Groupe Les Manoirs Du Quebec Inc.: Hotel Manoir Saint Sauveur

Luxury accommodations in Quebec
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
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Forrest Lancaster

Since 1992, the Varin family has owned and operated Hotel Manoir Saint Sauveur in scenic Saint-Sauveur, Quebec. With 250 rooms of lodging, a world-class spa and fine cuisine, Manoir Saint Sauveur has become a favorite of visitors from within Quebec and from far and wide.

Sebastien Varin is a second-generation owner-operator of the hotel. His parents purchased the manor in 1992 and he grew up in the family business alongside his siblings. “I started around age 16 working in the restaurants,” he says. “I am very involved with the day-to-day operations, which is something that differentiates us from other hotels. Many larger places are managed by big chains and the guests never see the owners. I am either doing the rentals or otherwise on-site managing operations.”

World-class amenities

Manoir Saint Sauveur features all the amenities visitors have come to expect from luxury lodgings – comfortable rooms, free WiFi, flat screen televisions and heated pools – while still maintaining the charm of a vintage chalet. “We want to maintain the same environment visitors feel in Aspen, British Columbia or Whistler,” says Varin.

Of the 250 rooms available, 26 are luxury suites, with the remainder devoted to a selection of newly renovated signature rooms and junior suites. During the week, many of these rooms are filled with conference attendees and visitors in town on business. On the weekend, the hotel draws people from throughout Eastern Canada and the Northeast U.S. Regardless of the purpose of a visit, guests enjoy a consistent relaxed and attentive environment.

The hotel boasts 23,000 square feet of meeting rooms that allow guests to host weddings, banquets, speakers and conferences. Varin explains that drawing corporate customers has been challenging in recent years. “Companies have smaller budgets and this is a tough market,” he explains. “Ten years ago, we were the only ones with this kind of capacity for 500 or 600 people in a conference room.”

A five-year renovation is currently underway at the hotel to the tune of more than $15 million. The revamp involves all of the guest rooms, common spaces, event and conference amenities and exterior areas. Varin notes that the project is in its final phases and guest can expect a fresh new look in the coming months. The new appearance of the hotel will help Varin and his team to draw more visitors both for business and pleasure.

Fine dining

While the accommodations and spa alone are reasons enough to visit Manoir Saint Sauveur, the hotel boast three restaurants in-house preparing brunch, fine dining, bistro food and signature cocktails.

Le Bistro Lounge offers a relaxed yet refined atmosphere for a nightcap, a tasty bistro-style meal, or even just a good cup of coffee. The menu boasts a range of small plates and entrees as well as finely crafted libations, courtesy of the skilled bar staff.

Restaurant L’Ambiance is a favorite among foodies with refined palates. With a world-renown kitchen staff preparing haut cuisine, locally sourced dishes, the hotel’s most popular eatery scores big among food critics. French-inspired small plates and entrees feature delicacies such as foie gras, gnocchi and wild mushrooms. L’Ambiance restaurant is certified “Table aux saveurs du terroir” and its wine list is ranked “Carte d’or” by the SAQ.

La Tablee is the place to be for breakfast at Manoir Saint Sauveur. Year-round, guests can find buffet breakfast and ala carte brunch. La Tablee also caters the establishment’s room service menu for guests seeking a late night snack, a celebratory bottle of wine or breakfast in bed.

Locally-sourced foods are a mainstay of all of the hotel’s menus. “We source cheese and meats locally as well as other seasonal items when available,” Varin explains. “This helps us maintain a responsible supply chain while staying true to our regional identity. We mainly do Quebecois foods, but we are always happy to adapt to the requests of our guests.”

Looking ahead

Having made significant investments in facilities and amenities, Manoir Saint Sauveur is moving forward, pushing to draw new visitors to the region. After a rough few years, the economy is moving again. As people begin to spend money again on vacations and lodging, Manoir Saint Sauveur is standing out as a resort of choice among visitors.

“Many places around here are struggling,” says Varin. “They are cutting their staff and hours. But the people who decided to invest in their facilities and offer better services are doing well. The ones that don’t evolve or update either downsize or close.”

Over the coming years, Hotel Manoir Saint Sauveur will continue to stand out among luxury hotels in Quebec with leading accommodations, spa services and fine, local cuisine.

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