Hamblet’s Roofing, Siding, Windows: Employing a Variety of Experts

Bob Hamblet started doing roofing work nearly three decades ago. “I excelled at it,” he says. “And I enjoy doing it.” Bob continued to gain knowledge and experience in the industry until striking out on his own in 1989 when he founded Hamblet’s Roofing, Siding, Windows (Hamblet’s), a residential roofing and exteriors contractor. Hamblet’s has since grown into one of the largest businesses in the region and a leading contractor in home renovations and exteriors.

Today Bob employs over 60 people to serve Niagara Falls and the surrounding areas. Hamblet’s team of experienced professionals, many of whom hold several manufacturers’ certifications, perform installation entirely in house. The company has been awarded the Silver Service Award in the Ontario Construction Report and has gleaned the Readers’ Choice Awards for 17 consecutive years.

Leading Products and Services

Hamblet’s professionals are factory-certified installers of several branded roof systems. When seeking a replacement roof for a home, the staff is readily available to go over the options and choose the best fit for a customer’s functional, financial and aesthetic needs. Hamblet’s offers a full coverage lifetime labor and materials warranty, and is only one of a few roofing companies in the area to do so.

The team installs and services several roof types in addition to being a certified contractor for numerous name-brand products in asphalt shingles, stone-coated metal roof tiles, rubber roofing and composites. The industry has improved innovation for many roof systems with manufacturers addressing such needs as longevity, renewable resources, energy efficiency and green technologies. As a leader in the field and an eye toward quality and performance, Hamblet’s has embraced much of the cutting-edge systems now available.

The company offers a variety of window applications as well. Redoing exteriors can be an expensive venture, but the sales and installation teamwork with customers to provide an investment with great returns. Many of the windows available through Hamblet’s are highly energy efficient, offering insulation and UV protection to help customers’ homes regulate temperature while using less electricity or gas. Hamblet’s offers NorthStar, Dayside and Pella windows and installation professionals are up to date with industry standards and best practices.

Siding can be one of the biggest exterior deal breakers in attractiveness and market value of a home. Overhauling the exterior of a house is made easier by helpful staffers who guide Hamblet’s customers through selecting durable, attractive siding and trim in a number of materials, textures and colors. Quality installation guarantees that a homeowner’s siding will last for many years to come, while also protecting a house from the elements.

Company and Community Excellence

Bob prides himself on his company’s dedication to service. “It’s important for us to maintain good service and good relationships with our customers,” he explains. “We strive to perform a project the right way the first time, start to finish.” says Bob. “In construction, however, there will always be hiccups that arise from time to time, but it is how we deal with those issues that sets us apart from the pack.”

While business has been down worldwide in the construction industry, Bob believes his dedicated staff, focus on quality, professionalism and efficient customer service have contributed greatly to Hamblet’s success. As an experienced contractor, when the region was buffeted by tremendous winds, Hamblet’s was able to manage effectively the volume of calls generated and deploy their team to the areas of greatest need.

Outside of exploring a knack for natural crisis management, Hamblet’s has performed many pro bono installations in the area in an effort to give back to the Niagara Falls community. The company donated a new roof to the local Lions Club for a food and beverage building. The team also performed a free, full-roof replacement for a local 90-year-old citizen who had been scammed by a shady contractor. Hamblet’s regularly supports local nonprofit organizations, charities and civil groups like the local firefighters and police services associations through donations and fundraising efforts.

Bob and his team have worked steadily for over 25 years to achieve a steadfast reputation in the market that the team can take pride in. Hamblet’s is pleased to offer reliable service and friendly assistance to its many customers, as the company provides free estimates and, as Bob says, “peace of mind.”

“When you call us, a real person answers the phone,” says Bob. Hamblet’s Roofing, Siding, Windows continues to pursue personal relationships with loyal clients through open lines of communication and experience.