Redco Equipment Sales: Refurbishing the Energy Industry

Steve Forberg has been in the energy equipment industry since age 15. “I got into wellheads as a summer job,” he explains. His father worked in the “Christmas Tree” business, assembling series of valves for wellheads (nicknamed Christmas Trees due to an unusual shape, reminiscent of decorated holiday pines). At 20-years old, he started working full-time in the business, eventually working his way up the ranks at Stream-Flo. He struck out on his own in 2002 and founded his business, Redco Equipment Sales (Redco). The business quickly grew into the country’s main supplier of vents, casing and tubing heads and valves for the oil industry.
Forberg says, “What sets us apart is our level of service.” He employs over 40 people, many with decades of experience in the industry. The experienced specialists have the equipment and capabilities to fully refurbish used equipment to meet current standards of safety and performance. Redco has established relationships with the country’s largest oil companies and the new and refurbished equipment can be found all over Western Canada.
Honesty, integrity and dedication are the pillars of Redco’s business. The company offers competitive pricing, a big-picture point of view and an intense sense of commitment to customers. The company offers maintenance and repairs to equipment after installation, no matter how remote its location or severe the weather. A picture on the company’s website shows a senior partner servicing a well valve in the wilderness, dressed in a reflective snowsuit with a snowmobile parked in the foreground –the only means of access to the well.
Valves of Value
The business operates out of one location in Edmonton. “We’ve got over 65,000-square feet,” says Forberg of Redco’s facilities. His team cranks out high quality components for wellheads to control pressure manually and pneumatically. All of the company’s products are designed to legal standards and specifications. The valves are available in a number of sizes, capacities and designs, to best suit the needs of Redco’s clients. The business also produces flanges that act as the major interface between pipes and pressure control equipment.
Redco also operates a machine shop onsite that allows the company to convert or repair components. The equipment includes milling and lathe machinery that are fully automated for precision. Redco also owns manual equipment, like drill presses, welders and saws. The business can restore or adjust spools, flanges and tubing. All pieces are fully engineered by the experienced staff and subjected to non-destructive testing after completion.
A Community of Customers
The oil industry is huge, but Forberg says, “Community wise, it’s pretty small. We work continuously with the same group of people.” Redco’s products have been used in over 300 projects worldwide. “Most of our business is in Canada, but we do quite a bit of international business,” Forberg explains. His clients include oil giants like Shell and Irving, but there are valves, heads and more from Indonesia to Brazil that were forged at Redco’s facilities. Redco’s components can be found along major pipelines, on oil fields and in refineries. The company has contributed to the success of major projects like the TTU Tuban & East Java Pipeline in Indonesia, owned by Medco. Domestic projects include work for Gibson Energy’s Edmonton North Butane Facility and Keystone Main Terminal Interconnect projects. “We do large imports direct to China,” he adds, noting that this piece of the business yields around $6 million every year.
The company is constantly improving upon designs and expanding its product line. “We also have a sizeable rental inventory,” Forberg says. Energy companies can lease equipment and components from Redco, often for short term projects or hydrofracking operations. The company’s refurbishing division continues to provide a popular service, as upgrading old equipment often saves more money for energy companies than replacing components or even full systems.
Serving the needs of his clients is the priority for Forberg. “We’re always adapting to the market,” he says. Extraction technology is constantly changing to make the process more efficient. When a company is trying something new, Redco can produce as many or as few components as desired by a customer. “We’ll do as little as a half dozen in a run,” Forberg clarifies. This flexibility has positioned Redco as one of the industry’s most reputable suppliers.
Redco has become an irreplaceable asset to the energy, petrochemical, forestry and mining operations in Canada and abroad. The team’s dedication to quality products and responsive service has garnered praise from industry leaders around the world. Redco Equipment Sales continues to embody the integrity it started with, honoring its commitments to service and quality.