Quick-Way Electrical (1999) Ltd.: Shining in Canada’s Sunniest City

Bill Baker, owner of Quick-Way Electrical (1999) Ltd., isn’t just proud that his company is the largest electrical firm in Medicine Hat, Alberta; he’s proud because his firm is the best electrical firm in the region.
“We’re the biggest electrical firm in our region, but we pride ourselves on the quality of service that we provide, and we stand behind all of our projects,” emphasizes Baker. “We perform all the different facets of electrical construction: farm, commercial, residential and industrial.  Accompanying our electrical experience in the industrial field are instrumentation installs and controls. We are a 24-hour service department as well.” Additionally, Quick-Way offers fire alarm, certified cabling and commercial lighting services for both new construction and renovations.
The company understands that one of its biggest strengths lies in the people that work for it; therefore, the firm encourages a sense of permanence, commitment and teamwork amongst its employees. Growth is not the company’s driving force; in fact, growth is carefully controlled to ensure that quality is not sacrificed at the expense of size. The company actively measures its progress by its clients' success.
This consistent quality is especially impressive considering Quick-Way has a large service area; Baker estimates that the company works on projects all over Southeastern Alberta in a range of 200 kilometres from the company’s headquarters.
Ability to Take on Large Projects
Baker says that the company’s ability to maintain its high standards and comprehensive services is reinforced through its cross-training program. “We make sure that all of our journeymen are fully conversed in commercial so that we have the ability to take on larger jobs, which is pretty unique for a company this size. Our 24-hour service department has also set us apart, as we dispatch crews immediately. Our clients really appreciate our fast response on emergency service calls.”
A version of Quick-Way has been establishing its reputation for over two decades, and Baker worked his way up, truly establishing the company's direction within the last 10 years. “I started with Quick-Way in 1989, and there was a single owner at that point,” recalls Baker. “In ’99 I became one of three partners, and in 2005 I purchased the company from the other two owners. This is a firm that I’ve love working for, and I plan on making sure that Quick-Way is around for a long time to come.”
Along with growing the company's professional standards, sectors serviced and commitment to quality, Baker has grown the company's staff. And because of the size of his staff, which fluctuates between 30 and 50 depending on need, Baker notes that the company only requires subcontractors for very specific trades. “We sub out communications – voice and data – and high-voltage work over 700 volts. We could do it, but the need isn’t there. There just isn’t that much demand to make it cost-effective to train my staff to do it.”
Baker reveals that, because of the firm has been building high-quality projects in the region for 20-plus years, there are ample examples of Quick-Way’s work in the area. “We usually have about $100,000 to $200,000 worth of ongoing smaller projects, usually 10 to 15 houses, and we’ve worked on several high-profile projects in the past. We partnered up with Western Electric out of Calgary for a very large project on the Esplanade here in Medicine Hat. It’s an Arts Centre for high-profile shows and has a museum as well. That was a $4 million project for us.”  Quick-Way has also completed numerous $1 million projects at the Suffield Army Base for Canadian and British forces, and multi-million dollar industrial plant expansions in Medicine Hat.
Relationships Are Key to Success
Quick-Way has also been involved in several expansion and renovation projects at Medicine Hat College, one of Medicine Hat’s largest employers. “Our relationship with the college has been very fruitful for us over the years. That’s one of the best things an owner can do for his company – establish a network of ongoing relationships that you nurture by providing high-quality work and fast service,” reveals Baker.
Baker is excited by more than just what he's achieved, however. He just as eagerly looks towards the future, explaining, “For a while there we were worried about the economy, but we were only slightly affected by it, not as much as had expected. We were fortunate that various jobs carried us through the pinch in the fall of 2009 and into early 2010.
“Now that we know the economy has turned around, we’re focused on getting into some bigger projects,” Baker continues. “There’s a major expansion to the Medicine Hat regional hospital coming up, some upgrades to the waste-water treatment plant, and word of an expansion renovation to the police station. We want to be part of those projects, but we’re also making sure that we stay consistent with our bidding in the residential field. We recently just completed the first phase of a 300-suite condo building in West Lethbridge. We’re very good at single- and multi-family housing as well.”
Because Bill Baker knows that quality not quantity is what his clients prefer, he has made Quick-Way Electrical (1999) Ltd. one of the most respected and continually successful businesses for those needing electrical services in Medicine Hat and the surrounding area.