PJ Dick: Jameson Health Center Gets an Upgrade

PJ Dick is part of a tight-knit family of companies, including Trumbull and Lindy Paving, and has operated with honesty and integrity on over 100 construction and renovation projects from its Pittsburgh, Pa., office over the past 40 years.

The PJ Dick team’s experience and commitment to each individual client’s needs has allowed the company to rank among the nation’s Top 100 General Contractors and Construction Managers in addition to receiving the honor of best in class in the industry for several years. PJ Dick has established an impressive project history and an expansive reach within the Midwest and Northeast, while always keeping an eye out for the little guy.

The company’s business policy is centered on partnership and making connections through common goals, extending to PJ Dick’s ardent supplier and subcontractor network and onto the residents or visitors to whatever facility on which the company happens to be working.

The team’s level of repute would not have been earned if the company did not consistently deliver the ultimate product as envisioned by each client. PJ Dick has performed comprehensive construction services, including design-build, construction and project management, as well as various aspects of general construction alongside its sister companies.

Renovation on a Local Gem

The entirety of the PJ Dick team’s skills has been put to good use on the current undertaking in New Castle, Pa. The Jameson Health Center (Jameson) has had plans to improve its facility for over a decade, but funding presented a challenge. The independent private hospital has been striving to keep up with twin medical giants the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Allegheny General Hospital (AGH). Jameson is currently being expanded and renovated by PJ Dick for $18 million.

Jameson has been the type of organization to place specialized patient care ahead of expansion, but therein was the problem. “They have this old hospital and they’re competing with the powerhouses,” observes Koza. “Something like this will help them recruit.”

The expansion of Jameson entails a three-story, 55,000-square foot facility, including a new emergency department and surgical (OR) departments. The facility itself has 30 private patient rooms in the emergency ward, six new operating rooms and two endoscopy suites, as well as numerous essentials for a medical facility.

“The ground floor is going to be their new ER,” Koza explains. “It’s going to have nurse stations, exam rooms, restrooms, everything.” The second floor will have all the new amenities for the OR and the basement is being transformed into a loading dock. Another interesting aspect of construction for PJ Dick was installing a helipad for emergency response via air.

The crew couldn’t start the addition to the hospital until a temporary helipad was established and the existing helipad was decommissioned. “Underground utilities were installed and the existing, overhead utilities were removed in order to establish flight patterns for the temporary helipad,” recalls Koza. Other components of the process involved accommodating Jameson’s 24/7 business hours. While erecting the new ER, it was imperative that the old one be accessible.

Respecting and Accommodating

“We have to make sure they can get the patient in with no obstructions,” says Koza. “The difficult part about working in a hospital is that the patients must come first, and things have to stay clean.” The construction process presented potential dangers to patients, such as fumes, dust and dirt, but PJ Dick’s team and subcontractors managed to contain it.

The company instituted a daily coordination with hospital staff allowing both parties to know where and what would be happening on a day-to-day basis. PJ Dick worked around the hospital staff as much as possible so as not to disturb the ongoing machinations of the medical center.
ICRA barriers were installed between construction work areas and the existing hospital space.

The PJ Dick team used every tool at their disposal to ensure both the hospital staff and patient’s safety. “While setting steel at the main ED entrance, patients were escorted to alternate entrances,” recognizes Koza. PJ Dick broke ground on the Jameson expansion project in October 2011 and is currently looking to finish steel erection, with the expected completion date of February 2013.

In order to help the construction crew reach that goal the company has utilized subcontractors from the neighborhood to do a large portion of the work on the facility. “A lot of these guys are really invested in seeing the community thrive,” Koza adds.

PJ Dick is a company that prefers to rely on the expertise of local contractors and the team’s personal commitment to the town of New Castle and its surrounding communities. The company’s local connections allow the team to proudly continue the PJ Dick mission of erecting the modernized facility Jameson Health Center required in order to deliver exceptional patient care.