Patterned Concrete Mississauga Inc.: Getting in the Groove

The pride Patterned Concrete Mississauga Inc. (Patterned Concrete) puts into each project is as apparent as the careful ridges and grooves that line the team’s finished handiwork. Patterned Concrete has been pouring and stamping concrete since 1990 when Dino Padula, vice president of PCM, his brother, Peter Padula, and their cousin, Elio Petrocelli, banded together to bring a new level of professionalism to the residential, commercial and municipal markets.

“It may seem to some as just installing patterned concrete, but we like to treat it as more then that,” Dino grins. Patterned Concrete substantially raises the bar in terms of the services that are made available to clients. The company executes all aspects of the process, from design to the installation, no matter what the circumstances.

Each part of the process has a separate Patterned Concrete crew to specifically handle a project’s conception, production and installation. “We have an excavation crew, four forming crews, two concrete crews and seven cleanup crews,” says Dino. “We do everything in-house, no subcontractors whatsoever.”

A Dedicated, Knowledgeable Staff

Each Patterned Concrete employee considers it an individual goal to lead by example by ensuring that each and every installation is fully engineered and all design capabilities are explored in order to accomplish the most optimal outcome. The company is a staunch advocate of the team’s work, and the confidence is evident; each Patterned Concrete installation boasts a five-year warranty of certainty.

“We want to show people we stand behind our product 100 percent,” affirms Dino. The company gives its customers full disclosure at the outset of a job, regardless of its size. The staff provides a reference book to potential customers, which includes thousands of completed projects. To note, the team at Patterned Concrete’s dedication doesn’t stop when the job is finished. If a problem arises with a previous contract’s driveway or walkway, the dedicated staff is ready and willing to address and resolve it.

While the team may encounter challenges in attending to issues that have cropped up, Patterned Concrete field crews view this as an opportunity to continue providing exceptional customer service. The company prominently features a vast array of repair and maintenance services to customers, including pressure washing, sealer repair and removal, chip repair, epoxy crack repair as well as vertical stamping repair. Each of Patterned Concrete’s service options is readily available, and encouraged to better ascertain the longevity of concrete.

“In essence, we’re not just in it for the initial installation,” Dino declares. “We’re forming a relationship for the years to come.”

Forming Concrete Relationships Through Solid Service
The company had formerly focused on commercial and municipal markets from its office in Mississauga, Ontario. However, the Patterned Concrete team has since transitioned to a dominantly residential backlog.

“Now, we do 98 percent of work for residential end users,” Dino explains. “They call us, we quote the job and work with them in bringing their concrete hardscaping vision to reality.”
Part of the reason for the company’s decision to shift towards private homes is that the local construction market is becoming more competitive, and the team’s eye for detail is best appreciated by small business and homeowners. Dino and the Patterned Concrete staff recognize the competition, but are not overly worried because the team is confident in the fact that the company’s work stands apart.

“We have a landscape designer on staff to provide our customers with AutoCAD drawings to accurately visualize each project, we have someone dedicated to help customers with color and pattern selection, we place more qualified men on site to execute,” Dino begins listing. “I truly believe that when compared to competitors it’s like night and day.” Since Dino also serves as the acting project manager for Patterned Concrete, he can oversee every aspect of a job and ensure each part of the process is running smoothly and to specification.

All Around the World

The different types of molds are supplied by the company’s U.S. franchisor, Patterned Concrete Industries Ltd. (PCI). PCI manufactures the molds and ships each intricately styled frame to the various Patterned Concrete franchisees around the world. According to Dino, the molds and mixes may run toward the higher end of the spectrum in quality and price, but his team would have it no other way.

“We’re using premium materials that we’ve been using since day one,” says Dino. “We require a little more investment, but we put it right back into the product.” The company’s formula must be working; over the course of 2012 Patterned Concrete will execute over 300 projects.

The knowledgeable team’s architectural craftsmanship and commitment to customers has won the attention of the surrounding community, as well as a variety of organizations. Patterned Concrete has been a member of the Toronto Construction Association (TCA), Landscape Ontario and is in current good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

While Patterned Concrete appreciates the recognition, the company understands that innovation and diversity are essential to survival. The company is constantly evolving to remain a leader in the industry, and Dino reveals that the team is soon opening up a landscaping division to finalize the company’s status as a turnkey operation.

“We’ll be doing all the hardscaping and softscaping, planting and design,” Dino announces. The company’s staff is excited to move in a new direction, and Patterned Concrete’s further expansion is imminent.

Despite the new developments, the company’s core competencies remain the same. The team’s ultimate goal of guaranteeing total satisfaction before, during and after the actual installation, while continuing to prove both beauty and durability can coexist by using high-quality architectural finishes. The dedicated staff at Patterned Concrete Mississauga Inc. is willing to extend all lengths to make this goal a reality.