Pro Construction Inc.

General contracting a family venture in New Brunswick
Written by: 
Tom Faunce
Produced by: 
Sean O’Reilly

After working in the construction business for 20 years, Andre Hebert decided to purchase what was then known as Roy Robichaud Construction. Renaming the business Pro Construction Inc., the company quickly grew into a successful commercial general contracting firm working all over the province of New Brunswick

General manager of Pro Construction and Andre’s son, Remi Hebert began working full time with the company in 2006. Working his way up the family business, Hebert started with the company when he was still a child. “I’ve been helping my father with his business since I was 12 years old,” recalls Hebert. “I started as a laborer and then took a few courses and just worked my way up.”

Hebert’s goal is to continue the business that his father has built and to witness the company’s continued growth. “I’m very proud of what my father has built,” says Hebert. “I just want to continue this business for my father. I love what I do. And there is always a new challenge every day.”

Laying the foundation

Headquartered in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Pro Construction will employ between 40 and 60 workers during its busiest season. With its primary focus on the commercial sector, the company has established a reputation for completing jobs on-time and on-budget. Pro Construction often works with popular chain restaurants to establish new locations throughout New Brunswick. “60 to 70 percent of our revenue is from repeat business,” says Hebert. “We take pride in doing the job right the first time. We also keep our jobsites clean. I always make sure that we leave the jobsite better than we found it.”

Hebert recalls a recent project that Pro Construction completed as one of his personal favorites. The job included transforming a closed hotel into a senior living complex in Bathurst. The facility included a swimming pool, healthcare facility, restaurant, cinema and fitness center. The project took almost two years to complete. “It was a really big job for us,” says Hebert. “We completely transformed the hotel. The only part of it that we didn’t rebuild was the exterior wall in the main division.” Pro Construction had 35 people working on the job year-round.

In addition to building a Starbucks last year, Pro Construction also completed a project with Planète Poutine a Quebec-based company that has been building restaurants throughout Canada. The 4,000 square-foot building is the sixteenth location to open for the company. “The restaurant has been jam-packed since the opening,” says Hebert. “That really makes us proud when we see people enjoying a building that we have completed.”

Construction Association of New Brunswick (CANB)

As a member of the Construction Association of New Brunswick, (CANB) Pro Construction takes advantage of the many networking opportunities presented to its members. “I find that it’s a very good tool because it makes us aware of the all the commercial jobs that are available for bidding,” Hebert explains. “What’s nice about that is you can see if you were close in the bidding scenario. You can find out if you were way low or too high and we use that to adjust our bidding process so we can stay competitive on each job.”

With all the details that are taken into consideration when submitting a bid, the CANB provides its members with helpful specifications to ensure that companies know exactly what each job entails. “The association posts the plans for each job so you can decide if you are interested in the project,” says Hebert. “If you are interested in a job you just pay your fee and they send the plans for the project and I think that’s a really nice feature for all of the contractors in New Brunswick.”

As a general contractor that primarily focuses on project management, Pro Construction has established a solid network of subcontractors. Pro Construction will often complete the roofing and finishing portions of a project while the remaining jobs such as the foundation, electrical and HVAC services will require subcontractors. “We have a lot of subcontractors that work for us regularly,” says Hebert. “We use people that we know we can trust because we are the ones handing the keys to the customer so we need to know that everything has been done correctly.”

As the company continues to grow, Hebert says that he will remain focused on his personnel to ensure he has the right people in the right place. “We plan on having the capability to bid on bigger jobs and ultimately be able to bid on any construction job in New Brunswick.”

Pro Construction Inc. continues to raise the bar for quality and service in New Brunswick.

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