MDE Electrical Mechanical Contractors Ltd.: Beyond Average System Services

Summer 2010 - Mel Di Nunno has a long history in the electrical and mechanical fields. “I’ve had training, and I have a sheet metal ticket and electrical ticket,” he says. Di Nunno had been working for a company whose owner retired, leaving Di Nunno with the options of finding a job at another business or taking a greater risk and starting his own. So, around 1993, Di Nunno decided to put his 30 years of experience to use by founding his own company, MDE Electrical Mechanical Contractors Ltd. (MDE) in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Wide-Ranging Capabilities

“Although we’re combined [contractors], we’re bigger into electrical than mechanical,” Di Nunno says of his business’s specialty. However, the company’s 85 to 140 employees (seasonally) are skilled in all of the company’s services: electrical, mechanical, gas and heating, plumbing and project management. “Our company works like a family-owned business; we’re all very close, and the people who work for us feel like a family,” Di Nunno observes.

MDE works out of its Vancouver office and its fleet services the entire lower mainland. Its 24-hour emergency services are also available throughout that area and have established the company's solid reputation. “We finish things on time and have satisfied customers,” Di Nunno adds.

MDE works in the commercial and institutional sectors, offering its variety of services to all clients. The company’s $20 million annual revenue comes from MDE’s wide range of services. In the electrical department, the company offers panel changes; lighting design and installation; outlets, switches and circuits; trouble shooting; automated building controls; infrared scans; fiber optic cabling; electrical heating; fire alarms connected to emergency lighting; power poles and any installations, repairs and maintenance.

The company’s mechanical services include complete HVAC Systems, custom metal (stainless or galvanized), ventilation systems, sprinklers, system evaluations and service for air conditioning units.

MDE’s gas and heating capabilities range from furnaces (installation and service) to air filtration systems. Those capabilities also include general heat pumps and air conditioners, offering clients a choice in brands and the option of installation or retrofit. The company is proficient at installing controls systems for large and small components. MDE also has expertise with fireplaces, including natural gas, wood and electric. Installing hot water systems and kitchen or patio appliances is all in a day’s work for MDE.

MDE’s expert plumbers have experience working on appliances including sinks, faucets, dishwashers, washers and dryers, hot water tanks, toilets, bath tubs, showers and urinals, as well as working on leak detection and repairs.

The licensed, insured and fully bonded company is equipped to oversee larger projects, as MDE has experience as a prime contractor and can successfully coordinate all aspects of construction. MDE uses in-house skills and relationships with architects, engineers, landscape designers, property managers and subcontractors of all sorts to make any project come together, whether it is a large industrial project or a residential remodel.

Futuristic Systems

“We have a couple of big projects going on, like the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS), which is part of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. The CIRS is a free-standing building that is totally energy-efficient,” Di Nunno says. The CIRS will be a building that practices what is researched inside of it; all of the building’s electricity, lighting, heating, water supply, waste treatment, ventilation and cooling will come from natural sources: the sun, wind and ground.

“We also are doing electrical renovations at the Cloverdale Recreation Centre on the outskirts of Vancouver, and we have a Horne Payne BC Hydro Operation Centre in Burnaby,” Di Nunno adds.

All three of these projects are LEED certified thanks to MDE’s loyalty to and skill with sustainable energy. Recognizing that energy-efficient amenities require less money for maintaining buildings than do regular products, MDE now offers energy-efficient lighting options, energy audits, power factor correction, thermal imaging scans, hot water heaters, Energy Star furnaces, toilets with special flushing systems to conserve water, electric heat pumps, drain water heat recovery systems and the advantage from BC Hydro Power Smart Rebate systems.

Whether the projects focus on sustainable energy or not, MDE does much of its work in-house, including sheet metal, HVAC and plumbing. “We have a sewers division,” Di Nunno explains. “We sub out only the high-voltage testing in our electrical department. For mechanical, we sub out only sprinkler work and controls.”

For now, the only challenge MDE faces is managing strategic growth. “We’re always trying to improve our internal training,” Di Nunno shares. “We’re looking at expanding the operation and possibly doing some other kind of work outside of our district.”

With the company’s huge range of cost-effective solutions and cutting-edge expertise with green construction practices, MDE Electrical Mechanical Contractors Ltd. will be able to capitalize on over two decades of experience to achieve its growth goals.