Way-Mar Inc.: Promoting Improvement in Any Economy

Way-Mar Inc. was founded in 1973 as an aluminum sidings company by Wayne Martin, who gave the Ontario-based company his name and values. Prior to Wayne’s retirement in 2010, his nephew Darrell Martin took over as president of the business, which continues to strive for excellence and top-quality installations throughout the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph region. Darrell is joined on the ownership team by Rob Martin, Karl Steckley and Trevor Martin. With over 100 years combined experience in construction and almost 40 years of company history to build upon, the team prefers to stick to what initially put Way-Mar on the map.

Way-Mar's mission is to be “your total home improvement specialist,” and the company can handle a variety of projects, including window and door replacements and upgrades, interior and exterior finishes, weatherproof siding and paneling, skylight installation, roofing, and insulation. The company's respected installers regularly perform many kitchen and bathroom renovations and basement refinishes, and Way-Mar's friendly staff has contributed to the company being an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 1979.

The company prefers to stay within a 30 – 50 kilometer radius from its Hawkesville-Wallenstein, Ontario, headquarters and retail showroom. In the past, Darrell explains, “We have done work as far as Toronto, but we’re not actively pursuing those. Those projects have always been for existing clients who may have multiple properties they want us to work on.”
Capable of Anything

While the company concentrates on renovation and addition work, Way-Mar doesn’t avoid new construction on principle because it maintains the capabilities to do almost any kind of work. For example, about five years ago a customer approached Way-Mar about a project Darrell describes as “larger scale than our normal work.” Essentially, the client had stripped their dated bungalow down to floor level and contracted Way-Mar to rebuild it. Subbing out only the mechanical and concrete foundation work, Way-Mar completed the project, including the addition of a second level and a garage to the structure.

The company’s portfolio also includes a recent renovation to Dreisinger Funeral home in Elmira, Ontario, and Way-Mar regularly works with a local new home builders providing exterior siding and paneling installation. “Attention to detail is what we strive for and craftsmanship is something we can also offer. We bring lots of interesting trim and siding details to the table,” states Darrell.

Indeed, the company’s siding operations have grown significantly over the years and the company currently offers vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood and cement board siding. Additionally, Way-Mar stocks a complete line of decorative and accent paneling to enhance the overall exterior appearance of a home.

Additionally, the company is a member of the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association (CUFCA) and offers complete spray insulation services and consultations. The company asserts that spray-applied foam insulation is often the most energy and cost-efficient choice for renovations and retrofits. Way-Mar prides itself on its ability to provide the customer with the most weatherproof and energy-efficient options for a home, and the company's extensive expertise in exterior siding and roofing coupled with its CUFCA certification ensures that the product will be responsibly applied by employees recognized as highly trained within the industry.

Total Commitment to Quality

Not all facets of Way-Mar's dedication to craftsmanship are served for the field, however. The company operates a retail showroom open to both homeowners and other contractors that has become an increasingly important piece of its business model. The extensive, top-notch, carefully chosen offerings of the retail operation include a wide array of siding and eaves trough products, energy efficient and specialty shaped windows, doors and entry systems, railings, columns, and decorative trims. “We look to work especially with suppliers for products you may not be able to get from big box stores,” states Darrell.

The development of the retail operation has been particularly beneficial in carving out a niche for Way-Mar and it is expected to continue to help the company grow. “In the next couple of years I definitely see us continuing to stay on top of new products and technologies as they become available,” explains Darrell. This direct retail channel allows Way-Mar to work regularly with customers in selecting the best options for transforming home or office and to wholly stand behind its commitment to quality products.

Admittedly, the new construction has slowed in some areas, but there's a silver lining to this according to Darrell. “I really don’t see the scope of our business changing much because there will always be a market for us. New building may slow down, but that trend encourages people to change, upgrade and maintain what they already have,” he explains.

With almost 40 years of improving the look and feel of homes and businesses, Way-Mar Inc. holds the experience and initiatives to weather any economic changes as well as the company's sturdy, innovative solutions withstand the elements: for years to come.