Petrowest Corporation: Combining Strengths

Petrowest Corporation (Petrowest) was founded in 2006 to bring together a network of nine established energy and infrastructure service companies that formed Petrowest Energy Services Trust. In July 2011, the company officially transitioned into a publicly listed corporation on the Toronto Stock Exchange, but the Petrowest team continues to provide local expertise in pre-drilling, post-drilling and infrastructural development to oil and gas exploration initiatives across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Above all, the Petrowest team is committed to leading the industry in health, safety and quality by working directly with clients, municipal and provincial governments and the local communities it serves.

Petrowest is based out of Grand Prairie, Alberta, but the network comprises 10 companies across Alberta and into northern British Columbia. To date, every Petrowest operates under its original founding name to preserve its local identity and reflect its unique strengths. Not every Petrowest branch offers every Petrowest service, and the corporation splits its companies amongst four main divisions including construction, rentals, transportation and civil services to cover the gamut of support services in the oil and gas sector. Some Petrowest companies even operate construction camps and mobile camps for remote areas to ensure easy access to worksites.

Branches of Bliss

Petrowest’s Roy Larson Construction is located in Clairmont, Alberta, and covers the Peace River area with 60 employees and 15 years of industry experience. The team specializes in well-site construction, cleanup, restoration, road building and commercial subdivision and maintains a fleet of over 50 pieces of heavy equipment.

Jim Moffatt, sales and marketing executive vice president, founded Petrowest’s Moffatt Construction, which operates out of Worsley, Alberta, and covers all the way to the Arctic Circle. This branch offers specialties in well-site construction and reclamation as well as road building, winter access, snowmaking, gravel and sand availability, hauling and small picker services. It also operates its own camp facility. As a result, the Petrowest network can source equipment, services and expertise from its diverse collective of over 650 professionals and 550 pieces of heavy equipment.

Though the Petrowest network leverages its collective experience for the benefit of its clients, the companies continue to operate under the original founding names to preserve local identity and uphold the company’s unique connection to the community.

Petrowest’s Quigley Contracting Ltd. operates in north-eastern British Columbia and provides construction services as far north as the Yukon. The branch is currently providing lease road and well-site construction to many of the companies involved in the future Liquid Natural Gas facility being built in Kitimat, British Columbia. This facility will allow the shipment of western Canadian Natural Gas to the under supplied markets in Asia commencing in 2013.

A Desirable Entity

Petrowest places great emphasis on the continual improvement of its health, safety and environmental policies. The company aims not only to comply with federal, municipal and provincial regulations, but to exceed set standards and lead the industry. Ultimately, the Petrowest team believes that continual improvements and ongoing training programs create a workforce confident in its ability to prevent accidents and handle emergency situations effectively. This is all due in part to a safe worksite being a productive worksite, which is the greatest asset in being able to complete projects on a tight turnaround.

The company has proven its commitment to conducting business in a manner that provides a safe and healthy work environment, including the safety and health of Petrowest employees, contractors, clients and the public. The company is also compelled to protect the environment and its surrounding communities. Those at Petrowest feel as though these traits are what sets the company apart of its competitors. Each Petrowest employee, including management, executes a high level of performance on throughout every project.

Being an energy service company, Petrowest believes strongly in its people directly working in the communities that support the company. The Petrowest team is committed to building relationships with residents and representatives on the community in order to solidify their individual satisfaction. These relationships are building on respect and honesty, leading to a level of trust unmatched by Petrowest’s peers. By establishing trust within its clients and community alike, the company is able to work together for mutual benefits, establishing long-term relationships.

In July 2011, Petrowest completed its transition into a corporation, but the company has been publically traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange since 2006. The transition will facilitate the corporation’s continued growth in the region and make available critical funds to help Petrowest keep up with the blossoming oil and exploration industry. In the process, Petrowest Corporation will play a vital role in the economic development of the region and set the standard for quality and safe construction practices.