Kiwi Newton Construction Ltd.: Where Innovation, Technology and Integrity Come Together

Kiwi Newton Construction Ltd. (Kiwi Newton Construction) was incorporated in 1994 as a full-service general contracting firm and today sits at the core of the Newton Group, a collection of five divisions dedicated to the design, manufacture and assembly of building components at lower costs and the highest quality.

Kiwi Newton Construction is the design-build construction management arm of the Newton Group, which serves the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. Drawing on the additional resources of Newton Parking Structures Ltd., Newton Bridge Solutions, Newton Solar and Nadeco Limited, Kiwi Newton Construction combines consulting, engineering, construction management and design-build services for turnkey project delivery that saves customers time and money. Above all, Kiwi Newton Construction emphasizes green technologies, intelligent design and an unparalleled commitment to the client to conduct business in a nonadversarial, nonlitigious manner, as though the company is the client’s own building department.

Based in Guelph, Ontario, Kiwi Newton Construction regularly serve clients within the Greater Toronto area; however, the company has built for clients as far away as Europe and Asia. Kiwi Newton Construction employs a staff of talented professionals with extensive design and engineering experience, which reinforces the company’s continuing objective to be a provider of innovative, one source building solutions. “Design-build is our forte, and we are growing our focus to include a manufacturing component,” expands Ed Newton, president of the Newton Group.

Building from a Strong Core

Expansion of the company over the years came about when Newton recognized that Kiwi Newton Construction could provide additional, superior services to its clients by using technology and innovation. The result of this proactive approach is a group with operations enriched through the following five divisions.

Newton Parking Structures Ltd. provides a turnkey solution for clients with the pre-engineered, prefabricated CANADACAR Parking System manufactured in its Guelph, Ontario facility. The company has a 50,000-square foot steel plant and a 30,000-square foot concrete plant, as well as a rail spur on its property so the components can be shipped anywhere in North America.

The CANADACAR System uses superior technology that combines precast concrete onto cambered steel beams. Fastening to the perimeter columns’ steelworks generates a free-span module parking structure that has a clear line of sight from one end to the other, which is a significant safety factor. Users appreciate the bright, open feeling of the structure, while drivers can also see other vehicles using the ramps. Users also appreciate the ease of parking when they are unencumbered by columns and pillars. The CANADACAR System exceeds the principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) as they relate to parking structures.

The CANADACAR System is manufactured using a high-performance concrete (HPC), which is impermeable to water and the effects of salt. The parking decks have a highly polished look and feel, and are finished with a raised surface that not only provides traction, but also deters skateboarders. Again, by using technology and innovation, Ed Newton and his team were able to formulate the HPC so that the parking decks are much thinner than conventional precast, thereby reducing the amount of resources used during manufacturing, while at the same time increasing the number of levels possible in each parking structure. This is a bonus for owners who want to increase the number of parking spaces available to users, while also increasing their revenue.

Newton goes on to explain that, by using HPC, maintenance costs for the owner can be reduced by almost 90 percent over conventional precast. Topping only needs to be replaced on the joints between the decks, not the entire deck. This is a substantial savings for clients and also a reduction in the amount of chemicals used for retopping.

Newton Bridge Solutions offers precast bridges constructed out of the same HPC as is used when building parking structures. The company is able to produce and accommodate almost any size bridge span. The manufacturing takes place entirely inside the plant, so there is no delay due to inclement weather. Advanced grouts and grouting techniques are used on site to fill the joints between the precast deck and rebar areas within the parapet walls. Newton Bridge Solutions can also provide its clients with a complete turnkey product, engineered, fabricated and manufactured in the company’s plant, delivered to site and installed.

A fully HPC precast bridge, including precast parapet walls, was installed near Cambridge, Ontario, without entering or interfering with the watercourse. This is another example of the Newton Group’s commitment to preserving the environment.

As an alternative to precast bridge decks, Newton Bridge Solutions is also able to manufacture a bridge deck that is lighter, constructed faster and is more environmentally friendly than conventional concrete. Using innovative technology with a core of fibre-reinforced polymer, this bridge may be the solution for many municipalities. The lifespan of these bridge decks is over 100 years. Once again, this product is a turnkey product and Newton Bridge Solutions provides its clients with a “one-stop” construction experience from design through production to final installation.

By combining technology and innovation, Newton Solar is at the forefront of the solar industry. Design and installation of solar systems have been completed within the GTA. Newton Solar has successfully secured 18 FIT Contracts for industrial plant roofs in the Guelph area alone, and it is expected that Newton Solar will fully “turnkey” over five megawatts of GREEN power in the Guelph area between 2010 and 2012.

Newton Solar’s strength, and what sets it apart from others, is its expertise and in-depth knowledge of roofs and roofing systems. The team understands that it is the roofing system that dictates the type of PV solar system. Newton explains, “We offer trained personnel, managers, engineers and PV technicians. We are among the most experienced firms as an EPC [Engineer, Procure, Construct] using solar technology. Our clients can rely on us to provide the most appropriate and efficient system for their building.”

Nadeco Limited is a specialist in the water and wastewater construction industry. This division of the Newton Group can provide all the required mechanical services of a heavy civil general contractor. The company has in-house pipefitters and welders specializing in stainless steel work, whether it be a piping system or a raised catwalk spanning open tanks.

Working out of the same facility in Guelph, Ontario, Nadeco can provide more direct control of the quality and timeliness of the work and ultimately final product for clients. The large shop and yard areas have heavy overhead cranes, which enable most fabrication work to take place within the facility, unaffected by inclement weather. The staff has experience working at heights on towers, deep below ground and within confined spaces.

Constructing a Positive Environment, Internally and Externally

In the next few years Kiwi Newton Construction, along with its sister companies, will grow its precast modular building systems by bringing technology and innovation together. The CANADACAR System will be at the forefront of this development as more and more clients see the advantage of using it for other precast modular building systems over and above parking structures.

Continuing to develop its in-house abilities and workforce to ensure consistency and excellence, the Newton Group is committed to addressing the complexity of today’s projects and the needs of different, constantly changing markets. Kiwi Newton Construction sits at the centre of these efforts, managing everything from site finding, project funding and financing through to managing the design, manufacture and assembly of facility systems. Kiwi Newton Construction maximizes a client’s benefits throughout the total construction service.

“When we combine the newest technology with innovative thinking, along with our design-build expertise, we provide our clients with unsurpassed service,” summarizes Newton. “At the same time, we continue to focus on the best environmental practices.”

Driven by the best in excellence and safety-minded individuals, Kiwi Newton Construction Ltd. will continue to apply its consummate work ethic to reinforce a forward-thinking methodology that assures durability in both client relationships and the built environment, all while honouring the company’s tradition of integrity.