Nu-Way Floor Fashions Ltd

45 years of family flooring and installation
Written by: 
Tom Faunce
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Victor Martins

Originally established as an exclusive floor installation company nearly 45 years ago, Nu-Way Floor Fashions Ltd. has developed into a flooring supply and installation firm. The company recently added the business of window coverings, soft furnishings and custom draperies. Located in Calgary, serving southern Alberta, Nu-Way specializes in the residential retail, renovations and new home construction markets.

Wayne Gifford and Frank Newman founded Nu-Way in 1972, performing installations for a few clients. The two partners combined their names to generate the name Nu-Way and by the early ‘80s, the company had expanded and opened a retail store with a showroom highlighting samples from the company’s industry-leading suppliers.

Nu-Way Floor Fashions Ltd

Experience meets progress

With a wealth of experience at its disposal, Nu-Way is able to stand out from the competition with its highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. In its 45 years of business, Nu-Way has established a standard of quality that remains unmatched in the Calgary market. “We have numerous staff and installers who have been with us for well over 20 years,” says Fred Gifford, president and CEO of Nu-Way and the younger brother of retired co-founder Wayne Gifford. “Our sales people and our installers receive ongoing training on the latest installation techniques as well as the newest products in the industry. We feel this is crucial to staying ahead of the trends in today’s ever-changing market.”

Today, Nu-Way maintains a fully dedicated team of customer care coordinators and technicians both in-house and in the field who are available to provide customer care whenever necessary. Nu-Way works together with all of its suppliers and manufacturers to ensure all product warranties are fulfilled. The company takes immense pride in its quality assurance processes. “Our dedicated staff helps to troubleshoot on all projects ensuring the installation goes smoothly and our workmanship meets our clients’ expectations and our high standards,” says Gifford.

Currently, Nu-Way’s target market is retail, renovations and homebuilders. With a passion for all things in home fashion, Nu-Way is able to take a client’s conceptual idea and evolve it into a unique and distinctive design for an end product that the client is pleased with and Nu-Way is proud to display as a representation of its work.

Nu-Way works on projects in all price ranges and all styles of homes. “Our forte is the mid to high-end range, however, no project is too small,” Gifford explains. “We’ve worked in homes where the flooring package may be in excess of $100,000.” The custom home market has also proven to be beneficial for Nu-Way. “We’ve recently added some large custom homebuilders to our portfolio, which has been very rewarding for us,”

Years of relationships

The strategic business partners with which Nu-Way has established relationships have also proven to be a success factor for the company. With the numerous suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and subcontractors that Nu-Way works with, the company is able to provide the best quality in the industry to its customers. “Our wholesalers and suppliers are very instrumental in the success of our business,” says Gifford. “They all employ very knowledgeable people that will help you in any way they can, which creates success for everybody.”

Those relationships cross over to the home and renovation clients that Nu-Way has worked with over the years. By working as a team toward a common goal, Nu-Way and its partners are able to make the end user happy with every project. “It’s all about teamwork,” Gifford explains “It’s a win-win for all stakeholders.”

It’s all about family

Gifford is proud of its current building which was constructed when he and his then-wife Shea took over the company from Fred’s brother in 2005. “We bought some land on 50th Avenue SE and built a 28,000-plus square-foot building that we are now in today,” recalls Gifford. “We continue to remodel it accordingly to stay ahead of the design market and showcase the latest trends. Due to the size of our building, we are able to dedicate large areas to the most requested flooring mediums such as hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate, luxury vinyl and stone to name but a few. We also incorporated a large area in the back of the building for an on-site warehouse. Our huge showroom has enabled us to host many client and staff functions over the years where the showroom is completely transformed into a wonderful event space accommodating hundreds of guests.”

Gifford has been with Nu-Way for more than 30 years. Having worked in numerous positions throughout the company, his biggest sense of pride comes from the family aspect of the business. “It’s also the longevity of our staff,” adds Gifford. “Our low turnover ratio tells me that people are happy and enjoy working here.”

With a combined five children working in prominent positions, the company is positioned to remain a family-run operation. Nu-Way Floor Fashions Ltd. will maintain steady growth as it continues to provide its clients with top-quality design solutions in home décor.

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Mohawk Industries
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