Hetek Solutions Inc.

Risk management equipment and consultation services throughout Canada
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
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John Carioti

Hetek Solutions Inc. has been in business since 1956, starting out as Heath Consultants Ltd., a subsidiary to the Heath Group of Companies. The business was originally established to serve the expanding natural gas industry, providing direct support in regards to the system safety and loss prevention requirements of the growing market.

Over the years, the business has changed hands several times. In 2012, the Saleh Group based in Vancouver, British Columbia, purchased the company. While Hetek Solutions still focuses on the risk management aspect of the gas market, the company has expanded its services and formed new partnerships in order to provide a more integrated set of products and services to customers all over Canada.

Amyn Bhimani serves as president of Hetek Solutions. He has been with the business since 2011 and has nearly a decade of experience working with and providing development for similar companies. From the company’s headquarters in London, Ontario, Bhimani works with a strong management crew that oversees 34 full time employees, a number that jumps to 80 or 90 in the summer months.

Hetek Solutions Inc.

Outstanding services

The company operates in two distinct divisions: wholesale distribution and field services. Hetek Solutions’ field services business is currently comprised largely of contracts with many of Canada’s natural gas distribution utilities companies. “They contract us to walk their pipelines with a portable gas detector and record and report any leaks that we find,” Bhimani elaborates. “When we purchased the company in 2011, one of our first initiatives was to completely re-engineer our leak survey business.”

 “After extensive discussions with various utilities in Canada, we came to understand that there were certain gaps in the way this work had historically been undertaken,” continues Bhimani. “Based on that feedback, we developed a process that included operator certification and an extensive audit system, integrating the use of GPS and mapping data from the utility into our survey process. Through that process, we have been able to improve the reporting that we provide to the utility at the conclusion of a project.”

Outside of the scope of the gas industry, Hetek Solutions is currently piloting acoustic water leak listening solutions with municipalities across the country. “We are working closely with these municipalities to see how we can structure contracts that allow them to be much more proactive with their water loss management strategies than previously,” Bhimani explains. “Our goal is to give them the most flexibility in terms of balancing the amount of work they do in-house versus how much they contract out while managing the amount of capital investment required. This has been particularly interesting to smaller municipalities.”

Consultative sales

On the wholesale distribution side, many of Hetek Solutions’ competitors offer very broad and extensive product lines, serving as product-focused suppliers. “We have been very selective about the product lines we agree to distribute and use a consultative sales approach,” Bhimani says. “Because we have a much more focused product line, our salespeople are able to become very familiar with the products and that helps us position ourselves as experts with our customer. This approach allows us to expand our relationships with customers beyond just being a sales organization into being a trusted partner.”

The company also offers integrated service after sales in the form of training, repair and service in Hetek Solutions’ two repair centers located in Calgary, Alberta, and London, Ontario. The business also has a fleet of mobile repair and calibration vehicles, allowing team members to service customers on-site. Clients can rely on the business for prompt and experienced service, regardless of where their projects are located.

Bhimani and his team are always looking for new ways to better serve a broad market. A major component in the business’ success over the years has been Hetek Solutions’ ability to adapt to the changing needs of customers by providing cutting edge solutions that take advantage of burgeoning technologies. The integration of GPS and mapping systems has been one of the most critical technological advances impacting the business.

Still growing

The company is looking ahead to continued evolution, utilizing new products to improve customer serviceability. “Over the next several months, we will be expanding our service business to broaden our offerings,” Bhimani says. “The data from our leak survey activities will be incorporated with other data that is routinely collected to provide enhanced reporting.”

“In turn, this will improve the data customers are looking at when developing capital budgets and risk management plans,” adds Bhimani. “We are also investigating opportunities to provide access to data on-site through mobile applications that can be used throughout an organization.”

As Hetek Solutions expands the scope of solutions available to clients, the crew remains focused on maintaining relationships. The business thrives on these partnerships, to which Bhimani credits his team’s ability to adapt for the changing needs of the industry. As a provider of risk management solutions, these practices build rapport with customers who return time and again for the company’s wide range of products and services.

Looking ahead at 2015, Bhimani is confident that the business will continue sustainable growth. The company is branching into new applications, riding on the success of partnerships with municipalities. With strong leadership, a growing team of professionals and leading technology to back up the operation, Hetek Solutions Inc. continues to provide integrated risk-management products and services throughout Canada.

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