turned to us to help them realize their targets in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Indonesia, Africa and Australia,” says Ron Elliot, founder of Minesteel Fabricators Ltd. “Our team’s extensive knowledge ensures that we can custom design solutions to work in any country and every situation by using the most current and innovative technology available today.”

Elliott established Minesteel Fabricators Ltd in 1993 as a design and fabrication company for underground mining equipment. In 2006, Minesteel Fabricators Ltd acquired Nordic Mine Technology Inc., a company established in 1981, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of continuous underground rail haulage solutions, as well as chutes for loading trucks, conveyors and rail cars.

Elliott began his career fairly early in life, working mostly in the structural engineering and welding technology fields. He has worked in several diverse market sectors providing innovative design solutions for oil drilling, road building and other applications before going to work for a mine contractor in Canada. “I developed a passion for underground mining,” he explains.

Now, after more than 20 years, NMT has grown significantly and now has a market share that spans across the globe. “Our equipment is in mines on every inhabited continent on the planet,” Elliot explains. With approximately 70 employees, and over 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space located in North Bay, Ontario, the business also works with direct agents and distributors globally to get product on the ground in a growing geographic footprint. These distributors and agents cover a lot of ground, working with customers and end users in South America, Russia and Asia.

A diverse product line

NMT’s focus is primarily on the transportation aspect of the mining industry. Elliott and his team build solutions to move people, minerals and material both vertically and horizontally. “We help our clients move equipment, material and people down shaft into the mine and then coming back from the blast area up to the surface,” he explains. “The biggest advantage we can have as a company over our competitors is the quality of our products and service. We have been able to establish a brand name for ourselves and a reputation for quality work.”

The company has a broad target market. NMT has customers who mine for diamonds, iron ore, zinc, copper, nickel, salt and potash, among others. “It does not really matter what kind of mining our clients are doing,” Elliott details. “We can help out anywhere there is a hole in the ground.”

The company’s diverse product line includes loading chutes for truck, rail and conveyor, continuous loading and unloading rail haulage solutions, such as mine cars, as well as unloading stations, head-frames, shaft-steel and shaft-sinking equipment. Clients can choose durable and safety-conscious skips and cages to protect personnel, as well as loading pockets and load-out conveyors to transport materials. The business also builds high pressure ventilation doors designed to improve safety and efficiency in the mining process.

The team has been involved with a wide range of major mining projects over the years. “We were just involved in one of the largest underground mine expansion projects in the world,” Elliot hints. “We also have several large projects in the early stages around the world. In the coming year we expect to be working with clients in South America, Asia and Russia.”

Continued growth

Serving a global client base, NMT invests heavily in the development of new technologies, as well as in marketing and sales. According to Elliot, selling product around the globe can be challenging; he is proud to say he has a strong, effective team that kept the business moving, even throughout the recession.

“We found ourselves having to work twice as hard and cover more ground throughout the global downturn,” Elliot recounts. “It was a huge challenge to maintain a consistent workload. Projects were delayed and we put a lot of effort into finding new business. Of course, a company is only as good as the people working for it. I’m really proud of the team we have built here and all of their dedication and hard work.”

Another factor in the company’s success has been NMT’s ability to build lasting relationships with clients, sales agents, suppliers and strategic partners.

Backed by those relationships, Elliott foresees growth ahead for the company. Furthermore, Elliot and his team are dedicated to expanding the company’s global market. Over the next five years, NMT expects a 20 to 25 percent growth rate. After over 20 years in business, the company has established longevity by building a strong reputation for quality and service. The team’s dedication to innovative products and leading service will continue to foster expansion for Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc. in the coming years.

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