Crown Verity Inc

A stainless reputation for professional and portable, long-lasting grills
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Chuck McKenna

From a tailgating party to a national barbecue competition, catering to premier restaurants, Crown Verity Inc. has been a trusted name in commercial grills and durable but portable food service equipment for 25 years. Based in Brantford, Ontario, Crown Verity serves Canada and the U.S., manufacturing some of the best outdoor-cooking equipment on the market, made of 100 percent 304-stainless-steel construction and built to last a lifetime.

In 1991, founder Bill Verity released his own state-of-the-art product: an improved commercial barbecue. Since, Crown Verity has been focused on providing high-quality commercial kitchen equipment to food service professionals, including barbecue grills, patio heaters and portable sinks –all with the company’s portability promise.

But now more home-cooks are seeking out the Crown Verity name for top performance. “Homeowners are actually asking for our brand name,” shares Bill Verity, owner and CEO of Crown Verity. “They like commercial and they want a barbecue in their backyard that’s going to give them the same great features and qualities that commercial chefs use all the time.”

A historic link

The company has grown across all sectors –food service to the backyard chef- since inception in 1990, but the Verity family name has been recognized in manufacturing since the turn of the 19th century. It began with Bill’s ancestors in 1892, when W.H. Verity & Sons relocated to Brantford.

After arrival in Brantford, the company changed its name to Verity Plow Co. The company produced cultivating instruments and plows and soon garnered a nationwide reputation products based on perseverance, integrity and courtesy. In 1897, a disastrous fire destroyed much of the company, but Verity Plow Co. rebuilt and continued to grow to more than 700 employees.

Following the fire, in 1910, Crown Electrical Manufacturing Company incorporated under the Verity family and became the first company in Canada to manufacture lighting fixtures, fireplace assemblies, portable table lamps and brass art ware. In 1936, Crown Electrical Manufacturing Company was forced into bankruptcy by the effects of the Great Depression. In an effort to revive the company, a new charter was obtained by a group of local men under Crown Electrical Manufacturing Limited and P.E. Verity was president. To stay afloat, the company built component parts for aircrafts during World War II.

“As you can see, the Verity story is a long one in the manufacturing business,” details Andy Incitti, president of Crown Verity. “About 25 years ago Bill got into the distribution business. He was doing very well when a manufacturer pulled their line and left him with a big hole in his sales.”

Filling a void in the market- durability, reliability and low maintenance

With a strong network of commercial food service companies already in place, Bill was able to enter the market in a way others couldn’t. “He talked with chefs to find out what they really needed and what would let them do what they love to the best of their ability,” tells Andy. “He found they really just wanted a durable and reliable, yet low maintenance product, so he set out to create a product that would satisfy the network and that’s where the Crown Verity line began.”

Durable and reliable, yet low maintenance –Crown Verity strives to go above and beyond in all of these features and the company has truly set the industry standard since the first barbecue grill. “What really makes us a great partner for chefs is performance,” measures Andy. “Crown Verity delivers instant, high and balanced heat while being extremely dependable and durable. We use the best stainless steel on the market so you don’t run into rust or longevity issues. As Bill always says, ‘you’ll buy your last barbecue first if it’s a Crown Verity.’”

For one of the toughest, longest lasting line of grills and food service equipment on the market, Crown Verity’s are among the easiest to maintain. “Strong components and high-grade stainless steel make our grills especially easy to clean – you can even power wash them,” shares Andy.

Bringing the performance of commercial kitchens to the outdoors

Crown Verity has set the standard in commercial barbecue grills for years and now the company is moving into a range of products that complement the outdoor kitchen. “Everything from patio heaters to outdoor fryers and sinks, we’re bringing the look, feel and power of a commercial kitchen outdoors,” suggest Andy.

This is part of Crown Verity’s recent rebranding effort says Andy. “We’re revamping the brand with a new logo and looks for our products coming in 2015,” he reveals. “We’re not changing anything in regards to quality and performance; it’s more of a means for us to create a new space for ourselves within the industry and allowing us to market the brand to not only chefs, but interested home cooks. We want to become the most trusted brand in outdoor food service equipment and the first choice for all chefs.”

With a team of dedicated, longstanding employees as part of what Andy calls the Crown Verity Inc. family, the company is building on a tradition of excellence, bringing the professional kitchen to the open air with limitless potential.

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