Trinity Communication Services Limited

Providing telecommunications to Southern Ontario
Written by: 
Erica Berry
Produced by: 
John Carioti

Trinity Communication Services Limited (Trinity Communication) has been a focused and diversified Canadian telecommunications contractor servicing the cable industry and other communication industries in the Greater Toronto and surrounding southern Ontario regions since its founding in 1990. 

The company, which originally launched as Trinity Cable T.V. Services Limited, was founded by Joe Lo Giudice, current CEO. The company has continually provided quality, results-oriented service, building a reputation for standards unparalleled in the communication industry.

“We’re going into year No. 25 and our proven results are clear to our customers,” explains Mike Attardo, president of Trinity Communication. “We strive to exceed stringent industry standards and expectations for customers both big and small.” Mike, who is also Joe’s nephew, has been with the company for 18 years.

Diverse divisions

Trinity Communication provides broadband cable television and data and voice communications by placing and maintaining fiber optic cabling in neighborhoods and inside buildings for large telecommunications companies. The company is comprised of six divisions: aerial construction, civil and underground construction, multi-dwelling unit cabling, commercial installation, fiber splicing and commissioning and wireless.

The company’s civil and underground construction department, which makes up a bulk of its workload, is made up of crews of technicians trained and ready for any type of telecommunication mainline cable placement or repair. Using state-of-the-art equipment, this division is able to complete any job by excavating, trenching, directional boring or hydrovaccing when required.

“Our team has a strong work ethic and a constant drive to work efficiently and safely while staying within our time and monetary budgets,” says Mike. “This is a dangerous industry, and our team puts their safety on the line with each job with the intention of exceeding our customers’ expectations.”

To ensure the safety of its employees and customers, prior to commencing any job, the company provides the necessary permit applications and agreements. The company strives at all times to maintain rigid controls throughout the job process, which allows it to maintain safety standards and provide the best service possible to its customers.

The company’s commercial installation division, which installs Internet and phone modems, digital boxes, as well as any type of communications cabling and other telecommunications equipment to office settings and commercial establishments, has provided constant service to Rogers Communication’s customers since 1995. “As a telecommunications company, we know that a strong communications network is the backbone of any business big or small,” says Mike.  

While most of the company’s current work is done underground, Trinity Communication has been flexible and responsive to the changing trends of the telecommunications industry. As customers’ needs shift toward more bandwidth and faster speeds, the company foresees growth in its fiber splicing and commissioning and wireless divisions.

“Fiber splicing and wireless are our fastest growing divisions,” says Mike. “Wireless is our newest division, added in 2012, and it’s where telecommunications trends are heading. The demand for bandwidth is reaching an all-time high and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We’re helping operators provide faster services to their customers and essentially, connecting people together.”

The fiber splicing division has grown to include 12 fiber optic splicers and state-of-the-art equipment, including Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR’s) Fusion and Ribbon Splicers and power meters, which allows the team to test and fully commission its network, as well as supply documentation after testing.

In addition to Rogers Communications, Trinity Communication also works with Cogeco Cable, MTS Allstream, Cogeco Data Services and Telus.

Impeccable safety

Trinity Communication employs 80 people, adding nearly 20 team members over the last few years. With a growing number of employees, the company has seen an increase in training costs. However, Mike sees those expenses as necessary to provide, not only the best services possible to customers, but also to ensure the safety of the Trinity Communication team.

In an industry where employees are continually put in dangerous situations, high above the ground on utility poles or deep underground, it is crucial for safety to be a top priority, which is why the company spends over $30,000 a year for health and safety certification.

All Trinity Communication technicians receive hands on training prior to working in the field. Training methods focus on the areas of technical, practical and all safety related issues—often exceeding industry standards. As required, the company re-trains its staff to maintain the highest standards in job performance, ensuring Trinity Communication remains on the leading edge of technology. 

“We actively support the concept of continual education and training of our employees,” explains Mike. “It’s our main objective to provide our workers with the necessary tools and equipment to do their jobs safely and efficiently, because we want to make sure they go home safely at the end of the day.”

As a tribute to the company’s dedication to safety, Trinity Communication is the first and only company within the telecommunications industry to achieve the gold status, also known as the Outcomes Award in the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) Zero Quest Program. As such, zero incidents is the company’s ongoing goal and the health and safety of its employees and customers remains one of its core values.

“Our safety culture is second to none and it’s something we are very proud of,” says Mike. “Winning awards and garnering recognition isn’t about putting a plaque on the wall; it’s about walking the walk and upholding the promises that we made to the ongoing health and safety of our team members and customers out in the field.”

The company’s civil and underground construction division also earned Trinity Communication the 2006 Ontario Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA) Excavator of the Year Award.

Local focus

Trying to forecast workload in a growing industry is a challenge in itself, but trying to forecast the weather is nearly impossible. With weather being a constant factor in Trinity Communication’s operations, technicians from every division are trained to work year-round in adverse conditions, which helped the company tremendously during winter 2014.

“The winter we just came out of was the worst in 20 years, so it was difficult trying to get work done,” says Mike. “The frost line was down 4 feet in most areas and trying to place fiber optic cable underground in those conditions is a huge challenge—it takes more time and effort, but there is no other way to do it than to just be patient.”

While the company continues to grow in terms of workload, Mike has no plans of expanding geographically. Rather than gaining more territory, the company will continue to put its energy into its people – training for health, safety and technical aspects of the jobs at hand. By focusing on its customers and its team members, the company strives to foster a caring environment for everyone involved.

“We want to stay local and take exceptional care of the customers we already have,” says Mike. “Sometimes if you take on too much too fast, you can let your customers down and we don’t want to do that. Our dedication to providing quality service is what has kept us around for so long.”

Trinity Communication Services Limited is dedicated to staying true to its core values: safety first, customer focus, employee care and great communication – paving the way for many more years of success.  

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