Veltri Group

Building neighborhoods and commercial centers for more than 50 years
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
James Logan

Mario Veltri has been in the construction industry since the 1950s, when he first began building small residential tracts. He began with a handful of small family homes, expanding his portfolio over the years to include multifamily residential work and commercial development.

Mario’s company, the Veltri Group (VG), has established a strong name for itself in the Ontario construction market since its founding. The business has a reputation for quality and ingenuity rarely seen in high-volume construction.

Mario first came to Canada in 1953. He was 20 years old and began working for a local builder. With a lifelong passion for building homes, Mario fit right in with a local residential contractor. He started out as a laborer, soon promoted to foreman and eventually to superintendent.

After returning to Italy, meeting his wife and marrying her, the couple returned to Canada to start a life together. He established his own construction business in 1962. Over the years, Mario has built more than 1,000 residential units between single-family homes, attached homes and multifamily buildings.

The company now employs approximately 20 people between a main office in Bowmanville, Ontario, and a second location in Oshawa, Ontario. While the main focus of the business is residential construction, VG also has a strong presence in commercial building.

Mario and his team also manage properties, including apartments and commercial spaces. Furthermore, Mario still owns and manages several properties he constructed in the early years of the business.

Diverse projects

After more than 50 years in business, VG is still going strong. Mario and his team have several projects underway in both the commercial and residential sectors. The business is developing several properties in eastern Ontario, including business spaces and tracts of homes.

One of the company’s newest communities, Newtonville Estates, is in Clarington, Ontario, about 20 minutes east of Oshawa. The community is growing, with two more phases set for completion by the end of 2015.

The neighborhood offers a variety of floor plans, with new single-story and two-story homes available at $700,000 and up. Utilities are in the ground for new blocks of these single-family homes, which feature large, modern floor plans and three-car garages.

Additionally, Mario has several additional properties that are underway, but still in the registration process. VG owns properties in Rama, Ontario, including Milbrook, a community that will offer several types of housing. Mario is planning to build 490 units in the development, including single and attached houses. One- and two-story homes will be available.

Also in Rama, Ontario, the business is developing property along Route 12. Mario and his team have 6 acres of space for commercial building. The business is planning to build a large plaza, featuring a bank, a coffee shop, gas station and variety store. Remaining space on the property will accommodate further commercial development, including retail space and office space.

Building a legacy

As president of VG and a longtime builder, Mario is one of the most experienced developers in the region. Over the years, he has learned a few things about staying in business, even when the market is tough.

“The industry goes through cycles,” he explains. “The 1970s and 1980s were tough times in our region, but we kept building.”

Regional homebuilders’ associations have recognized Mario and his team several times over the years for the company’s strength and vision, even in the face of hardship

Mario credits his relationships for much of the company’s success. He has a strong network of strategic partners, including builders, designers, surveyors and other associates. “We develop mutual relationships with contractors and business partners who are fair in their dealings,” he explains. “We like to work with local businesses to keep jobs in our community.”

Working with these partners, the VG team is looking forward to continued growth and success through property development throughout eastern Ontario. “Building is my passion,” Mario notes. “It doesn’t matter what we are developing in the future. This kind of work is in my blood and I live to work and keep up our company’s good name.”

It is evident Mario is passionate about the business and shares his enthusiasm and experience with a son, who is currently involved as VG’s second generation of family operation.

Since 1962, Mario has worked to build a strong, reputable business. From a small tract of land more than 50 years ago to the significant commercial developments the crew is building in 2015, VG remains a leader in the Ontario construction and development market. Staying true to trademark values of professionalism, workmanship and a solid commitment to community, the Veltri Group continues to execute well-planned, community-focused development work around Oshawa, Ontario.

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