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Innovative Sports Surfaces
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
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James Logan

Les Sols Sportica Inc. (Sportica) is a specialty installer of synthetic sports surfaces based in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, a city that sits in the province of Quebec. Sportica was established in 2009 by a group of entrepreneurs formerly employed by sports builder DeFargo, which was bought by FieldTurf/Tarkett in 2007. “We love the sports surfacing business,” explains Josee Latulippe, vice president of Sportica. “We’ve been in this business since 1985.”
Each of Sportica’s personnel has a long history in sports surface installation, and Sylvain Leclair, president of Sportica, is no exception. The company brought Leclair, former president and lead shareholder of DeFargo, on board the Sportica team in 2010. Leclair’s experience and technical expertise gave Sportica a competitive edge. Leclair has led projects all over Canada, the United States, Europe and Africa.
The team’s experience allows the company to offer full-service installations of turf and track surfaces. Sportica collaborates with clients and owners to provide a final product that fits budgets, aesthetics and functionality. The business self-performs everything from materials acquisition to the finishing touches on fields and running tracks, and guarantees safe, attractive and durable surfaces for customers large and small. The team’s work has earned Sportica a widespread reputation, and a good one at that. Leclair and Latulippe have established long-standing relationships with leading manufacturers in the sports building industry.
Track and Field
Sportica is partnered with one of the world’s most respected artificial turf manufacturers, TigerTurf. TigerTurf is licensed by International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), and offers surfaces suitable for a wide range of grass sports. The manufacturer focuses on athlete comfort and safety, providing superior traction, shock absorption and resistance to UV damage.
The company has also started working with GreenFields, yet another leader in the artificial turf business. “GreenFields introduced the first 100-percent recyclable turf system,” explains Leclair. “They’re way ahead of the industry in sustainable products and practice.”
The manufacturer recently built a new facility incorporating environmentally friendly technologies. GreenFields is constantly redesigning its products for production with more sustainable materials and designs that simplify the process of recycling at the end of a surfaces lifecycle, making it a prime fit for Sportica.
By partnering with the best of the best, Sportica only utilizes the best products, those being CONICA products for poured track surfaces. The company applies a cast-in-place process, meaning the tracks are poured into a form and then coated with high-traction, durable rubber. Sportica offers five different options for indoor and outdoor track design and the rubber coating is comprised of recycled rubber or rubber granules.
World-class Projects
The specialty sports surface contractor has completed a number of vast, complex projects across Canada. In 2010 Sportica was contracted to install five artificial turf fields in Burlington, Ontario. One of these was the Burlington project, which was the largest of its kind in 2010, covering area exceeding 500,000 square feet. The multiuse fields are located in the city’s parks and host local sports teams and recreational games, all of which are FIFA one-star certified.
In addition, Sportica installed Canada’s first ProTrophy Turf system in Edmonton, Alberta, which was manufactured by TigerTurf. The company replaced a grass multiuse field with 113,750 square feet of artificial turf at Mill Woods Sports Park. The field achieved FIFA two-star certification for quality, safety and durability. The field will be used for soccer, field hockey and football and the monofilament surface is safe for all-weather use. The park hosts community and competitive sports teams, as well as youth sports camps.
The company’s diversity has allowed Sportica to remain busy since its incorporation. The team has continued projects in the works for major commercial clients and organizations. “Right now we’re installing the track for the Quebec Summer Games,” says Latulippe. Other projects Sportica is involved with include sports fields and running tracks at several schools all over Canada, as well as large recreational facilities and parks.
The company is slowly expanding its reach in North America; however, Leclair explains, “We want to maintain quality turf and track installations, so we’re not looking to spread ourselves too thin.”
Sportica has many prospects on the horizon and is putting together plans and bids for everything from high school football fields to the Pan American Games, which will be held in Toronto in July 2015. The Pan American Games is the third-largest international sporting event in the world, only behind the Olympics and the Pan Asian Games. Athletes compete in a wide range of sporting events, including cycling, archery, rowing and even Judo. If Sportica lands a contract, the company’s installations will likely be used for track running, rugby, soccer and field hockey at the monumental event.
The company’s staff of 25 executives and technicians is each dedicated to installing the best products in the industry with the greatest care possible. Sportica offers an eight-year warranty on all of its installations on top of manufacturer warranties. Leclair and Latulippe maintain that the key to durable sports surfaces is attention to detail in the installation process. Les Sols Sportica Inc. has the experience and dedication to proper installation carried through every phase of every installation it performs.

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