Hamsar Diversco Inc.

Innovative lighting and electronics solutions backed by in-house engineering and testing in Ontario
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Molly Shaw
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Lance Pelletier

In Burlington, Ontario, Hamsar Diversco Inc. has made its name known over the last 32 years as an industry leader with in-house engineering, on-site testing, product development and manufacturing capabilities of lighting, electronics and vehicle accessories. Hamsar’s extensive experience spans everything from automotive lighting to heavy equipment work lamps, daytime running lights, high intensity discharge lighting, bulbs, silk screen promotional products, electronics, printed circuit boards, flex strip lighting and more. In an effort to constantly create and deliver innovative products, Hamsar has become the preferred choice for Original Equipment (OE) customers looking to take a product from concept to completion.

The company’s 40,000-square-foot facility located in Burlington offers manufacturing capabilities ranging from electronic insertion to wave soldering, SMT insertion and reflow, wire termination and crimping, software development, robot-assisted production and more. These capabilities, coupled with first-rate quality control governed by ISO 9001:2000 registered systems make for some of the most dependable lighting, electronics and vehicle accessory products on the market.

Starting as a one-man band in automotive components

Hamsar originated with the entrepreneurial drive of Fred Kelly, founder and president, more than 30 years ago. “I started the company out of my garage in Hamilton, Ontario,” recounts Kelly. “I began selling license plate frames.”

By 1985, a new law in Canada made high-level brake lights mandatory for all vehicles. “There was a huge market for aftermarket high-level brake lights, so I got involved and we started tooling our own product, selling it to small niche OE customers,” says Kelly.

Hamsar Diversco

The following decade, daytime running lights became the new industry standard. “We started manufacturing and selling these lights and also got more into the OE market in the heavy-duty truck and RV business, all while the lighting and electronics side continued to grow,” says Kelly. “We quickly established ourselves as experts in brake lights and daytime running lights and started working for companies such as Ford and Lincoln.”

Hamsar continues its relationships with major auto manufactures today. “We’ve just released a middle brake light for the 2015 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX models,” adds Jeff Smith, vice president of Hamsar. “We’re manufacturing in the ballpark of 1,000 of these brake lights a day and also working on another high visibility product for Lexus and Toyota door sill lights.”

CAD concept to mass production in record time

From its humble beginnings in Kelly’s garage to its standing now as one of the world’s leaders in lighting technology, Hamsar still finds business is based on a desire to be innovative and a commitment to strong customer service. Across a range of industries Hamsar’s 130 person team, including a handful of in-house engineers, offers solutions in the design, development and mass production of lighting and electronic products.

At Hamsar, CAD files are brought to life by rapid prototyping and 3D printing capabilities. These prototype models help visualize the concept and provide the ability to check fit and review product specifications before committing to hard tooling. “With six to seven in-house engineers customers see us as someone who can provide a solution for them,” explains Smith. “We’re not a huge company, so we’re easier to get in touch with and we can make decisions quickly.”

Smith points to Hamsar’s work with Motor Coach Industries, a bus and transport company, as an example of Hamsar’s rapid response solutions. “The company’s Winnipeg location came to us with a problem – they needed a new daytime running and signal light for their luxury coach line and they had very little time,” says Smith. “We stepped up to meet their schedule. They gave our engineers the concept and requirements and we went to work and had a prototype in no time.”

On-site testing and quality control assurance

To assure quality control, even on rapid timelines, Hamsar’s full on-site testing facilities mean outstanding accuracy, efficiency and short turnarounds. “We have a range of in-house testing capabilities,” says Kelly. “We have a photogoniometer to ensure regulatory compliances, as well as environmental test chambers for thermal humidity and thermal shock. We also have a salt spray chamber to conduct corrosive endurance tests.”

The company’s up-to-the-minute design capabilities meet all SAE, DOT and ECE international standards. “We have the ability to create a customized and comprehensive solution for projects; even ones with the most stringent specifications and timelines,” adds Kelly.

LEDing the way

While Hamsar is active in a range of markets from automotive lighting to circuit boards and heavy duty equipment for names such as Mack Trucks, Volvo and even John Deere, Smith says the company’s largest, fastest growing product line is in the world of LED lighting. “We still work with some halogen and xenon lights, but LEDs are now the way of the world and the biggest portion of our business,” he notes.

“In the past it was difficult to control light output, but with sophisticated LED lighting, we can produce lights that adjust automatically – be it LEDs that get brighter at dusk on the road or brighten when going from a warehouse to a dark trailer,” adds Kelly.

Kelly says there’s huge market potential for LEDs in the hardware and cabinet industry. Hamsar has recently released its newest line of LED magnetic shelf lighting kits, specifically targeted to this industry.

Designed for metal cabinets and shelves, this product delivers crisp, bright white LED illumination in hard-to-see places. This is an excellent choice for industrial work areas. Each aluminum channel is equipped with a magnetic strip, which easily mounts to the underside of metal shelves.

Each kit includes a door switch for automatic illumination and shuts off when the door is closed, saving energy costs. Low profile design makes each channel easy to install and easy to hide. “We see great potential for growth in this industry, but we’re involved in so many others – busses, trucking, heavy construction and more – we’ve positioned ourselves as a diverse company so we’re less susceptible to fluctuations in markets.”

With wide ranging capabilities in lighting, electronics, vehicle accessories and more, Hamsar Diversco Inc. keeps pace with international competition, rolling out innovative products, concepts and completion solutions.

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