Jeda Mechanical Ltd: A Big Impression with Space-Saving Energy Efficient Design

Jim Myers has been in the mechanical contracting industry for most of his life, but after 20 years of hard work at his father’s plumbing company, Myers took the plunge and set off on his own. Myers founded Jeda Mechanical Ltd (Jeda) in 2004 to develop quality, cost-effective mechanical contracting solutions through innovation, close collaboration with the client and an eye towards safety.
Jeda currently operates from headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, and a second office location in Calgary, Alberta, to serve clients across both provinces. Within its first few years, the Jeda team was fortunate enough to tackle some of British Columbia’s most challenging mechanical contracting conundrums and make a bold impression early on. Jeda was awarded the Trade and Mechanical Contractor of the Year Award from the Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) for 2010 and 2011 , but the Jeda team has never been the type to rest on its laurels.
Instead, the Jeda team takes pride in always approaching every project from the perspective of the client and delivering a custom tailored solution with the latest mechanical systems and technologies. Jeda offers specialized contracting services for plumbing, heating, air conditioning and fire protection, b but the firm has expanded its services to keep up with the growing demand for sustainable and energy efficient design. Jeda now employs a full staff of LEED certified designers and can provide clients with recommendations for LEED-compliant designs and green building technologies like geothermal heating.
Hitting the Ground Running
“Our very first project was a multi-building contract for the Olympic Village housing in Vancouver,” admits Myers. Over the course of two grueling years of construction, the Jeda team completed the project by late 2009 and successfully achieved LEED Platinum ND certification.
Instead of a traditional forced-air HVAC system, Jeda opted for a flexible, poly-based capillary mat system that requires less than an inch of space between floors. As a result, building materials and space are conserved within the building without compromising the efficacy or energy efficiency of the system.
Additionally, Jeda included a grey water recycling system so that every flush happens with collected rainwater.
In a true display of Jeda’s commitment to innovation, the firm opted to use Aquatherm Greenpipe plastic piping instead of traditional copper piping system. Unlike copper piping, the plastic piping carries an inherent insulation advantage, requires no soldering, carries no risk of theft, weighs less, maintains a better flow rate and has been designed specifically for potable water. To seal the deal, the plastic piping has a lifespan of 75 years, which makes it an ideal choice to withstand Vancouver’s signature corrosive water that can wreak havoc on copper piping n just 15 years.
In turn, Jeda was honored with the 2009 VRCA Innovation Award, which Jeda also took home in 2011 for a similar system installed at 1762 Davie Street, a hi-rise residential development in Vancouver that also included a heat pump and heat recovery system.
Crossing Market Sectors
In 2010, Jeda gained further traction in sustainable mechanical systems with its design for the Samuel Brighouse Elementary School in Richmond, British Columbia. The new facility sprawls across 4,500-square meters and Jeda was able to design a system that contributed significantly to the project’s LEED Gold certification. “We were determined to set the standard for energy efficiency in education with this design,” asserts Myers.
The company included a geothermal exchange plant for heating and cooling, in-floor radiant heating, rooftop heat recovery, solar collectors, trickle vents and capillary mat systems for which the company was awarded the prestigious 2010 VRCA Silver Award of Excellence in Mechanical Contracting as well as the VRCA’s Gold Mechanical Contractor of the Year Award for projects under $3 million.
Subsequently, the Jeda team expanded its presence in the, multi-family residential marketplace and has taken part in many of the country’s most eye-opening residential developments. For example, Jeda provided a complete mechanical package for the 18 West Hastings development in Vancouver. The project comprises 30 “micro-lofts” in a within Vancouver’s historic Burns Block that are now the city’s smallest self-contained rental units.
“We have proven that sustainability works in commercial, residential and industrial applications and it doesn’t have to be reserved for legacy projects either,” reflects Myers. In the coming years, the Jeda team expects to see further growth and demand for sustainability focused mechanical systems and has even established an office in Arizona, U.S.A., to keep up with market demand. As the team continues to promote sustainable and smart mechanical system design, Jeda Mechanical Ltd will set the industry standard for innovation and enthusiasm.