Rollover Premium Pet Food Ltd.: Making Man’s Best Friend Happy

Rollover Premium Pet Food Ltd. (RPPF) is located in the small town of High River, Alberta. The company has been manufacturing a full line of premium semi-moist dog food and all-natural treats for man’s best friend since 1988. RPPF began manufacturing only a couple of products, but the company now provides over 350 varieties under the Rollover brand, as well as various private-label brands. Wayne Skogman and Judy Harvey, owners of RPPF, are proud of what their team has accomplished.
“Our sales have risen gradually over the years, although it has not been without its fair share of struggles,” states Skogman. “Back in 2003 we lost all of our U.S. sales overnight when the FDA closed the border to all pet food and treat imports, a situation that could have potentially been crippling.” However, the team at RPPF refused to crumble. “We focused our attention on the needs of the Canadian market to develop an even broader range of products for both the pet specialty and grocery distribution channels,” Skogman continues.
Only the Highest-quality Foods
RPPF manufactures all of its products using only human-grade ingredients from local federally inspected plants. The company’s semi-moist dog food rolls are comprised of over 50-percent organic meat, an excellent source of protein, combined with either whole grains for its original formulations or with barley, oats and vegetables for a more hypoallergenic diet.
RPPF’s unique cooking process preserves the food naturally within the casing, enabling its food to be conveniently displayed directly on the store shelf until opened by the pet’s parent. All Rollover dog food rolls offer complete and balanced nutrition and meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) feeding requirements for all life stages.
The company’s full line of all natural treats contains no preservatives or artificial colors and comprises items such as gourmet crunchy biscuits, meat-filled bones, pork hide, beef chews and many more to keep every well-deserving dog not only entertained, but also on top of their dental hygiene.
No matter the product being manufactured, RPPF is sure the process is done under the most strict quality-control procedures. “We have a HACCP-certified quality-assurance manager who tracks materials through the entire process to ensure all requirements are met,” adds Skogman. RPPF is also subject to a yearly independent food safety audit. “This is a very thorough audit, so we are very proud of our rating of excellence.”
Local and Foreign Competition
The pet food and treat industry is an unregulated industry, which does not have strong label laws and controls in place. Therefore, the consumer does need to perform their own due diligence in selecting food and treats that are appropriate for their pet. RPPF goes above and beyond what is required when designing a new label. “We ensure that the packaging is bilingual, contains a complete guaranteed analysis, accurate ingredient listing, and no false or misleading claims,” states Skogman.
Although the pet food industry is mainly dominated by a few major brands, RPPF has managed to acquire a good share of the industry in Canada. “We are the only manufacturer in Canada of a semi-moist shelf-stable dog food and also one of the country’s largest natural treat manufacturers,” continues Skogman. “The industry is very competitive and each year sees an increase in the number of manufacturers, importers and new products to the market. So, we are constantly performing market research to develop and introduce new food and treat items.”
All of this could not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the company’s management team, which includes: Belinda Elyzen, director of sales and marketing for RPPF; Gerrit Velting, plant manager; and Genaah Meadows, accounts manager. All of these key employees have been with the company for more than 18 years. Elyzen, Velting and Meadows all play a vital role in keeping the company at the top of the industry.
Community Involvement
Despite all the daily challenges, RPPF strives to give back to the community year-round by donating food and treats alike to shelters and rescue groups across Canada. In addition, the company has donated over 1,000 dog collars to Guatemala for a pet health program. More information on the company’s generosity and products can be found on its website,
The company has grown significantly over the years and continues to prosper as opportunities arise. Not only are Wayne Skogman and Judy Harvey making Rollover Premium Pet Food Ltd. a continued success, but also they are making man’s best friend very happy doing so.