Landsource Organix Ltd.

Blow over the competition with advanced blower truck technology
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
James Logan

In 2001, Landsource Organix Ltd (Landsource) launched as the first blower truck company in Ontario. From the beginning the company has combined blower truck technology and a knack for innovating new products and efficiencies into the Ontario construction and landscaping markets, moving the industry forward.

The days of back-breaking labour are over as Landsource offers homeowners and contractors a safe and incredibly fast way to move large amounts of material into difficult to reach places with precision.

“We’re in the business of pneumatic application,” explains Andy Crocket, president of Landsource. “We develop organic products that can be air applied. This kind of technology was originally invented in Oregon and we were the first company to bring it into Ontario.”

Laying a base to build from

From this fundamental expertise, Landsource has expanded, introducing Terraseeding and Ecoblanket products, as well as Filtrexx and rooftop applications. “We’ve steadily branched into green roof work, because blowing in material can easily be applied to rooftops,” says Crocket. “We even started a company, called Bioroof, where we specifically manufacture and market system components for green roofs.”

In 2011 Landsource purchased a playground surfacing company, Playcare and Design Inc., to expand its business in engineered wood fibre. Using original blower trucks and new remote drive slinger trucks, the company now is the largest engineered wood fibre provider and installer in Ontario.

“The playground surfacing side is a very dominant part or our business,” says Crocket. “The product is an ideal fit for use with our high speed application equipment.”

Terraseeding is a pneumatic application of composted organic topsoil and seed, using a Landsource Express Blower Truck and patented computerized calibration. “Terraseeding provides the best results of any commercially available seeding or vegetating process,” assures Crocket. “Terraseeding is the art of planting seeds, not just applying them; that’s the difference.”

Landsource applies a 1-inch layer of composted soil with seed evenly distributed throughout the soil. The new seed germinates in a perfect growing environment and quickly develops roots. This means higher germination rates and faster plant development, leading to a more successful project. “Now, almost 50 percent of our business is performing Terraseeding and it’s helped to really put us on the map,” measures Crocket.

As Landsource’s products and services continue to advance, so does the company’s customer base. “Our customer base is as diverse as the wide range of products and services we offer,” compares Crocket. “Our customers are across Ontario and range from single homeowners and contractors to large municipalities, multinational corporations, environmental corporations, environmental agencies and more.”

Growing in green

Based in Milton, Ontario, Landsource now spans the entire province. Furthermore, the green roof side of the business is growing across North America. “The green roof side of the business has huge potential,” shares Crocket.

Landsource’s blower truck application is the most cost-effective and efficient means of conveying soil and mulch to rooftop areas. “We can reach heights of up to 15 stories,” adds Crocket. The company also supplies a range of rooftop growing mediums, custom blended to any project specification.

From the Museum of Human Rights in Manitoba to the Ottawa War Museum and cutting-edge erosion prevention project at the Lake Buffs community in New York, Landsource is growing greener with natural, environmentally sustainable materials and processes.

“The economy is looking good in our region and business is picking back up, especially in Toronto,” adds Crocket. “Last year in Toronto, there were more high rise buildings under construction than any other city in North America. There is an incredible amount of construction going on and definite room and opportunities for more innovative projects.”

Whether it’s returning compost, mulch or soil back to Earth, spreading seeds or creating a green roof in the concrete jungle or protecting waterways from sediment and erosion, Landsource Organix Ltd. improves the Earth with every step.

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