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Improving industrial operations with turnkey service in Smith Falls, Ontario
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
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James Logan

In Smith Falls and Trenton, Ontario, Kilmarnock Enterprise delivers a multitude of industrial qualifications for turnkey service and process improvements. For virtually any industrial production plant — food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging, automotive, alternative energy, forestry and more — Kilmarnock’s diverse team helps improve quality production and plant efficiency. The company’s expertise lies in design and engineering, project management, custom machining and fabrication, millwrighting, process and power piping, new equipment installation, commissioning and decommissioning and preventative maintenance.

Incorporated in 1996, Kilmarnock has more than 60,000 square feet of warehouse space in Ontario and all of the tools and equipment necessary to bring projects to completion. “We serve a broad range of industrial customers and because we work in so many types of plants, we’re able to glean this experience and apply it to multiple applications, which often share the same challenges,” explains Isabelle Graveline, CEO and president of Kilmarnock.

Guiding values

Not only does an industrywide experience set Kilmarnock apart, Graveline adds it’s the firm’s close company culture that really shows through. The company has steadily grown from six employees when it started in 1996 to more than 70 today. “First and foremost, we have the best team,” says Graveline. “We have a very specific culture and when we hire, we do so carefully to make sure individuals match in the same sense.”

Kilmarnock looks to its “TRIP” values day in and day out. “We live and breathe by these four values: trust, respect, integrity and professionalism,” says Graveline.

Recently, Kilmarnock has started surveying its customers more frequently and Graveline says she’s happy to see the results align with the firm’s philosophy. “The thing we’ve found our clients talk the most about is their ability to trust us and our professionalism; both are very important to us as they are part of our core values,” she says. “Our success comes from these long-term relationships we’ve forged — some for 20 years or more — and I think that speaks volumes in itself.”

In-house design and engineering

Kilmarnock delivers value in its turnkey services by optimizing operations for manufacturers. “We start with in-house design, engineering and consulting,” says Graveline. “That’s the front part of what we do.”

Kilmarnock utilizes a program called SolidWorks to create 3-D models and drawings. “We have the ability to make an initial model, make the parts and check for clearance or interferences,” says Graveline “We can then proceed with appropriate changes and send the model via an e-drawing. Anyone with an Internet connection can view the drawing and manipulate the model to truly visualize the design.”

Once the design process is complete, Kilmarnock steps in with any number of specialized services. “Then we offer custom machining and fabricating, millwrighting, process and power piping and more,” says Graveline. “We also do a lot of after-process functions such as waterjet cutting, painting and sand blasting.”

Even in terms of rapid plant shutdowns, where downtime is costly and must be avoided, Kilmarnock excels. “We can deliver and shutdown, from a 12-hour window to a 72-hour period; we’ll go in and refurbish, recommission and repair and even remove and reinstall new equipment,” adds Graveline.

Sometimes these plant shutdowns are planned months in advance; other times, Kilmarnock serves as the crisis hotline for rapid response to production problems. “A plant manager or a process engineer calls us and asks us to come in and help them create a work order list and do all of the scheduling, looking at all of the problem areas,” explains Graveline.

“Other clients call and say they’re planning major process improvements,” continues Graveline. “They ask us to help produce the request for quote [RFQ] and do some preliminary budgeting. Other clients ask us to look at their concept for a new piece of equipment. They ask us to do the design for the concept and once it’s approved, we go ahead and build and then install the equipment. Other times, it’s a quick call where we need to send 10 tradesmen right away to get things up and running.”

Record-breaking growth

Overall, Kilmarnock runs the gamut in industrial plant processes, design, installation, repairs and service. “We try to cover any service a plant needs all under one roof,” says Graveline.

This objective has set Kilmarnock up for a period of record success. In September 2015 the woman-owned business was ranked No. 451 on the annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. “Kilmarnock Enterprise is honored to be on the PROFIT 500 ranking,” says Graveline. “This achievement reflects the strength of our customer service and the dedication of our employees.”

Across Ontario, Kilmarnock Enterprise is helping manufacturers in widespread industries become better at what they do, optimizing plants for efficiency, minimizing downtime and building lasting relationships.

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