Genesis Building Corporation: Building a Community on Trust and Transparency

Genesis Building Corporation (GBC) is a construction management and general contracting firm with over 20 years in the business. Operating primarily in the Calgary, Alberta, area, the firm specializes in institutional, commercial and light industrial construction and renovations. GBC prides itself on establishing relationship-based construction models to better serve clients' changing needs, approaching every facility with a fresh custom perspective. To facilitate this partnership philosophy, which emphasizes accountability and delivering projects on time and on budget, the firm offers traditional bid build services in addition to project management services.

GBC takes pride in knowing its work adds to the positive history of each client, and in return every well-designed and executed structure contributes to the history of the Mielnichuk family, which continues to lead the privately held company's closely knit team of construction professionals.

Mike Mielnichuk – currently GBC’s vice president, in addition to being the brother of a company cofounder – is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company, and he explains GBC's approach as follows: “We have worked hard to create a collaborative process as a boutique construction firm. It makes us unique and it allows us to work very well with clients, especially with schools and churches, because of their changing needs and specialized management structure.”

Facilitating Transparency in the Community

GBC’s commitment to collaboration has been the major motivational factor since the company's inception. As outlined in the company’s Mission Statement, Larry and Lauren Mielnichuk founded GBC in 1999 after a long career in commercial construction. Drawing from experience working with churches and private institutions, Larry decided to establish a company that could “easily work with these institutions, with better communication with management boards and committees.”

In recent years, GBC has adopted special web-based programs to outline and report on costs and schedules to ensure even greater efficiency and transparency. The increased accountability benefits the institutional clients' communication with governing boards and results in better relationships built with GBC.

GBC's ability to deliver in a manner where other contractors have experienced failures of process as resulted in the company being able to apply its signature delivery methods and comprehensive solutions to a variety of markets, beginning in the design phases and continuing to completion.

Recently, GBC finished the construction of a new 60,000-square foot church in Calgary. Completed in 2010, the St. Michael’s Catholic Community Church will house more than just a worship space. St. Michaels also serves as a temporary shelter for the homeless, hosts various religious group meetings, and serves as gathering place for help/support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. As such, the $14.6 million church will be the new home for Catholics and people of all religions seeking a sense of community.

Additionally, GBC completed the renovation of West Meadow Elementary School in Claresholm, Alberta. The project was a construction management contract that required pinpoint scheduling accuracy as work was completely during periods the school was still occupied. As Mielnichuk explains, “We had to work in phases to be able to complete the retrofit.” By phasing workers in and out, the disruption was limited to as small an area as possible, and allowed the team to be relatively inconspicuous.

In 2003, GBC also completed the complete renovation of one of Alberta’s most important community resource: the Calgary Dream Centre (CDC). The CDC houses more than 125 men seeking rehabilitation and reintegration in a safe and faith-based environment. According to the centre, the program is part of “Calgary’s Ten Year Plan to Eradicate Homelessness” and strives to provide structure and support for members of the community through intensive assessments and customized client care. For this project, GBC oversaw the entire renovation of a motel building to be able to provide more up-to-date shared living spaces, in addition to a professional kitchen and a multi-purpose event space.

Building on a Diversified Foundation

Having taken part in many of the community’s key construction projects, GBC has developed a reputation for providing quality construction services with the understanding and expertise required by community organizations. Though the market conditions may be harsh for some, it has been GBC’s relationships with community organizations and clients that have carried the company through challenging economic waters. “We are fortunate enough to have a long-standing repeat customer base and those have been the clients who have really kept us going in these tougher times,” states Mielnichuk.

Furthermore, GBC will handle projects of any size or scope, not just large scale projects for community organizations. In the past, the firm has managed the construction and renovation of multi-family residences, including two prime developments in the Calgary area, the construction of the Calgary Ophthalmology Clinic, bank branches, strip mall and office mid-rise tenants, plus a number of other smaller projects for educational and religious institutions, all of which require a higher degree of transparency in their operations. And all projects are conducted under a safety program registered with the Alberta Contruction Safety Association under the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program.

GBC feels comfortable operating within at its current pace. Mielnichuk opines, “We have no interest in become a large, publicly traded company. At this point, we would love to continue to grow in stature relative to the size and scope of projects we already do. We are also focusing on growing our relationships we have established thus far, and to continue to serve the clientele we have worked with.”

Genesis Building Corporation was established to be an advocate for clients, all of whom are treated the same whether in need of a church or condominiums, and the company continues living up to its name, bringing into existence the construction goals of an appreciative segment of Alberta organizations.