Silverline Insulation 2005 Ltd.: Mechanical Insulation Specialists

Silverline Insulation 2005 Ltd. (Silverline) celebrated its 20-year anniversary in 2011. “I bought Silverline in 2005,” says Glen Corbeil, the owner and general manager of Silverline. “However, the business has been around since 1991.” When he took over, Corbeil says he saw Silverline as a promising business opportunity. “We’ve built it up from four employees,” he explains. Today Corbeil employs 50 people at Silverline’s single location in Bonnyville, Alberta.

The team at Silverline specializes in industrial projects. “We do a lot of work with new construction,” says Corbeil. “Whether it’s insulation, heat tracing, metal buildings or pipelines.” The broad scope of Silverline’s work requires diverse inventory and skills. Therefore, the team is experienced in a range of industrial applications for major clients, including many oilfield companies. Longtime customers have come to depend on Silverline for top-quality products installed in a safe, professional manner, which Corbeil considers a mark of the team’s success.

High-tech Solutions

Silverline applies some of the most advanced materials and techniques on every installation. When working with clients in the energy industry, safety and durability of installations is the focus of the business. The skilled technicians serve customers needing a wide range of solutions for varying insulations, including hot and high temperature applications, cold and cryogenic applications, cladding, covers and more.

Aside from changing technology, Corbeil says the scope of Silverline’s business is fairly constant. “We do a lot of new construction,” he explains. “Wherever that might be, we’re insulating piping, vessels and tanks. We do heat tracing, metal buildings and metal building repairs and maintenance.” Silverline is an important asset for the local oilfield industry market, which makes up a solid portion of the company’s clientele base.

The Silverline team specializes in all aspects of the mechanical insulation trade in petrochemical, petroleum and other heavy industrial plants. Silverline has developed capabilities to assist clients in various stages of plant operation, including new construction, maintenance work, shut down and decommissioning. Some of the company’s regular clients include industry leaders such as Shell Canada, Husky Oil, Canadian Natural Resources and Strike Energy.

Safe Practices

Safety is the ultimate priority at Silverline, and each of Corbeil’s employees shares the responsibility for safe work, safe materials and safe final products. The team is required to participate in the company’s safety programs, which include training sessions regarding practices, health and safety legislation and company policies that are designed to protect workers and clients. “The health and safety of our employees is always our focus,” explains Corbeil. Many of Silverline’s projects are set in potentially risky environments and an attentive, well-trained staff is the key to completing quality installations without injuries or delays.

Silverline’s customers depend on safe practices, too. The team is trained to maintain safe equipment and materials to reduce the potential for material damage or personal injury later down the line. The heavy industrial market is full of complex operations involving pipes, tanks and machinery that are used in processing materials and resources, often at extreme temperatures. The success of each installation is measured in safety and durability for end-users, as material failure is not an option.

The business also has a reliable network of suppliers to further ensure quality end products. “We pride ourselves on maintaining good relationships with our suppliers,” explains Corbeil. Silverline has been sourcing material from many of the same suppliers for years, and maintains similar relationships with clients and subcontractors to maintain that stamina.

After over 20 years in the business, Silverline has established a presence in northeastern Alberta. Corbeil and his crew have the experience, technology and equipment to service the growing oil industry in northern Canada. The market has been in a boom after oil companies began tapping into the oil sands in the region around 2003, which boosted the economy in a number of related industries. Companies that serve oil companies and oil field service companies have found niches, and businesses like Silverline have found years of steady, sustained growth.

The 2003 boom has had other economic effects as people move into the area to work for oil companies. With more people around, there is a growing need for services and industry. Many businesses have moved into the area to take advantage of growing populations, including manufacturers. When Silverline is not busy insulating oil tanks and pipes, there is plenty to be done with new construction in the region. Corbeil says the region has felt some of the economic pressure much of the world has been facing in the last few years, but, he explains, “It’s nowhere near as bad as we’d anticipated.”

Corbeil has no major plans for growth in the near future, but he and his team are always open to new opportunities. Silverline will continue to service its many repeat clients in Alberta and Corbeil says the business may extend into Saskatchewan within the next few years. Silverline Insulation 2005 Ltd. will continue to focus on safe, quality insulation services for the regional oil industry and more for decades to come.