Prosperi Co. Ltd.: Finding Success in Family

It’s no small feat to keep a company growing for over 100 years, but the Prosperi family makes it seem easy. This is due to the Prosperi’s recipe for success: equal part teamwork, an uncompromising eye for quality craftsmanship and a love of family. This combination has helped Prosperi Co. Ltd. (PCO) establish a highly efficient and enjoyable work environment where every employee and client feels like a part of the family, regardless of bloodlines. Above all, PCO prides itself on leveraging the team’s extensive expertise and diverse skill sets to provide a high-quality end-result that’s always delivered on time.
“We’re proud to be a fourth-generation family construction company,” says John Prosperi, vice president of PCO. John’s great-grandfather, Guglielmo “William” Prosperi, founded the company in 1905 after moving to Sudbury, Ontario, from Italy. William was a trained plasterer intent on building a better future for his family; his determination and craftsmanship ultimately won the company a reputation for high-quality work in the residential market. William’s son, Joseph, eventually took PCO’s reins in 1937, proudly carrying out his father’s loyalties.
Under Joseph’s management PCO expanded into the commercial, institutional and industrial markets at the same time that Sudbury’s population blossomed. And the Prosperi family tradition of success didn’t stop there. It wasn’t long before Joseph’s sons, Bill and Bob, took PCO to new heights and even new locations across the province. Bob’s sons, Anthony and John, have since worked their way up through the company, helping to expand PCO’s focus into the realm of design-build work and construction management services to become a full-service general contractor, maintaining a legacy of interior and exterior finishing excellence.
Efficiency, Expediency
PCO is still headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario, though the team has grown considerably over the years with employment ranging anywhere from 50 professionals to as many as 100 during critical growth periods. The company maintains a core group of professionals on staff to perform as much of the work in-house as possible; PCO’s extensive expertise provides the company with the knowledge to complete challenging projects of any size with expediency and efficiency.
Additionally, PCO maintains long-standing relationships with a selection of architectural teams across the province to ensure every building lives up to its functional expectations and delivers a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic. In many cases PCO can provide a completely customized design using components from Robertson Building Systems (Robertson), a leading supplier of steel building systems designed for new construction, renovation, retrofit and recladding projects.
Robertson’s systems are designed with durability and sustainability in mind, using the highest quality and 100-percent recyclable steel that can be customized to incorporate traditional architectural finishes from brick, stone, masonry, wood and stucco. The systems are not only more durable, but also use prefabricated components to help shave off days from construction schedules and reduce the costs of labour as well, benefiting PCO’s clients.
PCO’s agility and experience has helped the company stay busy in recent years, and the team’s reputation in the institutional, industrial and commercial markets have only bolstered PCO’s growth. “In 2011 we completed an $8.5 million addition to Princess Anne Public School, which required us to complete work without disrupting the school’s operations,” says John. The Sudbury elementary school was renovated and expanded to make room for an influx of students stemming from the closure and subsequent consolidation of students from the nearby Wembley Public School.
Crews officially broke ground on the elementary school in May 2010, taking care to incorporate as many environmentally conscious features as possible, while scheduling the bulk of the work during holiday breaks so as not to disturb classes. The project added over 31,000 square feet of space, including a sun-filled gymnasium and six classrooms across two stories. The school building was equipped with high-efficiency mechanical systems, including a state-of-the-art ventilation system to bring in fresh air, occupancy sensors to save on lighting costs and a roof built to accommodate a solar panel installation in the future; all with the students in mind.
Paving New Paths for Growth
“There’s plenty of opportunity, and we do our best to stay competitive in the open bid market,” says John. The company has succeeded in supplying its crews with a diverse array of work to stay busy within the past few years.
PCO’s notable projects include a 15,000-square foot retail shopping plaza, in addition to a 12,000-square foot airport hangar and training facility for Mining Technologies International, which was complete with Dry’s and Mechanical Shop, interior renovations and even the installation of a mechanical drop shaft at the Sudbury Wastewater Treatment Plant. PCO also completed a $4 million addition to the Algonquin Road Public School and the ground-up construction of a 26,000-square foot Marshall’s store. The team is also proud of PCO’s work on an $8.5 million project for Detour Lake Gold Corp., one of the country’s most experienced gold exploration and development companies.
It isn’t quite accurate to say that PCO is lucky to have not only survived, but thrived over the past 100 years in the industry, since it has been the team’s propensity to take on new challenges with great attention to detail that sets the company in a class of its own. As the company continues to pave new paths for growth, the company will be sure to embrace new talent and new capabilities with the warmth of a family-owned company, positioning Prosperi Co. Ltd. as a cornerstone of the local construction community.