Green Energy Technologies Inc.

Saving Money As Well As the Planet

Fossil fuels, which include natural gas, propane and oil, are used to produce roughly 85 percent of all of the energy we consume. However, they are non-renewable resources that produce 21.3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. Nearly half of that cannot be absorbed by nature. Carbon dioxide is thus released into the atmosphere and is a leading cause of global warming. Despite all of the renewed talk of helping the environment and stopping the Earth’s temperature from rising further, Gordon Kaitting, Robert Harrison and George Prior did not see meaningful action being taken as a result. So they developed a patent pending product to improve the combustion of fossil fuels for commercial and residential systems and appliances.
“The premise behind the company was to develop green technology for fossil fuels. So through trials and tribulations we ended up with the product we currently manufacture that works with fossil fuels to improve combustion,” Prior, president of Green Energy Technologies Inc. explains. With a revolutionary piece of technology, the “GET GREEN” system, Kaitting, Prior, Harrison started their company in April 2007. Based out of Oakville, Ontario, the company was created to help manufacturing companies, restaurants, hotels, the agricultural industry, etc., lower their fuel consumption and reduce their emissions. Since the company’s first installation four years ago, its GET GREEN system has been applied to over 5,000 appliances throughout  Canada that range from a home furnace up to a 10 million BTU boiler system.
There is an undeniable demand amongst Canadian companies and citizens to help the environment. With Green Energy’s new product, homeowners and businesses can finally back up the talk in a cost-effective manner. If one has an appliance powered by fuel, the GET GREEN system has an application for it. All it takes is a simple installation on an incoming fuel line, six feet within ignition of the appliance, and the system begins working instantly to improve combustion. In the end the fuels are burned more efficiently, thereby lowering personal consumption as well as carbon monoxide emissions.
Tested, Proven and Cost-effective
A perception exists that going green and helping the environment can be a burden for a company. Living in an environmentally friendly manner at home can be easy, but if that lifestyle can get in the way of profit-maximization, it may be the last thing on the minds of those at the top of companies struggling to survive the tough recession. This is why Green Energy promises to save businesses money and makes its system both the economical and environmental choice.   
Green Energy, as of June 2010, has backed up its claims by receiving an accreditation from OnSpeX ( ), a consumer product evaluation company. In testing a high-efficiency 100,000 BTU Carrier furnace using the GET GREEN technology, OnSpeX published the following results: “Combustion efficiency increased 1.42 percent, meaning a cleaner, more efficient burning of the fuel. Carbon Monoxide decreased 100 percent. GET GREEN increased the temperature of the system by five percent, which means a higher heat efficiency that generates fuel savings, and increased the Steady State Condensate by 30.5 percent which results in an increase of airflow across the heat exchanger and overall savings on fuel costs.”
Young Company, Bright Future
Green Energy is a young company, but one that is expanding rapidly. Right now it is focused on getting the word out about its product. Fortunately, that product is catching on. In the first two years the company protected its patent in 135 countries and now has gone retail with Home Hardware across Canada.
The retail product for individual homes began selling in December 2010, and Green Energy already has its sights set on launching in the United States, as well as Europe, some time by 2012. The company moved into a new building in Oakville, anticipating the new growth it will experience in the coming years. Through its revolutionary new product and confidence in its ability to save businesses money, Green Energy Technologies Inc. has a bright future that is good news not just for its shareholders, but the planet as well.