Suntrition Inc.

Small-Batch Manufacturing in the Natural Health Sector

Suntrition Inc. (Suntrition) is a small, privately held nutraceutical manufacturer based in Tecumseh, Ontario. The business opened its doors in 2001 and has evolved over the years to meet changing market and client needs. Suntrition operates on a contract basis, with no flagship brand, working with customers to create unique natural supplements for the health product and athletic markets. New developments are blending science with production. Suntrition has partnered with Biomedcore and will be co-developing a laboratory onsite at Suntrition’s production facilities.

Suntrition Inc Review
Grant Bourdeau, president and CEO of Suntrition, come from a unique background in manufacturing. “My history is with the automotive industry,” he explains. “Before this, I was involved in stamping and welding, but I was very familiar with manufacturing business and have always had an active interest in the health and nutrition industry. I was able to apply my experience in the auto industry to building a lean and efficient operation here.”

Suntrition is fully licensed by Health Canada for production and is also registered with the Food and Drug Administration. “We just received our National Science Foundation Good Manufacturing Practices certification for sports supplement manufacturing,” Bourdeau adds. “It is a very coveted registration and there are only three of us in Canada who hold that.” Most of the team’s growth has been within Canada, but Bourdeau is looking to expand the company’s international reach. Suntrition products are currently approved for sale in the United Arab Emirates. “The Canadian flag on dietary supplements offers credibility,” Bourdeau explains. “Our products are recognized around the world for safety and quality.”

Wellness Products

The team offers turnkey solutions to product development and manufacturing. “We do product concept, licensing, sourcing all raw materials, building, bottling and labeling,” Bourdeau elaborates. “Our products are retail ready when they leave our facility. We produce tablet and capsule forms and powder filling for sports supplements, dietary supplements and even the pet industry.”

Suntrition is expanding further into the research end of wellness. “In past year we are looking at moving from just contract manufacturing to being a science firm as well,” Bourdeau notes. “Through the national research council I have met a talented researcher who has patented technology to mimic cancer and match the right drug with the right patient. His technology also allows us to mimic human conditions and diseases, with the National Health Council we are mimicking allergies, too.

“Want to want to co-develop and partner with current and future customers,” he continues. “We are taking natural heath products to a clinical level. In the future we will be able to manufacture these consistently and protect the science while doing so. Our partnership with Biomedcore is very synergistic.” Biomedcore will operate within a laboratory at Suntrition’s headquarters. The company built this state of the art pharmaceutical facility in 2010 exceeding industry standards. The team will continue to invest in equipment and technology to improve capabilities within the laboratory to reach clients and patients worldwide.

Managing Growth

Suntrition is on the up and up, growing 600 percent from 2008 to 2012 despite the recession affecting many industries worldwide. “It never really hurt us,” Bourdeau says. “There are a lot of regulatory requirements in this industry, but we manage them well. Our sciences and regulations fall in line with those of our clients so we can help them back up claims with real evidence. Some of our clients were impacted, but we helped them to revamp their products to stay ahead of legislative changes.”

With growing resources and networks, Suntrition continues to grow, developing new lines of science-based products. “Sports supplements are becoming a growing industry,” Bourdeau says. “Our position with NSF positions us well. The standards we meet with our products has helped us get our products to professional athletes. In this arena, sports supplements are heavily regulated in response to substance abuse issues. We are working outside the sports realm as well. We are open to just about any project. We are working towards developing solutions for arthritis, diabetes, obesity and allergies.”

Other initiatives include partnerships with the government, The National Research Council of Canada and sections of academia. Suntrition recently participated in a research project monitoring invasive fish species in the Great Lakes. For smaller scale customers, the team has also introduced new organizational technology that allows clients to access accounts via the web. Technology and people are Suntrition’s largest expenses and strongest investments. With solid networks and an innovative business plan, Suntrition Inc. is set up for continued growth over the coming years.