Custom Vacuum Services Ltd.: Committed to Custom Vacuum Truck Manufacturing

Custom Vacuum Services Ltd. (CustomVac) is co-owned by Randy and Laura Luck, a husband- and-wife team from Leduc Ab. CustomVac originated in Randy’s father’s shed in 2000, with one welding machine and a maxed-out credit card. Randy and Laura turned their entrepreneurial ambitions into a commitment to providing excellence and have since successfully established CustomVac. Today CustomVac is an internationally renowned manufacturer of custom hydrovacs, vacuum trucks and trailer-mounted vacuums.

CustomVac has the capabilities to produce both standard units and completely customized units built-to-order from its Alberta-based manufacturing shop and headquarters. CustomVac employs 50 professionals, each of whom take pride in upholding the company’s reputation for responsive and quality service.

The team at CustomVac works directly with customers to identify each individual’s specific needs. As a result, the company expanded upon its straight vac unit with variations for hydro excavation, semi-liquid material handling and combination units for major spill cleanups, as well as semi vacs for large volumes. CustomVac also produces a line of sour-sealed units specifically for transporting sour oil and water, which protect operators and the public alike from the release of dangerous hydrogen sulfide emissions.

The company also produces units for ideal performance applications with an agitator inside the tank to maintain a uniform consistency of the stored materials. These units have recently gained popularity with the rise of environmentally friendly drilling fluids. The substance can be safely disposed of or applied as fertilizer for agricultural purposes, allowing for land-spreading of the liquids to be consistent.

Close Collaboration, Total Service

Above all, the company succeeds by zeroing in on each customer’s greatest performance needs and designs to detailed specifications and requirements. CustomVac trucks are currently in use around the world by a variety of industry sectors, including construction, municipal agencies and the energy industries. This allows CustomVac to ship units worldwide.

Perseverance pushed the team through the downturn, and for that the entire team at CustomVac is grateful. The team continues that mind-set in its day-to-day activities, which is why CustomVac goes beyond simply building units to support the client throughout the life cycle of a CustomVac product. The company provides service, maintenance, inspection and certification services on all of its models.

To ensure no aspect is left unattended, CustomVac maintains a staff of professionals to respond to emergency repairs and service requests at all hours of the day. The CustomVac facility is certified under the requirements set by Transport Canada, the American Society of Metallurgical Engineers and the Alberta Boilers Safety Association. The company will also send its own representatives to a client’s site to inspect and recertify vehicles with a mobile testing unit.

The new CustomVac fabrication and service shop will open in nearby Leduc, Alberta, in summer 2013. CustomVac’s state-of-the-art facility will equip the company with the latest technology to ensure CustomVac products continue to outperform the competition, and will also allow employees to work in a cleaner and more efficient facility. The shop will also provide extra space to expand the service and maintenance department, ensuring CustomVac customers can continue to rely on the team for total support services.

CustomVac will continue to maintain a close-knit work environment, as well as close customer relationships, by keeping the staff to a maximum of 60 employees. In doing so, the company commits to the future of every relationship with clients and employees, reaffirming Custom Vacuum Services Ltd.’s commitment to producing code-compliant units.