Mountainview Homes: Building to a Higher Standard

Fall 2010 - “A higher standard of living.” For 30 years, this creed has summed up the driving force behind Mountainview Homes, pushing the company ahead of its competitors and right to the top of the industry.

The largest builder in the Niagara Region, Mountainview Homes is the leader in new home construction from Fort Erie to Grimsby and for all of the neighbourhoods in between. With its main office in Thorold, Ontario, the company has done strong work in land development and industrial commercial construction, in addition to provided general contracting for project owners. All of this has amounted to a level of success that has garnered Mountainview Homes a reputation for quality and integrity that is beyond reproach, as well as two Tarion Awards of Excellence (2004 and 2005), which are bestowed for customer service excellence in the homebuilding industry in Ontario.

Mountainview Homes’ success can be attributed to the hard work of its staff and the leadership of Mark Basciano, the company’s president and proud owner. A second generation contractor, Basciano is a former president of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA) and a former two-term president of the Niagara Home Builders’ Association. Among other accolades, Mountainview Homes has been recognized as the 2007 OHBA Ontario Home Builder of the Year.

All of that success is deserved for a man who began his career in construction pushing a broom as a child. “I started when I was eight years old and learned this company and this industry from the ground up,” Basciano says proudly. “Construction is pretty much all I know.”
Founded in 1979, Mountainview Homes started as a small family-run business with Mark’s father, Nick Basciano, and his two brothers-in-law, Lou and Frank Memme, at the helm. By the late 1980s, the company had grown to become one of Niagara’s largest and most successful home builders. Mark Basciano would go on to succeed his father as president of Mountainview Homes in 2001.

Over the company’s 30 years in business, it has seen many changes, from shifts in management to the increased scope of its projects. But at its core, Mountainview Homes still remains a family business, with Mark Basciano’s sister, Michelle, and his cousin, Mike Memme, on board as leasing manager and operations manager, respectively.
Together, the Basciano-Memme family has built an enduring legacy that includes thousands of homes from Confederation Heights in Therold, Ontario, to Maplebrook Estates, St. Catharines, each home masterfully crafted with Mountainview Homes’ signature touch.

A Higher Standard of Service

Purchasing a new home can be overwhelming, so Mountainview Homes has taken steps to assist its buyers with the process and to make the experience an enjoyable one.

With its 4,000-plus square foot, state-of-the-art Decor Centre, Mountainview Homes puts an amazing assortment of chic home decor and smart home technology right at its buyers’ fingertips. With the help of a complimentary professional decor consultant service, buyers are able to create a look and feel for their home that best suits their lifestyle and that provides for long-term resale value. Mountainview Homes’ Decor Consultants see each project through to completion, from the first interview with the buyer through colour/material selection, audio-video walkthroughs, to the final selection and sign-off.

Offering expert advice on everything from designer kitchens and cabinetry to sound systems, media centres and landscape packages, Mountainview Homes’ Decor Centre is an important resource for home buyers in creating a space that encompasses their dream home aspirations.

In addition to its Decor Centre, Mountainview Homes offers its buyers another important resource in its Chief Operations Manager Mike Memme. Using his “Ask Mike” column on the company’s website, Memme fields questions from homeowners and prospective home buyers, and offers insight on the company’s building practices, from the high-quality paints the company uses to discussions of framing, foundations and finishing basements. Memme also offers homeowners useful tips on home maintenance and repair. Recent topics have addressed the Energuide Ratings on all Mountainview Homes’ houses’ environmentally friendly features (such as insulation upgrades and Energy Star appliances), installing building paper shingle-fashion, as well as how clients can use Mountainview Homes’ MyHome Tracker to monitor building progress over the Internet.

It is no wonder so many turn to Mountainview Homems when they are in the market for high-quality homes and top-rated customer service.

Building Stronger Communities

While the awards and accolades are a source of great pride for Mountainview Homes, what the company values most is the indelible mark it has left on the people in its local community. From its years of sponsorships of St. Catharines Falcons Junior B hockey team to its contributions to the St. Catharines General Hospital Foundation and its support of foundations like the March of Dimes, Mountainview Homes’ dedication to community service can be felt in every corner of the region.

One of Mountainview Homes’ most recent outreach projects is the Building Futures Campaign, a $16 million project for Niagara College. Basciano serves as co-campaign chair alongside celebrity chef Anna Olson.

Additionally, Basciano has sat on the board of directors for Meridian Credit Union and the Tarion Warranty Corporation, sharing his over 30 years of experience and helping his peers to navigate the treacherous waters of the recession and achieve success.

Looking into the Horizon

With 11 active projects in the Niagara region and more in Waterloo and Collingwood (all in Ontario), Mountainview Homes shows no signs of slowing down, despite a difficult economy, bureaucratic red tape and the growing scarcity of land.

And while Mountainview Homes’ rapid growth is a trend that Basciano hopes to continue well into the future, he is careful not to take on more projects than the company can handle.

“Over the last five or six years, we’ve grown quite rapidly,” Basciano says proudly. “It’s more or less about looking for new opportunities and looking for growth, but not just for the sake of being bigger because growth has got to make sense. We also want to look at niche markets and smaller projects outside of Niagara where our home building model works. It would be somewhat of a selective process.”

It is this careful attention to detail and a refusal to compromise on design, value and service that has pushed Mountainview Homes to the top of the industry, a position it appears poised to keep for many years to come.