Newton Group Ltd.

Pushing the envelope in design-build delivery and prefabrication in Ontario
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Sean O’Reilly

Since 1994, Newton Group Ltd. has merged industry innovation and building technology services, backed by a high degree of integrity in Guelph, Ontario. Under the Newton Group umbrella there are several divisions: Kiwi Newton Construction, Newton Parking Structures, Newton Bridge Solutions and most recently, Newton Solar. The general contracting group specializes in design-build delivery and prefabrication in the commercial, industrial and infrastructure markets.

Diverse divisions

Founded in October 1994 by Edwin Newton, president and owner of Newton Group, the company is the leader in CANADACAR parking structures, as well as pre-engineered and prefabricated multistory condominiums, student facilities, office buildings and pedestrian and small road bridges constructed with high performance precast concrete and fiber-reinforced polymers.

Newton Solar is widely recognized for its work on the renewable solar energy front. “We also specialize in solar commercial rooftop projects,” says Edwin. “We’ve been busy in this market since 2010 and most of our competitors don’t do solar.”

Newton Solar designs, installs and maintains solar rooftop systems. “We can provide one-stop shopping for our client’s solar needs, incorporating any number of these services,” adds Edwin. “We’re always doing research and development and bringing on new methods.”

Increasing U.S. presence

Through this search to do more and to do it more efficiently, Edwin says Newton Group is growing at an unprecedented rate. “We’re really getting more niche-driven in terms of design-build and prefabrication in recent years,” he says. “We can design and prefabricate a range of structures including parking facilities, multistory condominiums, industrial and commercial buildings such as malls and offices and small bridges. Our customers range from schools and institutions to manufacturers, commercial property owners and even a handful of government clients.”

The company is currently tackling a large-scale parking structure outside of Detroit. “Newton Parking Structures has added a U.S. office in Michigan to support this extensive project,” says Edwin.

Newton Group and its subsidiaries are still concentrated in Ontario. The company’s facility in Guelph is home to approximately 80 employees across a diverse range of talents – engineering, CAD design, project managers, specialized trades and more. “We even have a mechanical division which performs industrial plumbing and HVAC,” notes Edwin.

Advancing project schedules with precast and prefab

Aside from the diversity of its team, one of Newton Group’s most valuable assets is the company’s steel and precast plant, located in Guelph. “This 90,000-square-foot factory allows us to prefabricate and pre-erect steel and precast concrete, doing as much as we can in-house before the components go out to the site, which helps expedite the process and improves quality of construction,” explains Edwin. “More and more the industry is pushing in this direction and we’re ready.”

Newton Group’s plant uses proprietary mix designs to manufacture high performance precast concrete products, particularly for parking structures. “We see a lot of opportunities in the parking structure market,” says Edwin.

The CANADACAR Parking Structure is a pre-engineered, prefabricated building system that utilizes the most advanced, innovative technique of construction, resulting in free-span, modular parking bays. Newton Group’s state-of-the-art precast plant uses proprietary mix designs to manufacture the high performance precast concrete products that make for such a structure. These products range from precast deck panels, precast wall and firewall panels, stair landings and columns and beams.

“Our plant has high-quality control systems such as in-ground aggregate bins, enclosed transfer systems and custom-made concrete handling systems, most of which can be operated remotely,” explains Edwin. “The forms are expandable to accommodate many building component sizes. The precast plant is equipped with a 12-ton overhead crane and an outdoor crane with a 50-ton capacity. The precast plant has a large indoor and outdoor storage capacity so that shipments to site can conform to just-in-time deliveries.”

Newton Parking Structures recently completed the parking structure and office building for the University of Windsor in Ontario. “This was a major undertaking including all design-build delivery and the manufacturing of many precast components,” details Edwin.

Kiwi Newton Construction and Newton Parking Structures also completed the Innovation Centre, housing campus police and parking services and a café and courtyard area. “A pedestrian bridge located on the second story of the Innovation Centre that connects the building directly with the parking structure was constructed by Newton Parking Structures,” notes Edwin.

With the ability to deliver a project from design to fabrication and final site assembly, Edwin says he sees the company doubling in size over the next two years. “We have the facilities and the people in place to keep growing,” he says. “We all have something in common here; we like projects where we get to create. We start with what our client needs from their building and work from the inside out.”

Understanding these requirements, Newton Group Ltd. goes to work, designing, manufacturing and building a better end product.

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