Security Electrical Ltd.: Commercial Electrical Specialists

Security Electrical Ltd. (Security) is a full-service electrical contractor based in Quispamsis, New Brunswick. “We specialize in institutional design-build projects,” says Bryan Soucy, president of Security. Security’s mainstay is in mid- to large-size commercial projects, as the team’s electricians perform full installation of all electrical systems within a building. Security began in 1988 and has built a reputation for its wide range of capabilities since. Bryan is proud to work alongside Roger Soucy, vice president and cofounder of Security.

The Security team regularly performs every aspect of electrical installation on new construction projects. The electricians at Security are experienced in retrofits and replacing outdated systems by incorporating the latest enhancements in the industry. Security performs many projects under general contractors and self-performs most aspects of installations. The business employs between 50 and 60 people, many of whom are journeymen electricians with decades of experience in the field.

Complex Projects

Security has several well-known repeat clients. “We’ve done work for Home Depot and Walmart,” says Bryan. “Our work is primarily with large general contractors. We install complete electrical from start to finish, ours is one portion of a major project.” The team at Security often works on projects with hefty price tags, some upward of $50 million.

With such an esteemed reputation, projects take Security all over the Maritimes. “Our geographic footprint is mostly southern New Brunswick, but we do branch out,” says Bryan. “The industry has been good here, so that’s where our focus is right now.” The company has fared well through the recession. “We were prepared ahead of time and we weathered the storm quite nicely,” continues Bryan. The business’ position as a specialty contractor allows Bryan and his team to perform more efficient work for less, which saves contractors’ capital by reducing the amount of subcontractors required for a project.

Local Connections

Security stays busy with complex electrical installations around the region as well, ensuring Security’s portfolio to continue growing, including businesses and facilities with specialized electrical needs. “Everything we do is a specialty project,” explains Bryan. Security’s employees come from a variety of backgrounds, rounding out the business to offer high-tech, innovative electrical solutions. Safety and staying at the forefront of technology are major factors in Security’s success as a business.

Saint John Regional Hospital opened its new emergency care facility in May 2011. “We did everything on the new wing with an electrical component,” says Bryan. “It was a complete service project. We did the lighting system, main power generators, nurse call stations, PA system, the fire alarms … everything.”

The new wing offers some of the most technically advanced medical equipment available in the province. The emergency room will play a part in ongoing research and medical training, which takes place at the hospital. The facilities were designed for efficiency in cooperation with end-users. Systems are installed where doctors and nurses need them, not just where an electrical outlet would seem to fit well in the floor plan. The in-depth planning and forethought allows physicians to bring patients state-of-the-art treatment efficiently, saving both lives and resources.

Security’s broad portfolio includes several major local contractors, facilities and companies. One such facility, currently in its final phase of completion, is the brand new state-of-the-art police headquarters in Saint John. The 110,000-square foot facility, which will also include a new law courts complex, is equipped with technologically enhanced electrical systems to improve functionality and bring the city into the 21st century.

Major projects can be complex, but the Systems team utilizes years of experience and open lines of communication to guarantee that projects meet the specifications of end users. The company’s other projects include the Q-Plex Wellness center, which is located in Systems’ hometown of Quispamsis. The wellness center includes a NHL-sized ice surface along with an outdoor swimming pool. Security has also completed two modern nursing care centers in recent years, which are enormous undertakings according to Bryan.

Bryan is proud to state that he and his team have faced few obstacles resulting from the global recession. “We weathered the storm quite nicely,” he explains. “We were prepared ahead of time.” Foresight is a major focus for the team and a component of every successful project. Proper planning has ensured several repeat clients and referrals. Bryan does not advertise or have a website, because his company hasn’t needed it. “We’re on hard bid projects so we’re tapped into the industry pretty well,” he explains. “We don’t deal much with the general public.”

The business continues to grow by taking advantage of the relationships that Bryan and Roger have built over the last couple decades. Security brings along the widest range of capabilities and experience of any electrical contractor in the region, allowing the team to offer a one-stop shop to contractors and customers, providing high-quality, safe installations of reliable electrical systems. The full-service business is devoted to providing peace of mind to contractors and clients across the province, as the team always has a project on deck. Security Electrical Ltd. is a leader in the industry, and Bryan aims to maintain that position through integrity, safety and quality.