AXIOM Millwrighting & Fabrication Inc.

Creating a Safer Canada

Winter 2010 - Companies in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical industries face a unique challenge when building new buildings or machinery for a new office; extra care must be taken to ensure that the facility or machinery is sterile and does not pass along disease to end users or consumers. Companies, however, have a simple solution for this situation: Dwayne Cormier and AXIOM Millwrighting & Fabrication Inc., a team of certified tradesworkers with a broad range of capabilities.

Indeed, the approximately 80 professionals at AXIOM provide a lot more services than the company’s name implies. The company offers clients their expertise in electrical, piping, engineering and project management in addition to the implied millwrighting and fabrication industries. And all services are delivered with integrity, quality and commitment.

Client For Life

Cormier founded the firm in Waterloo, Ontario, in 2002. But even though AXIOM is relatively young the company has quickly became one of the industry leaders because of its embrace of new technology and a professional staff of self-motivated problem-solvers that has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality projects at competitive pricing.

Whether a client needs a complete plant reallocation, machinery rebuilds, or maintenance and upgrades, AXIOM's team has established its deserved reputation for projects that on in on time and on budget. AXIOM custom fabricates, assembles and installs all manner of machinery bases and conveyors, as well as platforms, catwalks, stairways, ladders, guardrails and handrails. And it's not just what a facilities runs on, but also what runs through a facility that is AXIOM's expertise, as the company can handle all aspects of electrical, lighting, emergency, automation, communication and data wiring design and implementation, while complying to all codes and regulations.

“A lot of people pay lip service to customer service and attention to detail, but here at AXIOM it’s central to what we do. Once we get a client, we make sure that we have a client for life,” emphasizes Kevin Hewitt, AXIOM's business development manager.

The attention-to-detail is so comprehensive at AXIOM that the company's actions required their own interactive program to properly acknowledge the lengths AXIOM goes to to deliver the finest quality service to its customers. Because of the company's demonstrated knowledge of food safety and quality objectives, the company's documentation accountability, verification and traceability, and its initiatives to mitigate the risk of allergens, AXIOM is the first recipient of the Food Safety Compliant designation.

Cormier further details this commitment for clients, which is one of the reasons why he feels the company has been an immediate success: “Our specialty is in the food industry, and we are the only contractor in North America that carries a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point [HAACP] designation. We worked with the Guelph Food Technology Centre [GFTC] over the last one-and-a-half years and created the program with them and we’re close to finishing our final audit. We have some other Tier II clients, but the niche at AXIOM is in the food and beverage industry.”

Investment In Personnel Pays Off

AXIOM’s unique program required a lot of investment in the company and its personnel, and Cormier is confident that it will allow his firm to remain a leader in the industry. He explains, “What we did was very unique in the industry, there aren’t a lot of companies that can pull that off and now we have a value added aspect. You have to constantly be the leader to retain your edge, or at least be proactive ahead of the challenges. The recent Maple Leaf scare [which involved contaminated meat recalls] highlighted the fact there’s a problem in our factories. Contractors who don’t know better are part of what causes bacteria and the eventual outbreaks in these plants. If contractors aren’t aware of that fact then they become part of the problem instead of the solution.

“Here at AXIOM, we flipped that,” Cormier continues. “For example, we installed a piece of original equipment [OEM] at a Kraft plant. When the piece showed up, it was dirty, and we went to Kraft and told them that it had to be sanitized before we could install it, because otherwise you’re going to have huge contamination issues. If contractors aren’t aware of the problem, then they’re not going to realize the impact of what they are doing.”

The company’s message is resonating with its clients, including cola and waffle manufacturers, who have come to fully trust that Axiom’s way of doing business is best for everyone involved.

Looking towards the future, Cormier is working on maintaining the company's controlled growth, including expanding AXIOM's market into the States. “We’re trying to bring our services into the U.S. and we recently just started on a project in Nevada [operating under the name AXIOM Solutions Inc.]. We’re hoping that through word-of-mouth we’ll see the same steady growth that we’ve had here in Canada. Our end goal is be the leader in the food industry across North America.”

Dwayne Cormier and AXIOM Millwrighting & Fabrication Inc. have proven that by embracing new technology and continuing a tradition of solid customer service throughout all-encompassing turnkey installations that it’s possible to sustain growth.