Red River Industries Inc.: A Leader in Construction for the Oil Industry

Red River Industries Inc. (RRII) is a Sundre, Alberta-based company that specializes in oilfield construction. Among the services provided by RRII are pipeline and facility construction complete with field and shop fabrication of  components such as ASME Division 1 Section 8 pressure vessels and separator packages. Additionally, the company delivers equipment for its clients, builds production tanks and performs onsite installation and field maintenance for any type of operating facility.
Gerald Dedora, president of RRII, explains, “We're an all-encompassing company, so basically right from when a well is completed here in Alberta, we can handle the fabrication and construction and complete the tie-in for well site facilities. We can do the fabrication of facility equipment and construct both the facility and the pipeline.”
Founded in 2000 by Dedora and other partners (five of which currently share ownership), the company currently employs approximately 40 employees and operates throughout central and central-west Alberta. Mark Haldane, manager of projects & estimates, recalls, “When the business was founded, Red River Industries was basically doing maintenance and small installations. As the industry grew, we started to expand our operations into pipeline and facility fabrications. At that time, we found that our clients were in need of some oil field production equipment, and so we decided to expand our operations into fabricating facilities for pressure vessels and to continue to supply our clients with oil field equipment as they required.”
Haldane explains that the company’s evolution was prompted by its work for one particular client whose supply needs Red River could fill. Upon working for that one client, Red River’s leadership decided to assemble and manufacture the equipment needed by all clients to meet their demands. In order to add this new facet to the company’s repertoire, RRII earned the requisite certifications to supply clients with oil field equipment through the governing bodies of the Canadian Welding Bureau, Alberta Boilers Safety Association, the Canadian Standards Association, and the American Petroleum Institute. Now RRII continues to provide comprehensive solutions for its market sector, operating on a mission statement that echoes the company's initials: “Respectful, Responsible Integration with Integrity.”
A Detail-oriented System

Haldane notes that during RRII’s 10 years in the industry the “biggest things that have changed are the safety factors and the documentation required. We have to keep up with all paperwork, down to safety records for all of our vehicles including tire and oil changes.” Additionally, Haldane explains that to maintain the company’s certifications, it complies with all record-keeping and procedural requirements of the applicable governing certification bodies. For example, the company has a software program that tracks maintenance issues for all equipment.
Like any successful business, RRII has tackled a number of challenges in its operations. Haldane observes, “One challenge is the fact that our industry is volatile in the world market with the price of oil and gas. With current gas prices, many clients’ projects have been put on hold. Red River Industries is always looking to diversify into other parts of manufacturing and fabrication, beyond just the oil sector.”
An additional challenge that Haldane identifies is the fact that the company works “in the foothills of Alberta, where there is very rough terrain and unique soil conditions as we are pipelining and building facilities in the foothills area.” To meet this challenge, RRII “works with the environmental people in the forestry sector to make sure that we are performing all tasks well.” On the environmental front, Haldane notes that the company tries new techniques such as “mulching with trees instead of burning and stacking old brush to be sure not to do excessive damage to the terrain.”
RRII’s attention to detail and commitment to safety and environmental measures have been key components to its success over the years. The company’s Health and Safety Program has been instrumental in allowing the company to work efficiently and safely for its clients. Haldane explains, “Over our 10 years in the business, we have developed our own safety program and our own environmental health and safety procedures that meet or even exceed government requirements.” RRII also regularly works in conjunction with its clients on projects to ensure that all safety and efficiency requirements are met.
Sound Communication Strategies
RRII’s success over the past decade is also attributable in part to its dedication to successful teamwork. The company principals regularly synchronize their opinions on issues such as future projects, safety initiatives and the direction of the business. As Haldane puts it, “We have these ‘mindset meetings’ on all aspects of company growth, procedures and structure.” Members of the company leadership have also taken effective communication courses to ensure they exchange ideas for company progress with full clarity. These efforts have all led to a strengthening in strategic direction, contributing to the company’s efficiency.
In reflecting on the company’s success, Haldane recalls a project completed in the last few years in which RRII finished pipeline construction and tie-ins for well site facilities ahead of schedule, wrapping up all of the work in four-and-a-half months, though the job was slated for six months. RRII plans to continue that type of positive work ethic for the benefit of its clients, as well as the benefit of the company itself.
Additionally, the company has amassed the space and resources needed for any facility turnarounds and pipeline upgrades to come. “We opened up a 10,000-square foot fabrication facility [in 2010], and we just moved into the office portion, hoping that we timed it perfectly so that when the recession ends we can take on the needs of the industry,” Dedora reveals.
“We’re continuing to serve as a supplier with top product and high-quality craftsmanship and workmanship, and we intend to continue building on that in the future,” Dedora summarizes. Given the track record of Red River Industries Inc. and the decades of experience of the company's staff, its successes should be guaranteed.