Enhance Electric LTD: Charging its Way to the Top

If a new home is currently being built in Calgary, Alberta, it’s possible that the electrical work is going to be done by the professionals at Enhance Electric LTD. In the 11 short years since Brent Hockin founded the firm, it has grown exponentially from one man and a truck to the 30 talented, trained, bonded and certified staff members that comprise it today.
Brenton Robar, current part-owner along with Hockin and Dean Frogner, attributes the firm’s foundation for continued success to Hockin’s initial commitment to quality. “From the very beginning, Brent has always been committed to providing customers with the best electrical work with the best products. We pride ourselves on customer service and that’s what we focus on the most. We do complete home wiring packages from start to finish, and we’re known in Calgary for doing good work.”
Partnerships are Key to Success
Another key to Enhance’s success is that the firm partnered up its five decades of combined experience with several local building firms that routinely call on Enhance to provide the electrical work on new projects. “We concentrate on single family housing, and our building partners know it’s what we do the best. We know how to get into a house and wire it quickly and efficiently, and that saves everyone time and money so they call us,” notes Robar. These repeat clients include Morrison Homes, Pacesetter Homes Ltd., Emerald New Homes, Trico Homes, Elegant Homes, Homes by AVI, McKee Homes and NuVista Homes.
The firm’s partnerships with local builders had also expanded into philanthropic endeavors. Robar recounts details of the some charity work the firm has done in the past. “We have volunteered with Trico Homes in Tijuana, Mexico, to build affordable housing. We do all the electrical on those projects, but we don’t just do the electrical. We help out in any way that we can via materials or manual labour.”
Another key to Enhance’s success is that Hockin diversified the firm’s services pretty early on in its existence. Enhance has a sister company, Digital Lifestyles, that specializes in state-of-the-art security systems, audio-visual solutions/home theatre systems and smart-wired homes. Digital emphasizes the same approach towards customer service that has made Enhance so successful. Customers are assigned a project manager who stays with that client after the project is complete. After being fully trained on their new service, a customer is encouraged to call the project manager from the original installation if there are ever has any questions or problems. No one has to deal with a faceless voice on the phone.
Cleaner Air, Better Value
Another exciting product that Enhance offers its clients is a customized built-in vacuum system. According to Environment Canada, indoor air quality can be two to five times worse than outdoor air, and six out of 10 homes and buildings are “sick” and are hazardous to occupants. Unlike portable vacuums that simply re-circulate dust, a built-in vacuum system removes 100 percent of dust, animal dander, pollen, mites and other allergens. Tubing is installed through interior walls and crawl-spaces and connected to a collection canister that is located in a utility closet or a basement, making it extremely quiet as well as efficient. A built-in vacuum system will also add to a home’s resale value, making it an extremely smart investment, health benefits notwithstanding.
Robar details the biggest challenge facing the company and how they have addressed that challenge. “Right now, the world copper market is sky-rocketing. The entire market is dependent on the actions of the Chinese, as they are the driving force for a lot of commodities. The price is so high right now that people will actually break into homes simply to steal the copper. We’ve been actively countering that by buying as much copper in bulk as possible to bring the prices down. We try to keep a fully stocked warehouse here on site so the guys don’t have to run around and buy materials at higher prices. It also translates into savings for our customers, which is also extremely important to us.”
The company also maintains its edge over the competition by ensuring that it stays current on emerging trends in the market-place. “Most of our guys are young and they’re always looking for new methods and products and services, so when possible we try to bring those into the company. We have a lot of young guys to keep us energetic,” notes Robar.
In spite of a challenging economy, Enhance Electric LTD has truly charged its way to the top in Calgary under the leadership of Brent Hockin, Dean Frogner and Breton Robar, and the directive to instill pride in every building.