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Jeanee Dudley
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Forrest Lancaster

Gina Broccolo knows firsthand that losing weight takes a great change in perspective. Now the founder and president of Integrity Health Group, Gina began her journey 75 pounds heavier. Through her experiences, she has successfully identified the nutrients and herbs that can help other women get on the right track for weight loss and stay the course. Today, Integrity Health Group offers a range of dietary products for people looking to build a healthier lifestyle throughout Canada and the United States.

“My weight gain was the catalyst for starting this business,” says Gina. “I had a great job, I was traveling, I had an interesting life, but I went through a divorce and realized that women gain weight due to emotional issues. I started to really look at the weight I had gained and consider the reasons behind it. When I hit 205 pounds, I thought of it as 20 pounds of excess fear, 20 pounds of excess resentment, 10 pounds of excess regret and so on.”

Gina was taking her weight loss seriously, but found that the traditional diet industry was of little help. In fact, the whole industry needed a serious attitude adjustment. “I had bad experiences at weight loss clinics,” she recounts. “The women there were young and scripted and slim. You’re looking at somebody reading a page to them and you feel alienated. It made me want to provide a better experience for other women.”

Of course the supplement side was not significantly better. With solution providers hawking silver-bullet cures that promise to make people lose weight in their sleep, she knew there had to be a balance. The process had to be more satisfying and holistic. At a cleansing spa in Florida, Gina met a team of doctors who worked with her through a program. Combining cleansing aids, exercise and better food choices, the program was a success.

Building a program

Utilizing the knowledge gained from her experience, Gina maintained her healthier lifestyle. At first, she supplemented her diet with individual herbs. She began to spread the word about her success, coaching others in wellness and helping them make healthy choices at health food stores. Her first product was Internal Flush, a cleansing formula that helps restore healthy bacteria to the digestive tract.

“Our Internal Flush has been the No. 1 product since day one,” says Michael Broccolo, Gina’s brother and marketing manager of Integrity Health. “Not many people used to be aware of probiotics, but today it is more mainstream... Today the formula is the same, though the marketing strategy has changed a little. Initially, based on Gina’s personal success story after losing 75 pounds, it was created for cleansing benefits to set up the body for better health. Another benefit was weight loss, which is also a major selling point.”

“I designed the product based on this belief system that says to set your body up for a healthy foundation, you have to cleanse it first in order to improve your overall health,” says Gina. “Weight loss is a great benefit to cleansing, but it really was designed to promote better health, prevent disease, and to help the body take in more nutrients. The small intestine is 22 feet long and people don’t realize that 70 percent of the immune system is in that organ. This product gets people off to a great start and builds a foundation for good overall health.”

An expanding product line

Gina and her colleagues have also rolled out Integrity’s Systems line of products. With options including Appetite Control, Digest, Cleanse-Detoxify, Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee Bean, Garcinia Cambogia and Jumpstart, each system caters to different approaches to wellness and weight loss. Each System product comes with a guide to maximizing results, helping users get on a program and stay on track.

One recent market development has been the growing demand from consumers for different delivery systems. While existing customers are happy with the results they see with the company’s supplements, many are interested in sports bars and cookies. Integrity Health continues to explore this market direction and has kicked off the new line with an unusual cookie.

“We are just launching a very high-fiber cookie that we are very proud of,” says Gina. “It tastes great and it has 6 grams of fiber. Two cookies per day give customers 48 percent of the recommended daily amount. It is difficult to get that much fiber into a cookie and make it something people want to eat.”

She adds that the System Cookie Slim product line makes a great snack and the packaging directs customers to eat one before each meal with a glass of water. “It helps with cravings and helps with appetite,” Gina explains. “Those are the two biggest factors that can sabotage a diet. Nobody says no to a cookie. We just perfected the formula and getting the right moisture balance and flavor was quite an achievement.”

As the food-based delivery system expands, the next line addition will be a protein bar. “We plan to introduce other bars and programs, but there has to be a uniqueness – a differentiator – and not just from a marketing angle,” says Michael. He and Gina stand by the quality of their products and strive to provide final end-line products that are not based on hype and ultimately, generate real results.

Maintaining the right attitude

As Integrity Health continues to grow, Gina and Michael remain true to the founding principles of the company. “As much as our products, I’m proud of our programs,” she explains. “We help people with programs that help them make healthy food choices, provide exercise suggestions and healthy living tips. As much as we believe in our product, we also promote heavily that lifestyle is the biggest factor in weight loss.”

“We have never promoted a silver-bullet approach,” Gina continues. “We have one program called Let’s Get Real, which comes at weight loss recognizing that there is nothing that will melt the fat off. You have to eat healthy, you have to do some exercise and you also have to have the right attitude.”

Integrity Health Group approaches weight loss from a place of honesty, providing not just products, but a support system that helps customers get through a trying lifestyle change and lives up to the company’s name.

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