Logan Stevens Construction (2000) Ltd.: Building Saskatchewan’s Tomorrow

Logan Stevens Construction (2000) Ltd. is a general contracting company with a proud past and a focus on the future. The company was founded in 1907 by carpenters James Penner Logan and William Black under the banner of Logan and Black Ltd., and ever since the company has been a major driving force in the growth of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, as it built such local landmarks as St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, St. Joseph’s College, and many more schools, churches and houses.

Over the years the company added a brick production, millwork and a lumberyard to its business, and it adopted many state-of-the-art techniques, such as ready-mix concrete, that allowed components to be prefabricated and then hauled on-site to reinforce Yorkton’s development. Yorkton Concrete still exists, now under new ownership and management, to supply concrete and precast products to the area. Keith Stevens joined the company in 1960, later becoming a partner alongside James Logan’s son Don Logan, and the company was renamed Logan Stevens Construction (LSC).

In the four proceeding decades company management would shift and reorganize, but all the while LSC would further establish a solid reputation as construction managers and builders throughout multiple sectors. Today, the company is owned by a group of employees bound by their commitment to build Saskatchewan’s future on a foundation of teamwork, integrity, diversity and superior workmanship and service.

“We have a very long history as a company,” explains Doug Kitsch, president of LSC. “The present group of owners took over in 2000, and even though the company has a history in the residential market we tend to stay within the commercial and industrial markets now.”

With the exception of the odd high-end residential customer, LSC sticks to the commercial market, working across the province and into western Manitoba and British Columbia on occasion. “Saskatchewan is our playground,” asserts Kitsch. “We have our headquarters in Yorkton and we like to stay closer to home when the work is available.”

Currently LSC offers a blend of general contracting, construction management and design-build services, features a Robertson Building Systems-authorized pre-engineered buildings division, and provides equipment rentals, sales and service, including hydraulic crane rentals from 25 to 70 ton. The company’s turnkey construction and renovation services are additionally strengthened by decades of experience supporting the province’s private-sector growth.

Quality Control

Keeping a tight hold on the quality of work and a direct line of communication between customer and contractor have been LSC’s biggest priorities to survive the economic lows and highs of the past century. From concrete work to framing, carpentry to general labour, LSC crews can handle just about anything and take special care of the smaller things that can get lost in the cracks.

In recent years, the firm has been a vital part of Saskatchewan’s changing industries. For the past 10 years, Canada and the United States have produced between 7 million and 10 million tons of canola, triggering a growth spurt in the private sector and a major shift in agribusiness. The province’s sprawling prairies have turned yellow with canola as the crop turned the corner from specialty to major cash crop over the past 50 years. When the need arose, LSC was ready to step up and play a part in building the new canola crushing plant for LDM Foods.

“We just finished a fair amount of work at the new crushing plant here in Yorkton that required a lot of concrete work and several buildings,” says Kitsch. To date, the plant has been operational 24 hours a day and 330 days per year and can process 2,500 metric tonnes daily, yielding 1,000 metric tonnes of canola oil and 1,500 metric tonnes of meal.

Across town, the firm was also busy at work in 2009 building a new fire hall. “We offer design-build services, but we are also accustomed to working with architectural firms, and this was one example where we were hired to do the general contracting and construction management,” explains Kitsch. “We worked with Stantec Architecture Ltd. to build a brand new fire hall complete with a training tower, administrative offices and classrooms.”

The new $7 million fire hall also includes a 150 kW emergency backup generator capable of keeping the building supplied with power for three days in the event of a power outage.

Heart and Soul

In 2010 the firm also worked with Mosaic Company’s local potash mine. “We did some major foundation work on their K2 site at Esterhazy,” affirms Kitsch. Last year, the mines were being evaluated for a planned $2.3 billion expansion, which would bring a second economic boom to the province’s mining industry.

All facets of LSC’s region provide to the company’s activity. “Yorkton has historically contributed approximately 15 to 20 percent of our workload,” explains Kitsch. “We recently completed the rebuilding of the local Dairy Queen restaurant after its demise in 2010’s flood. It seems everyone in the city was having Blizzard withdrawal! We are now moving on to the design-build construction of two car dealerships; a new location for Royal Ford and their all-new sister dealership, Royal Honda.”

All of the province’s private-sector growth has created what can only be described as the best of all possible challenges for a firm that prides itself on offering top-quality construction executed with the highest regard for safety and personal development.

“Our biggest challenges have been the hurdles of finding good labour and keeping our skilled employees around,” says Kitsch. “All we can do is provide a great company for them and try to develop the younger employees to eventually move into management. It’s a challenge, but we feel fortunate to have a workload that dictates such a challenge.”

With Saskatchewan experiencing ongoing economic growth the province is sure to find the need for more commercial real estate, and Logan Stevens Construction (2000) Ltd. will be ready to step in and cultivate relationships that allow every client to receive the highest standard of products and services.