Thompson Valley Erectors Ltd.

Comprehensive Industrial Contracting in a Resource-based Region
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Kyle Gahm

For a company that’s only 8 years old, Thompson Valley Erectors Ltd. (TVE) has quickly made a name for itself in multiple markets throughout British Columbia. The diverse industrial construction contractor supports a wide range of industries, including, mining, pulp and paper, seaport expansion, civil construction and oil and gas.

“I wouldn’t say we have a specific niche,” reveals Wayne Welsh, co-founder and general manager of TVE. “We offer great diversity in service, because we’re heavily involved in four to five different industries.”

The Background to Back it Up

TVE’s diversity is a reflection of Wayne’s 30-plus years of industry experience, from mill construction to mining and a little bit of everything in between. Over the years, Wayne has worn many hats, from welder and crane operator to site superintendent and estimator to his position as the director of CAD mechanical; his background is extensive.

“I started out in saw mill and pulp mill construction and then went into overseas mining,” recalls Wayne. “I built mines in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic and Panama and came back with well-rounded experience.”

In 2005, a mutual friend introduced Wayne to his soon-to-be business partner, Grant Toutant. Together, as co-owners of TVE, Wayne, Grant, Brent Wilkie and Grant Rerick bring over 100 years of combined experience to the table.

“An industry friend hooked us up because he thought we would make a good team,” shares Wayne. “We started the company from scratch and the same friend helped TVE get off the ground with initial financial support and business advice.”

Diversified Industrial Service

TVE has been offering a broad scope of industry-specific services ever since from its home base in Kamloops, British Columbia, and the company’s satellite office in Prince George. “We deliver equipment and pipe installation, structural steel erection, mill maintenance and commissioning of industrial processing plants,” details Wayne.

At TVE’s Kamloops location, the company has a fully equipped fabrication facility, tools and equipment warehouse, service yard and a fleet of vehicles ready to respond for 24-hour emergency service.

TVE relies on a large variety of trusted tradespeople that perform everything from complete mine construction to mechanical and mill installations, plant upgrades, pipe and tank fabrication to civil and earthwork, steel erecting, boiler repairs and pressure vessel repairs and installation. TVE’s team performs regulatory inspections, repairs and upgrades, as well as new equipment installations and 24-hour on-call service.

“We’re currently expanding seaports in Vancouver,” reveals Wayne. “We like the location and the nature of the work, because it’s going to be an exciting industry over the next five years.” The company is involved at the Neptune and Kindermorgan Terminals for Vancouver’s Port Metro infrastructure upgrade.

TVE has also worked at the Quintette Coal Mine in the northern part of the province and the Caribou Central Interior at Taseko’s Gibraltar Copper-Molybdenum Mine, in addition to playing an active role in the famous Northern Gateway Terminal expansion. “TVE is reliable and can take on projects of any magnitude with quality workmanship and focus on safety,” adds Grant.

On the Verge of an Up-and-coming Industry

While Wayne explains TVE utilized diversity to its advantage throughout the economic downturn, especially in the mining industry, he sees the company on the verge of breaking into a promising, future in a big, new resource.

“We live and work in a resource-based region,” Wayne continues. “While our neighbors in Alberta have the oil sands to go off, the next big thing in British Columbia is going to be liquefied natural gas [LNG] production and support. The Malaysian company, Petronas, has just put a $36 billion offer on the table for LNG development.”

Petronas’ offer includes $11 billion for a proposed LNG export plant, $5 billion for a provincial pipeline, more than $5 billion already spent on Petrona’s December 2012 takeover of Calgary-based Progress Energy Canada Corp., as well as additional natural gas and processing facilities in northeastern British Columbia. Experts estimate the LNG development will also result in an estimated 3,500 construction jobs.

“The LNG market is quickly growing and I see us employing the bulk of our tradesmen in this resource-based industry,” continues Wayne. “We’ve come through the recession by staying within our means and avoiding a lot of debt and the outlook is bright in our corner of the world.”

With a favourable business climate and an up-and-coming resource boom on the horizon, TVE is in a position, to yet again, diversify and grow alongside the market. Thompson Valley Erectors Ltd. continues to cover a comprehensive scope of industrial contracting services.

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