Scott Steel Erectors Inc.: A Team Stronger than Steel

Scott Steel Erectors Inc. (SSE) was founded in 1989 on the values of quality, safety and schedule, leading the company to become one of Canada’s most trusted steel erection specialists. SSE has successfully completed projects of all sizes in every corner of Canada, as well as internationally, but it has been the team’s appetite for challenging projects that continues to propel the company’s growth. With one eye on safety and the other fixed on the project schedule, SSE mobilizes experienced teams and state-of-the-art equipment to build structures right the first time.

SSE is based out of Burlington, Ontario, and employs up to 100 open-shop field installers depending on the scope of work. SSE’s expertise has graced southern Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

“We have considered opening offices in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, but the way things are with communication technology you can do just about anything from one office,” admits Dan Scott, president of SSE.

Establishing permanent offices in two other provinces may not be in the cards anytime soon for the team, but SSE has never been the kind of company to let distances interfere with success. The company works closely with B.C. Phillips Crane, SSE’s sister company, to supply the team with a selection of cranes for jobs within a 100-kilometer radius of the company’s Burlington headquarters. However, when clients bring the SSE team farther from home, the company works with a network of local crane suppliers in the project’s region.

Effective, Efficient, Experience

The SSE team provides a hefty dose of industry experience, with many employees bringing over 30 years of industry experience to the team. SSE works with pre-engineered steel building structures from leading manufacturers like Behlen Industries LP, Butler Manufacturing, American Buildings Company, Varco Pruden Buildings and Steelway Building Systems.

Using in-house labor the company can also provide complete steel construction services, including wall cladding, standing seam metal roofing installations and the installation of mechanical doors and hanger doors. The company can also provide precast wall panel installation and overhead crane and runway erection services for Class A to Class E cranes.

SSE clients are often involved in heavy industrial operations, like mining, transportation, aviation, energy production and manufacturing, making it imperative that SSE employees are constantly refreshed in on-site safety procedures. All on-site welding professionals are CWB-certified, and the company maintains a team of certified train-the-trainer professionals to organize safety programs in aerial work, fall protection, hoisting, rigging and for use of telescopic forklifts.

Protecting the Team

The company is also an active member of safety-oriented industry organizations such as Safety Group Ontario, the Ontario Construction Association and the Canadian Construction Association. Daily on-site safety talks are held along with daily equipment inspections and regular site safety inspections to ensure all of SSE’s employees stay informed and safe. To cover all of its bases, SSE ensures that all training programs meet the stringent standards set by both the Mining Association of Canada and the Oil Sands Safety Association so in-house teams can work in both fields without having to be reoriented.

The emphasis on continual safety training has paid off in recent years, gaining SSE the attention of major industrial companies across Canada like Suncor Energy. The SSE team was recently contracted to help build two of Suncor’s cogeneration facilities at its Firebag oil sands production site in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

“We didn’t manufacture the steel but we did handle all of the steel erection and building for two production facilities,” says Scott.

Suncor was the first company to successfully develop oil sands using both mining and in-situ production methods, which was the case of Firebag’s phase three and four facilities. SSE began constructing the Firebag 3 facility in 2008 and began production in 2011, while the Firebag 4 facility was completed in 2012. All of the facilities were developed and built to improve upon each previous design, resulting in the refinement of Suncor’s in-situ steam-assisted gravity drainage technology, an enhanced thermal oil recovery technique.

Both of the facilities have an 80,000-square foot footprint in total and a 60-foot eave, which SSE constructed using a pre-engineered building system from Behlen Industries. The team also installed a prefabricated liner system, metal wall insulation, z-bars and 24-gauge exterior skin complete with a standing seam metal roof.

Building Canada’s Future

SSE was also contracted in 2001 to contribute its expertise in steel building systems to the expansion of Toronto’s Person International Airport. The airport was in the midst of extending one of its runways, but in order to do so a 200,000-square foot building needed to be disassembled and re-erected elsewhere. Newman Steel originally erected the building for Wardair Canada. The building was the largest clear-span air hangar in the world when completed in 1979, boasting a 90-foot eave.

The age of the structure made it impossible to know for certain what crews would find in removing it. The building was located just next to the airport offices, but SSE charged ahead with extra planning just to be safe. “We didn’t have any major issues, but there was a lot of engineering, rigging engineering and logistical planning that went into the project,” expands Scott.

In the next few years Scott expects to grow the company’s presence outside of Ontario. Though the company doesn’t expect to establish permanent offices in British Columbia or Saskatchewan provinces just yet, a few key staff members have relocated to provide on-the-ground logistical coordination and oversight of SSE’s projects. Wherever opportunity pulls the team the company’s propensity to tackle challenging projects with planning, continual safety training and experience will ensure Scott Steel Erection Inc. continues to uphold its stronger-than-steel reputation.