Homes by Santos Construction Ltd.: Three Decades of Building Homes for Families

Homes by Santos Construction Ltd. (Homes by Santos) is a family-owned and -operated company providing homes in the greater Edmonton area. For over 30 years Homes by Santos has provided quality crafted construction and exceptional customer service as the cornerstones of its business philosophy, garnering a tremendous amount of repeat customers and referrals.

The Santos family, under a number of different company names, has been building homes in the Edmonton region for decades, and the company has grown to one of the most respected homebuilders in the area, “My father started this company back in 1977 primarily as a home builder,” explains John Santos, president of Homes by Santos. “We have done some commercial work and multi-family condominiums, but for the most part we have always been a single-family home builder.”

Today, Homes by Santos maintains headquarters in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and holds showhomes in Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park. The company offers a number of customizable bungalow, two-storey and bi-level layouts, or can build from a customer’s plans. The company has retained an integral family presence through the years and takes pride in offering clients the attentive service only a small operation can provide. It is with this loyal devotion and attention to details that Homes by Santos has generated numerous long-term client relationships.

“We’re not a huge company by any means; it’s just not a number game for us,” affirms Santos. “It’s a very personal approach. We build maybe 20 to 25 homes in a year, because we work very closely with the homeowners and we have a lot of one-on-one meetings with them to determine exactly what they want and realistically what they can afford. We have a lot of repeat business and have even had families that have moved up to bigger houses, while their kids are now buying our starter homes.”

Diversifying When the Time is Right

Due to its compact size and high standards Homes by Santos takes a fierce role in the construction process and works with homeowners every step along the way to maintain quality control. “Most of our business comes straight from client referrals, so the pressure is on for us to perform at a certain level every day and for every single client,” explains Santos. “Homes by Santos is the general contractor on the project and my brother and I take care of all of the design, drafting and site supervision. So even though the actual construction is subbed out, we are able to really focus on each, individual home because we limit the number of homes we build every year.”

Homes By Santos understands that a new home is probably the single largest investment in a person or family’s life, and therefore strives to assure that all dreams are fulfilled. The company builds each home based on the same principles: honesty, integrity and a commitment to quality. Homes By Santos offers a one-and-a-half-year warranty, plus a five-year structural warranty, augmented by the National Home Warranty Program. This is reinforced through the hiring of only the best people, the selection of only the best materials (standard features are viewable on, and an understanding of the most modern, efficient techniques.

Indeed, Homes by Santos has also seen a jump in customer interest in sustainable and energy-efficient features, and has begun to include many environmentally friendly options as standard in every home. “Sustainability and energy efficiency are very hot topics in our market right now, and that’s really where we see the future of the single-family market,” claims Santos. “We have had a number of customers ask about triple-paned windows, high-efficiency furnaces, upgraded insulation packages, and other features that are standard in our homes that help a client save money in the long-term.”

Growing into the Future

The emphasis on and interest in sustainable and energy-efficient options has been both good for the present and resulted in potential home upgrades that could translate into big savings and even the possibility of revenue in the future. “We have done a few homes following the EnerGuide building guidelines, as we are certified to do so. Even though we’re not doing any geothermal heating or solar panel work, those features may be coming in the next couple of years,” says Santos. “The solar work is especially attractive, because it offers the possibility of being able to actually sell electricity back to the grid.”

Always looking for new avenues of revenue, but without disrupting the company’s reputation for exceptional quality control, Homes by Santos has supplemented the single-family home business by working on smaller-scale commercial projects, which Santos hopes to grow in the coming years. “With the single-family homes, it’s a very different strategy, because we don’t cut corners and we have to perform to a very high standard to keep those customers happy,” remarks Santos. “But we are looking to diversify more outside of the residential market and do some more work in condominiums and commercial warehouses.”

Santos hopes to continue the growth trend of the past few years, and maintain the company’s family involvement. “I have a son, but he is just not interested in joining this business,” laughs Santos. “However, my nephew is at school now and he might be. Regardless, I think we will continue to keep our single-family business stable at one or two homes at a time and we will continue to pursue more commercial and multi-family projects in the future, but not on a large scale. We are a family business and we will stick around because we are very established.”

Proven at producing home that are reliable not just today, but for years to come, Homes by Santos Construction Ltd. Has built a reputation that will see the company continue as one of the premier builders in Alberta.