M&G Millwrights Ltd.: Celebrating 45 Years of Teamwork

If it’s made of steel and used for industrial and agricultural applications, chances are that M&G Millwrights Ltd. (MGL) can design, manufacture, install and service it. The company was founded in 1967 in Elmira, Ontario, with just a small group of millwrights. As time passed however, the company built a loyal following of clients in both industrial and agricultural markets by investing in talented, experienced professionals and establishing a corporate culture based in teamwork and communication. Today, MGL is one of Ontario’s leading turnkey steel service companies, specializing in material handling equipment and custom fabrication.
“We are proud to say we have been in business for 45 years and it’s because of our many long-term and dedicated employees that we continue to find success,” admits Matt Kraemer, president. Kraemer has been in the industry for 45 years himself, though not all of it has been spent with MGL . Even so, the team atmosphere at MGL has been one of its most definitive characteristics and with roughly 50 employees at any given time, the company has enough experienced professionals to tackle larger projects and still manage a few smaller ones successfully.
From dust collectors to airlock and bucket elevators to airlocks and conveyor systems, MGL can manufacture a variety of equipment common amongst the agricultural and aggregate industries from its 25,000-square foot fabrication facility. The facility boasts a 30-foot overhead crane, plasma cutting, shearing, punching, rolling and forming equipment as well as a 1,400-square foot painting booth.
Investing Internally
Of course, a state-of-the-art fabrication facility should always be supported with an equally solid variety of software solutions. MLG uses AutoCAD, Solid Works and Sigmanest to work with two dimensional drawings, three dimensional models and ensure that every component is manufactured with utmost precision, which helps MLG keep an optimal balance of equipment and experienced professionals.
In turn, MLG can custom design and manufacture a variety of steel components from structural steel, steel bins, surge bins, rotary feeders, clam gates, ducting and exhaust stacks as well as pneumatics, hydraulics and heat treating furnaces.
Once fabricated, the MGL team is on hand to leverage its design-build capabilities and coordinate with construction crews to install and commission the equipment, even in cases where the fabrication has been outsourced to a different specialist. The company has been installing equipment and managing plant shutdowns since its inception so the MLG crews are well-seasoned professionals capable fo adhering to tight turnaround times in complex facilities.
Furthermore, as a manufacturer and maintenance specialist for agricultural and industrial equipment, MLG has the comprehensive understanding of systems it may not have manufactured and can help clients extend the life of expensive, critical processing components with customized solutions.
In addition, all of MLG’s in-house welders are certified with eth Canadian Welding Bureau and MLG supports the safety success of its team with regular safety training and reviews. MLG is a member of Browz, which provides its network of certified contractors with a consolidated up-to-date resource for all safety and compliance regulations so the MLG team is always ready and prepared to meet tomorrow’s challenges.
Rising to the Top
In turn, the company has completed work as far away as Manitoba and Quebec for regular clients, though the majority of its regular work is concentrated in the south-central region of Ontario.
In 2010, MLG completed a major project for a large material handling equipment addition to Parrish & Heimbecker’s mill in Trenton, Ontario. The team spent months manufacturing and engineering two 30-foot by 49-foot long reclaim conveyors, a discharge bucket conveyor, three conveyor belts up to 160 feet long complete with conveyor bridges, access components and safety guarding.
Despite the size of the project, MLG proved itself up to the challenge, completing the installation with minimal disruption to the plant’s operations by facilitating close coordination between office and field staff.
More recently though, MLG completed a design-build project for long-time client Floradale Feed Mill Ltd., a full-service feed supplier to the poultry and livestock industries. “It was a challenging project because the client wanted to upgrade its equipment to expand its capacity while still keeping the plant in operation,” adds Kraemer. To deliver the project on time, the MLG team coordinated with the various crews on the project to arrange delivery shipments and smooth logistics along the way to stay on schedule.
That same year, MLG coordinated as a general contractor with an external design consultant for a similar project for Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. that also required extensive logistical coordination.
Though many industrial and agricultural companies in Ontario have put a hold on major capital investments, the MLG team has been able to keep a steady stream of work, which Kraemer attributes to the firm’s strong repeat client base.
“Of course, our productivity is directly dependent on the client base’s proclivity to take on major upgrades and expansions, but our crews have been busy focusing on maintenance and smaller installations to keep clients in good working order,” adds Kraemer.
In the process, the company has picked up a few new clients to add to the mix and though activity isn’t necessarily booming, the MLG team is confident it will be able to grow in the next few years by upholding its strong standards for quality, safety and collaboration. By focusing on the core capabilities that have steered the company through 45 years, M&G Millwrights Ltd. will be able to adapt to new market conditions and continue to turn one-time clients into long-time partners.