Engineered Assemblies Inc.: Creative Thinking for an Inventive Solution

Engineered Assemblies Inc. (EA) is at the forefront of innovation in new product technology and a fundamentally different way of running business due to forward-thinking leadership. The Toronto-based company has risen to the top of the industry, helping architects despite its infancy through a dedication to creativity and empowerment.

Architects, builders and developers throughout Canada and the U.S. trust EA to provide inspiring building envelopes backed by unsurpassed knowledge and support. The development of the company’s newest cladding technology, the TClip system has revolutionized the construction and efficiency of commercial exterior walls.

Fostering Creativity in Business

John Kubassek, president of EA, founded the company in January 2007 out of his home with no idea that it would eventually grow to a multimillion dollar enterprise. “It all started when I left home when I was 16 years old,” recalls Kubassek. “I was raised on a farm and learned skills through the farming community. I started at the bottom of the barrel in this industry as a welder, and slowly but surely worked my way up through the ranks.”

Kubassek gained valuable experience as a foreman and a nine-year-run as a division manager. “After 18 years working for other people, I decided I could run my own business,” he explains. “However, I knew I wanted to run things differently than the way I’d seen it done before. The approach I applied became known as Creativity in Business (CIB), which focuses on abolishing top-down management and empowering employees throughout the various sectors of the business.”

According to Kubassek, a business is like a wheel or a pie. Each division, whether it is marketing, sales, manufacturing or construction, improves the next. “I learned that if you allow employees within each group to come up with solutions on their own and creative ideas it makes for a collaborative team,” he shares. “It also makes for happy employees. Most people don’t think about the collateral damage negative work environments have on society as a whole, but it’s very real. When companies actually empower their people, they go home happy and that positive energy is transferred.”

Kubassek believes a lack of creativity has actually lead to the collapse of many industry giants during times when innovation on the energy and building front is essential. “They’ve lost their edge,” he explains. “They have nothing to inspire the marketplace anymore. CIB is a better approach because it makes the industry as a whole better, rather than trample the competition like many large companies have been doing for years.”

Kubassek’s CIB philosophy has spread so rapidly that he is now in high demand for his well-recognized CEO coaching, workshops and inspirational lectures. “When I first started spreading the word I didn’t know anyone who operates how we do, now I’m seeing CIB as a common phrase and more people are using the method to better their businesses,” he shares. “It’s a lot of fun to share my knowledge. I have as much fun doing it as running EA.”

As a result of Kubassek’s out-of-the-box approach, EA has grown from a one-man operation to a successful business with 35 talented employees. “Things have come a long way,” admits Kubassek. “We started off with two product lines, now we have nine and we’re growing about 40 percent annually.”

A Simple Idea, Huge Possibilities

The company’s hugest success by far is the development of the TClip external cladding system. The TClip meets all of the requirements for nonresidential steel stud walls in all climate zones. Designed with fastened cladding thermally broken from the structure, the TClip’s vertical and horizontal grits connect the outside insulation to support cladding. The installation process compares to traditional practices while utilizing fewer materials. The TClip is fully adjustable, assisting installers and allowing complete design freedom for architects.

“It’s actually a simple item, so simple that it makes people question why it hasn’t been done before,” admits Kubassek. “The TClip officially hit the market last summer and took us about 10 months to develop from conception to market launch. Using the TClip is really a no-brainer for builders because it offsets costs significantly.”

According to Kubassek, the TClip makes sense and both efficiency and demand. “It easily fits into today’s market,” he explains. “In Canada, The National Building Code is pushing for greater efficiency. Our solution is in line with this increased demand. We’re ahead of the curve for sure.”

EA has begun distribution of the TClip throughout Canada, but is looking to roll out more products throughout the U.S in 2013. “We’ve completed work using the TClip all across Canada, from nonprofit housing to large-scale private builds and universities,” details Kubassek.

New products and a dedication to innovation through empowerment have kept EA in the running. “When the industry was going down we we’re going up,” reveals Kubassek. “I want to continue to grow our cladding technologies business and take more time to share the CIB model to other companies. I really think the sky is the limit.”

Kubassek thinks the most important aspect is to stay innovative. “We’re not going to be like those sleeping giants other companies have become,” he adds. Engineered Assemblies Inc. continues to pioneer the industry through inventive solutions and a better way to run business.